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  1. That answers my question perfectly. There's the reason it's not in rules. Because it not available on server. Thanks I looked through the rules which is why I came here to ask because I didn't see anything on it.
  2. I just bought the Special Cargo DLC for ETS2... and was told by someone that there may be rules about special cargo on server. Wanted to verify if true and what the rules are. Unfortunately I cannot find anything concerning special cargo in the rules... so wondered if I could have some staff clarity. thanks
  3. I use the logs when reporting players that break the rules for evidence when uploading videos to report. First time I encountered this problem (new pc), all the names of the players are in some weird character style I do not recognise (will upload the latest spanwing log to show what I mean). How do I fix this, if at all possible? log_spawning_05.06.2017.log
  4. Actually if you read the rules when reporting someone. It says all evidence must be available for the length of the persons ban plus one month, which makes it part of my concern since I would be breaking the rules if I removed the evidence when this timeframe is not yet complete. Yes it has thanks. Both RayRay and К.Николаев gave the answers I needed. Thank you very much
  5. Well I got the videos going into a specific playlist from now on. I don't want to go through the hassle of making separate YT accounts. As for reports without evidence, all my reports have had evidence. I have some reports declined saying no evidence when the YT link is in the report and clearly showing the situation. That was why I asked about getting another moderator to check since I felt it was unjustly declined. As for asking another IGA to review it, I don't know who the IGA are that deal with reports. That's something I will probably have to do now to get rid of any report videos that I have had for over a year. Thanks for the suggestion
  6. Okay I got various questions on the report system. Main one is how do we know how long the person has been banned for? The rule is the evidence has to be available for the length of ban PLUS one extra month. Now I have done a LOT of reporting. I have some declined, a lot accepted. But I don't have any time-frame of how long a person has been banned for. So my YT channel video manager is starting to have a load of potentially unnecessary videos on it. I have even started to go so far as to create an Unlisted TMP report playlist to try and keep them organized. I also have some reports declined due to no evidence? How do I re-open the report when I actually have the evidence for the report (also how do I get another moderator to look at said report when I wish to dispute what the first moderator's decision was)
  7. Low Ram there. try boosting your ram to a minimum of 8GB Edit: Also your graphics card will be struggling as well so look at getting a better one. Mine is GTX 750Ti and I can get a solid 40fps most times unless in a seriously crowded area
  8. I'm going to assume you are doing external contracts when this speed limit happens. External contracts are speed limited by themselves. TMP cannot remove the limit on them
  9. Seems second F7 to service centre after reloading game fixed it. thanks for the help
  10. I have tried all sorts of tricks to access Freight jobs. I know its generally a case of find a resting spot and rest. Yet I never get this option. I have tried the F7 and enter trick to try and force it to allow me to nap, still no success. I cannot seem to rest at all. P.S I dont want to do the economy reset tactic as I only have one garage and my current position is at the other side of the map
  11. The TMP team are doing their best to make everything compatible. you have to give them time. They have a lot to work on. Especially when surprises patches to the game happen since theyhave to drop everything else they are working on just to make it so the latest patch is playable. They are not a company funded team. They are volunteers. Give them time. They will have it compatible when they get it sorted.
  12. Try looking through the forum next time. i answered this issue on several occasions
  13. Some of the things I seen with the instability of the servers, and minor bugs that's happening. There is probably more than just "raising player limit" that is being involved. THey got to incorporate the players near eme thing and get that to accurately show when players are near etc since there was times that some players were apparently still near you, yet showing 55000+ distance. Also then they got to incorporate various other things which all, while it gets sorted, will be causing minor bits of instability individually yet its grouping up as a whole major instability that we see
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