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  1. Hi, Please see an extract from our Frequently Suggested Things: As such, map mods generally will not be added to TruckersMP at this time. Due to this I will be rejecting this suggestion. Zirox Community Manager
  2. Hello, There is already a similar suggestion for this, which can be found here: As such this one shall be rejected. Zirox Community Manager
  3. Hello, As per the Frequently Suggest Items thread, use of Police Cars is only done on rare occasions but will not be done on request. Therefore, this suggestion will be rejected. Kind Regards, Zirox Community Manager
  4. Hi, We currently have no plans to add another team to the ranks of TruckersMP. If you are encountering issues, the please ensure that you report them via in-game or on the website. As such this will be rejected. Zirox Community Manager
  5. Hi, As per our Frequently Suggested Thread: As such, this will be rejected. Zirox Community Manager
  6. Hello, Suggestions should be written in English, as such this suggestion will be rejected. If you wish to re-suggest, please ensure that it is in English. Thanks, Zirox Community Manager
  7. /Moved to Add-On Suggestions. Please ensure that you update the format of your post as well.
  8. Hello, This would be a suggestion for the Game Developers, SCS and not TruckersMP. As such this will be rejected. If you wish to suggest this to SCS please head over to https://forum.scssoft.com Zirox Community Manager
  9. /Moved to the Help Section. Zirox Community Manager
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone :D ❤️ 

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