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  1. -Zirox-

    Speed limit

    No further comments added. //Rejected.
  2. Hai there! Thank you for taking the time to make a new suggestion! Could you please amend the post so it follows our rules please? You can find the format here: Thanks!
  3. -Zirox-

    Speed limit

    Hai! There are many reason that we changed the speed limiter to 110 km/h. The "Road to Simulation" update changed a lot. We made these changes because feel that these settings are more suited for a trucking environment. American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 are simulators and not racing games. We want to go back to the roots of ETS2MP - Simulation. High speeds such as 150 km/h (93 mph) are not realistic for a truck in Europe or in the US. Usual speed limits in Europe are 80-90 km/h (50-55 mph) and up to 80 mph (128 km/h) in the United States. We would like to support people who want to play realistic and what we have seen in the past without a speed limit did not meet our requirements. Therefore, we have lowered the speed limit on our Simulation servers. People who like racing are free to play on our Arcade servers. There is no speed limit but also no collisions. High speeds can easily cause collisions which is something we want to prevent. Collisions will not be turned on our Arcade servers. We do not see any sense in such a server. We are a truck simulation multiplayer, not a racing multiplayer. We will focus on our simulation community. It is true that cars are allowed to drive faster than trucks in real life. Both games are truck simulators, therefore the physics of the scout car is really similar to trucks. Experience has shown that it is even more difficult to keep scout cars under control than trucks. We want to reduce reckless driving caused by mistake or negligence by not allowing scout cars to drive faster. Furthermore, scout cars are still on a trial basis activated on simulation servers. We may remove them in the future if we see too many problems with them. If you have any other questions, please let me know.
  4. Welcome to the community! Thank you for the kind comments, we aim to make the mod enjoyable for everyone no matter their age. I personally hope you enjoy your stay here! Drive safe!
  5. Experienced in Events and Convoy Control? Why not check out our latest recruitment!

  6. Hey there, we already have a similar guide here: //Rejected.
  7. Not up to much this morning? Why not come and hang out at the Ministry!


    1. Bears | Respekt

      Bears | Respekt

      Have a safe journey!

  8. Hai there. Thank you for making this suggestion. If you look in the Frequently Suggested Things you can see that Changes to the Speed Limit is included in there. As such, this suggestion will be Rejected. //Rejected.
  9. Hey there. Thank you for the suggestion, however there is a previous suggestion similar to this, and as such, it will be rejected. //Rejected.
  10. hello o//

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      How're you while you change Community Moderator?

  11. Weekend is here! What are you up to for the next couple of days? 

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    2. -Zirox-


      Apart from TMP, work both today and tomorrow :(

    3. SarahMaddy


      Aw no! That sucks.. I am sorry to hear. 

    4. Bears | Respekt

      Bears | Respekt

      Morning work and then winter, forest, children, mountains :) and TMP :)

  12. Good Morning!

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      Hi. Have a nice day CM :tmp:


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      Good morning!

    4. Bears | Respekt

      Bears | Respekt

      Good Morning!

  13. Congratulations! 

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