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  1. Experienced in Events and Convoy Control? Why not check out our latest recruitment!

  2. Hey there, we already have a similar guide here: //Rejected.
  3. Not up to much this morning? Why not come and hang out at the Ministry!


    1. Bears | Respekt

      Bears | Respekt

      Have a safe journey!

  4. Hai there. Thank you for making this suggestion. If you look in the Frequently Suggested Things you can see that Changes to the Speed Limit is included in there. As such, this suggestion will be Rejected. //Rejected.
  5. Hey there. Thank you for the suggestion, however there is a previous suggestion similar to this, and as such, it will be rejected. //Rejected.
  6. Weekend is here! What are you up to for the next couple of days? 

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    2. -Zirox-


      Apart from TMP, work both today and tomorrow :(

    3. SarahMaddy


      Aw no! That sucks.. I am sorry to hear. 

    4. Bears | Respekt

      Bears | Respekt

      Morning work and then winter, forest, children, mountains :) and TMP :)

  7. Good Morning!

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    2. MarkON


      Hi. Have a nice day CM :tmp:


    3. Cary™


      Good morning!

    4. Bears | Respekt

      Bears | Respekt

      Good Morning!

  8. From personal experience, I am loving the new DLC, the roads are beautiful and the scenery is second to none. Would recommend anyone getting it.
  9. If you are looking for one very similar to PlaysTV, check out Medal. This is what I use now, and honestly it is great.
  10. Thank you for all the congratulations messages! I am looking forward to my new role ❤️  

    1. Bears | Respekt

      Bears | Respekt

      Good luck and patience! Continue to contribute to the development of TMP!

    2. Snap Dragon

      Snap Dragon

      Ziroxyy 🤗🥰

  11. Late Night Admeeen Work, Come say hey!

  12. Thank you to all those who supported me on my streaming return tonight, much love ❤️ 

    1. RB1988


      It was good fun, I look forward to more where I can actually watch on PC, can’t make much out on mobile 😏

  13. Hello

    1. Chris [PL]

      Chris [PL]

      OmG HeLlO aDmEeN cAn I tAke PiC? :kappa:

    2. -Zirox-


      OmG yEs PlS!

  14. Great convoy with @courtz49, @Krewlex @Beales and more!





  15. jr9h4Gw.png



    1. K0rnholio


      Your starting to get a little to flashy with your truck designs. :LUL: I think the first pic with the sunlight hitting it is :love:

    2. Chris [PL]

      Chris [PL]

      Not bad my dude, not bad :wow:

  16. Decided to go a bit more pimped on this Merc..

    Lemme know what you guys think!





    1. aalb75


      Great pictures, nice truck looks good :)

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
    3. [GER]HerrSwitzerland.
  17. Hello fellow Truckers! Most know me as Zirox or Strydr, but my real name is Connor. I first stumbled across ETS2MP waaaay back in 2015. I was instantly hooked on the game and the MP mod made it so much better. I am 22 years old, and like @Aestrial I also reside in the Midlands. Throughout my 4 years in this amazing community I have done many different roles, I started out as a Forum Moderator in December 2015, and then was swiftly promoted to Game Moderator around 5/6 weeks later! I was honored to hold this position within the community and this lead to more opportunities within the team, shortly after this I became a fully fledged Support member and I was one of the original Media Team members too. So there isn't a lot I haven't done in this community! Very recently I have been promoted to the role of Game Moderation Trainer, and I am loving this role so much! One of my personal highlights is that I had the privilege of being one of the first to stream ATSMP before this was released to the public I have also had the pleasure of running my own VTC(s) within the community too, such as Emerge Haulage and Enzide Logisitcs! A little bit more about myself, I am a keen martial artist and practice a few times a week, and I also volunteer with my local police force. For my real job, I am currently a Manager in a Supermarket. Apart from TMP the other main game I play is World of Tanks, and I have played this since 2012! Nice to meet you all! Zirox aka Connor
  18. Morning Admeen Stream! Come pop by! https://www.twitch.tv/zirox_tmp 


    1. Guest


      I'm already here :LUL::D

  19. New PP and Header! Massive thanks to @BurakAKSAKAL :wub:

    1. Pillow


      Looking good! Love the police car on the banner :wub:

    2. Frank (ikbenjecool)

      Frank (ikbenjecool)

      Looks too good, should be advert to TMP. ;P (lol jk)

    3. Coolio85
  20. For the small part I had to play in Real Ops, I am ever so great-full to @Digital @Forerunner @ShawnCZek and the rest of the team for creating such a brilliant event. :wub: 


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