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  1. Happy birthday! 🎂

  2. Happy Birthday! ??

  3. Yes my question has been answered, @Stubborn__
  4. I know the developer is trying to add a new update, but when will it be available on the newer version of ETS2?
  5. I've figure it out. The game controllers was turned off for this game. I have no idea why but I'm glad I've fixed
  6. I checked my controllers on EST2. Everything should be correct
  7. In singleplayer so I am able to use controller, but not in multiplayer. Anyone knows what's the issues? I'm using Steam Controller
  8. Where I can get Winter Deck Wheel? It's so slippery and I can't find out how to upgrade wheel
  9. Suggestion Name: VR Gameplay Suggestion Description: ETS2 is supporting to play VR, so i'm thinking it should added to multiplayer as well. Any example images: No because it's showing black screen on PC screen Why should it be added?: Because singleplayer had it but not multiplayer
  10. Umm ... can i report on forum instead on the game?
  11. I do, they won't listen to me. So i want to payback so they learned a lesson
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