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  1. Do you think TruckersMP will supporting VR in the future?
  2. I've figure it out. The game controllers was turned off for this game. I have no idea why but I'm glad I've fixed
  3. I checked my controllers on EST2. Everything should be correct
  4. In singleplayer so I am able to use controller, but not in multiplayer. Anyone knows what's the issues? I'm using Steam Controller
  5. Where I can get Winter Deck Wheel? It's so slippery and I can't find out how to upgrade wheel
  6. Suggestion Name: VR Gameplay Suggestion Description: ETS2 is supporting to play VR, so i'm thinking it should added to multiplayer as well. Any example images: No because it's showing black screen on PC screen Why should it be added?: Because singleplayer had it but not multiplayer
  7. Umm ... can i report on forum instead on the game?
  8. I do, they won't listen to me. So i want to payback so they learned a lesson
  9. So my friends always breaktesting and break my vehicle. If you don't know what i'm talking about, watch this so you understand. Is this banable? If so, what report categori should i choose? YouTube video will also deleted this month for privacy
  10. No but when i arraive, my friends are there exacly i delivered Everyone set to Best. Including me
  11. So i playing online with my 2 friends and i select as Hamburg. My friends did but we are drive different way. My way took 30h but my friends took 19h ingame to get the Hamburg. Why driving different way?
  12. There is no live.streams.sii file there
  13. So i was about to hear music from Norway. So i turned on P4 Hits and it did'n connect. But i can connect Radio-1. Why?
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