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  1. Thanks for commenting, I apologise that the links were still not working. When updating the post I did add them in, but it looks like they didn't save. The links are now all updated and working now!
  2. Thank you for giving me this information. Today, I tested all the mods present on the main guide and updated them accordingly. I've also attached images below, that I will add into the main guide of these mods working. I know I might be a bit late, but I hope this helps others!
  3. Happy birthday ;)

    1. ClickForLife


      Thanks man for the wishes! :D 

  4. Happy birthday! Enjoy your day and life ahead buddy :) 

    1. ClickForLife


      Cheers for the message Harv, I will do! :D 

  5. ^Hello @kevinTOC What mods are you referring to and I'll check that they work or indeed, give you a tutorial on how to operate the mods in question. Cheers, Click
  6. ^ Unfortunately I don't think the client is supported on Mac at the moment, perhaps in the future. At the time of writing this it's currently not supported. Thanks for Reading! Cheers Click!
  7. Guide updated following the recent TruckersMP changes and also because of the recent Photobucket image fiasco. If you do spot something that needs updated, changed or reworked send me a private message and I'll be happy to fix or update! :)



    1. El1teZombiezHD


      Suldok changed his name to @gwait ;) 


    2. ClickForLife


      Damn did he, thanks for bringing this to my attention. He'll always be known as Suldok to me haha! ;D

    3. El1teZombiezHD


      ^^ Agreed lmao

  8. I will be updating this guide soon. I'm currently very busy with college projects that I've not had much time to play ETS2 or browse the forums. Thanks for the feedback though, I appreciate it and it will be updated soon. If you've got any feedback or recommendations please comment below as I'm open for feedback to use when updating the guide. Thanks for Reading! Cheers Click
  9. Thanks for all the helpful and kind comments guys, I really do hope this thread has helped people get started in Multiplayer hassle free. The reason for commenting is that the post recently gained over 100,000 views and I'm firstly shocked and secondly very thankful to every user who has read the post and commented.throughout the years. Thanks for Reading! Cheers Click!
  10. The reasoning for this is because you've left the default option to include "American Truck Simulator Multiplayer" as shown below. Simply restart or go back in the installation and make sure only to tick "Euro Truck Simulator Multiplayer" seeing that's the only game of the two you've got. Source: ClickForLife As you can see above both are ticked automatically. Simply untick the "American Truck Simulator Multiplayer" and you'll be good to proceed. Hopefully this will help you out and get you installed and ready to go as soon as possible. If you h
  11. Loving the new website design and features but the only thing I don't like is the line spacing when taking new lines. Hopefully the web developers can get it back to the old one where it looks more appealing! :o

  12. Don't worry man I'm here to help and hopefully get you ingame as soon as possible with the money mod enabled. 1: Start off by creating a profile like you normally would. For this example I'll use your name and details for example. 2: Next when you've arrived at the input setup screen, hit "back" at you'll arrive back at the main menu of the game. 3: Next click on the mod manager like you would when setting up a mod and then enable the money mod as shown. 4: Finally with the mod enabled go in game an
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