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    Hello I do not understand. 33 admin but why is not counted among them Hungarian language? 1300-1500 Hungarian time is now playing in multiplayer this is not fair feel What do you think the solution to this? If you can not help me thank you for your message transmit the right place (I do not want to be admin) thank you 

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    2. Attached


      Admins have many different jobs, on-top of being In-Game. Reports, appeals etc... all have to be done, so they cannot possibly be In-Game all the time. 

    3. AtisTnt



      the convoys were on Saturdays. but never seen one of Europe on Twitter. I do not have many members there but there should be an admin

    4. Glanshon


      If you'd like an Admin to cover your convoy, you should attempt to contact the team to arrange for an Admin to be present.

  2. [MOD] @Katizuki kicked from the team due to conflict of interests.
  3. all hail lord burner (best admin in my opinion)

    1. MISLcz


      He's not just an admin, he's a community manager too :)

  4. Hey Burner, are you with the 72nd VFW?

  5. Hey burner can you check private messages :)


  6. Format not followed. Rejected.
  7. Not in English. Rejected.
  8. Not in English. Rejected.
  9. Not in English. Rejected.
  10. Hi Burner,


    Let me introduce myself. I'm Martijn from the Netherlands and I'm 29 years old. I play ETS2 for years now, love it! 


    Since a short while I'm driving on this amazing server but I often do see people who are offending the rules, or even doing ridiculous stuff like taking over in corners while other drivers heading our way. Although I only have 2 posts here, I only drive a few days here, I would like to help your team with keeping the roads safe. 


    I believe you drive in police cars patrolling? Anyway, I would like to assist you with that. I see there is no recruitement at this moment. But maybe you just can use somebody that can keep the roads safe now and then. I am looking forward to your reply.


    For now, I will drive further as a truckdriver at this moment and just let me hear what you think about it.


    All the best!



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    2. Shovali


      Impressive letter ;)



    3. Mirko9
    4. 1nYX


      To drive a police car you need to become Admin

      To become an In-game Administrator you have to become a Moderator to start with.




      Asking for these things is generally not the ideal way to go with this



  11. rekrutacja otwarta

    Wątek firmowy został przywrócony na życzenie autora.
  12. Wow, you can speak Polish language :D?

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    2. Grzesiek PL

      Grzesiek PL

      Yes, but with such matters in private message and not here.

    3. RaneMoro


      Wiem, że jesteś PL więc napisze po PL.

      W regulaminie nic nie ma, że jest "zakaz" publikowania "bezsensownych" statusów.


    4. RaneMoro


      No i spam to jest ciągłe pisanie wiadomości (np. bezużytecznej).

  13. Na prośbę autora zamykam i przenoszę do Archiwum.
  14. Malo by ti to hneď dovoliť, pokiaľ spĺňaš tie 2 nahraté hodiny. Max. pár minút.
  15. Nikto ti nehovorí, že musíš jazdiť, nechaj to bežať v pozadí. Ono je to primárne z toho dôvodu aby si nemohol hneď hrať ako dostaneš ban, aby sme tam nemali hneď trollov, ale nepomáha to.