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  1. does anyone know why it takes so long to admin to check on my report on truckersmp I actually get angry at it you should check more

    2017-02-17 (1).png

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    2. SgtBreadStick16


      lool i had to send email again but on a different email address just incase XD

    3. PlacGhost


      Please Rememeber That there is hundreds of reports which there is 50 less admins to check so it takes time the admin to get around to your current report.... Just be patient

    4. [CHINA]      TACHOGRAPH


      Free to serve you what is worth complaining about

  2. [MOD] @Alv4s0r left the team due to personal reasons.
  3. Čo sa ti s tým presne deje? Zamrzne alebo padne? Ak ti to mrzne, skús to nechať zamrznuté tak 10 minút, ekonomika by mala dobehnúť čas v MP. Prípadne skús vytvoriť nový profil. Ak ti to padne iba s hláškou fatal erroru alebo na plochu, skús poskytnúť crash.log ak nejaký máš, resp. last_crash
  4. EYY..... im loving that new Cover Image :P

  5. Thanks for accepting my suggestion! :)

  6. Accepted.
  7. Burner Is One Of The Best Admin's Out There


    Hello I do not understand. 33 admin but why is not counted among them Hungarian language? 1300-1500 Hungarian time is now playing in multiplayer this is not fair feel What do you think the solution to this? If you can not help me thank you for your message transmit the right place (I do not want to be admin) thank you 

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    2. AtisTnt



      the convoys were on Saturdays. but never seen one of Europe on Twitter. I do not have many members there but there should be an admin

    3. Glanshon


      If you'd like an Admin to cover your convoy, you should attempt to contact the team to arrange for an Admin to be present.

    4. .::Grzesiek::.



      It is not everything so easy. You must be a moderator. Life administrator is not easy to have a lot of things to do. This is not the place for such statements. To close.

  9. [MOD] @Katizuki kicked from the team due to conflict of interests.
  10. all hail lord burner (best admin in my opinion)

    1. MISLcz


      He's not just an admin, he's a community manager too :)

  11. Hey Burner, are you with the 72nd VFW?

  12. burner i tryed reporting that person but it says user allready banned so i can not report ? Video >


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      Happy trucking to you @ Attached  @ [GER]Loading...  


    3. [GER]Loading...


      Thanks & you 2 :) 

    4. .::Grzesiek::.


      Please submit report here https://truckersmp.com/reports
      And do not write unnecessary to profile community manager. To close.