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  1. No more burger in the team :o

    Wish you good luck, and thanks for all your work in past few years.

  2. Thanks for your huge contribution to the community.



  3. No... Don't leave :( Night fury sad

    P.S: Good luck in the future mate


  4. Big Thanks for everything you've done for :tmp: We will miss you :( Best of luck for the future and whatever you do next :)

  5. Thanks for everything :( we will miss you a lot. Take care wish you all the best <3 

  6. Burnerrr :(( You are my best CM good luck in the future and why leaves the team?

  7. Take care mate! It's been a long ride.

  8. Thank you for everything :( 


  9. Thank you for everything :(

  10. I will miss you mate, take care and keep in touch :) :wub:

  11. Thank you for everything that you have done for TruckersMP! We will miss you :wub:

  12. sorry to hear you have left the team, i hope everything goes well for you in the future buddy :)

  13. Thank you for everything Burner :) you deserve a rank to honor your works that you did when you were TM ( translator manager ), CM and lower but I can understand your descision ( and I don't have this choice ) but you deserve my respect :) 

  14. Thank you for everything that you've done for us,good luck in future :) <3