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  1. Burner's post in Two questions regarding the tab menu was marked as the answer   
    Tab menu is a ui picture located in your TMP folder (place where you got ETS2MP / ATSMP installed). In there, there's data > then ATS / ets2, select the one where you want to change the tab menu color, navigate to ui, see ui_skin. People that got custom colors have that picture replaced with their own colors. See this topic for example: 

    Input is for a future updates, it's gonna contain options like changing the key of voice chat, etc. It's supposed to be empty for now.
  2. Burner's post in Getting a TruckersMp ID after they are gone was marked as the answer   
    Yep, Documents > ETS2MP / ATSMP > logs > spawning_log - date you played at > CTRL + F, find his name and you'll see his TMP ID.
    Moved to help.
  3. Burner's post in how to create a company? was marked as the answer   
    If you'd like to just drive with your friends and have the same paintjob, you can do that in-game at service + tab > settings > tag. If you'd like to have a virtual company, that's what myvtc is for, you can create a virtual company after you register an account, you can invite your other friends if they create myvtc aswell, it doesn't do anything in-game, it's just a virtual browser company where you can submit your reports of driving, kilometres, fuel consumption, incidents, etc.
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