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  1. ASUS STRIX 1060 OC 6GB, when I first started it was an ASUS GTX 460 2GB
  2. Up to personal preference, myself I drive the Volvo or 389. SCS should also be adding a International Lonestar to the game soon, I figured it was going to be with the Washington DLC release but it may be out when 1.35 releases.
  3. Banned for assuming none of us know how to drive a truck.
  4. If they had that much done on the International on Sep 2018 then my guess is the Lonestar will be introduced with the next major ATS update / DLC release.
  5. ^ We don't need all the states to enjoy the game though, even ETS 2 still isn't "complete" but it's complete enough to enjoy. I haven't even purchased Oregon yet, but I still enjoy ATS with over 200 hours played.
  6. I would expect the next map to be done around September, one map a year is what they've been giving us so far for ATS.
  7. I would assume no. Speaking from a realistic stand point tires help with traction on snow, that being said I don't think different tires in the game to anything. Coming from a Canadian who deals with snow all the time, best tip for winter driving is to slow down.
  8. ATS loads are more challenging, to me the loads in ETS feel like a normal trailer due to the turning wheels.
  9. ^ We should see the Lonestar, SCS posted some pictures of it when the game came out. I assume by now they just need the license to put the truck in the game.
  10. I really wouldn't consider being cut off an act of "bullying". You're driving slower than the rest of traffic, people will over take of they want to, some drivers will cut you off and some drivers won't, just like real life. Just as long as they don't purposely run into you or call you names in chat for driving slow let them play the game, otherwise report them and move on.
  11. ^ Not all users cheat in money though, I believe this is the main purpose of this suggestion. For those who don't cheat in money this is an option for them to gain that money back. However in MP, it's not that good of an idea to try and play legit. ATS it's possible, ETS forget it.
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