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  1. Happy Birthday Dude :)

  2. Cannot change Tag Color

    I would just like to comment that I as well also have this issue. Whenever you try and input an RGB value using the RGB numbers it will change other numbers. Example I might want to type in: R,36 G,248 B,58 but when I turn around and type in G,248 it will change R to R,76. The only way I found to try and match a color is to use the color box instead of typing in the values.
  3. When is ATS going to be updated so we can do NM Online?

    Could be today, could be a week, could be a month, we don't know. With 1.29 they need to figure out the random events, the way I see it they will either be disabled or synced with all players. If they aren't synced then one player might see a plane on the road while others won't. All I know is the update will be Soon™
  4. Why are less people playing ATS Multiplayer?

    The previous game version.... 1.28
  5. What does everyone think of the New Mexico DLC for ATS and the new 1.29 update?

    @Enigma__ Just wait for the DLC to go on sale, Black Friday is coming up and we still have the Winter Sale as well.
  6. I can see TMP doing one of the following: They won't even implement the DLC because it will cause too many issues. They'll restrict the DLC to only one server, that server being EU 1. They'll restrict the roads you can drive on. Basically they'll map out the ONLY route you can take to get to your destination.
  7. Why are less people playing ATS Multiplayer?

    School is also in now.
  8. Question About Abuse After Report

    ^ It still doesn't tie that player back to his TMP account, you can try but I don't think it will work.
  9. Question About Abuse After Report

    Doesn't matter, that doesn't provide enough evidence to link back to their TMP account. You need to figure out their TMP ID some how. You can do this through one of their own videos if they show their ID somehow, or even through their own TMP profile if they have their youtube linked. Whatever option you choose you must provide the evidence and tell them how you found out their TMP ID. I've done this before, it just takes a lot of time. However, if they turn around and admit in the comments that they are the one in the video then you have something, otherwise you need to find their TMP ID some how.
  10. Rain in game?

    Rain isn't synced on TMP, it can rain for someone else and not rain for you. To change when it rains you need to change the rain probability.
  11. Question About Abuse After Report

    In order to get someone banned for abusing you in a report video you must link that YouTube user back to his TMP account. Just by taking a picture and reporting the users doesn't work, the report will get denied.
  12. ^ Viva understands that real life obligations come before video games, so I would imagine that would be perfectly fine. If you want more info you can always PM Quad, he is the CEO of Viva and he will be able to give you more information about your inquiry.
  13. Question (taking triple trailers outside of Nevada)

    All you need to do is click the gear icon (grey gear) before you select your load, in that menu if a triple combination is available you can select it.
  14. Hey man, I think I've seen you in game before too.  I'm from MN, just wanted to say hi to a county neighbor.


    See ya on the road!

  15. big crash fault ghostdrivers!!!

    Well if you have a video of it then you can always report the player on the website ( You NEED the TMP ID of the player to do so AND you need some type of evidence, in this case you need a video. You can go to the logs to try and find his TMP ID (C:\Users\User\Documents\ETS2MP\logs) If you don't have them on video driving on the wrong side of the road with their lights off then you're out of luck and can't report this player, if you do your report will get denied for "Insufficient Evidence" EDIT: Considering ATS doesn't have a EU 2 server I think you meant to post this under ETS 2 discussions, not ATS.