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  1. Why are less people playing ATS multiplayer?

    School is also in now.
  2. Rain in game?

    Rain isn't synced on TMP, it can rain for someone else and not rain for you. To change when it rains you need to change the rain probability.
  3. Viva Trucking | Professional VTC

    ^ Viva understands that real life obligations come before video games, so I would imagine that would be perfectly fine. If you want more info you can always PM Quad, he is the CEO of Viva and he will be able to give you more information about your inquiry.
  4. Hey man, I think I've seen you in game before too.  I'm from MN, just wanted to say hi to a county neighbor.


    See ya on the road!

  5. Viva Trucking | Professional VTC

    I see you're in our Discord, Welcome to Viva
  6. ATS additional server(with some rules off)

    -1 Separate server or not the ATS servers already don't get used that much compared to the amount of players on the ETS 2 servers. I'd imagine the current servers would stay, the North Americans have a server that's close to them and the Europeans have a server that close to them. IMO the only thing that makes sense would be to add yet another server, so ATS will have 3 servers instead of 2, which of course will cost money. Who's going to pay for it, you? (Please note the event server doesn't count as a server for ATS because I think they use the event server for both games, which ever game has an event gets it. ATS had a event recently so that's why it's a server for ATS). ETS 2 has the player base, so therefore they will get the most servers, they can even fill up 3 servers, maybe even 4 if they really wanted to. ATS on the other hand can't even fill ONE SERVER so I don't see us getting yet another server any time soon because we don't need it. Currently ETS MP has 7,456 players combined through all servers, ATS has 270 through all servers..... 270 players. Granted the main player base is at school and work right now because mainly North Americans play ATS, but still, even then the ATS servers can't even break 600 players on average, that still doesn't fill ONE SERVER. Great idea, but if you really want a road train then you'll need to do this in SP, because as I've said, ATS just doesn't need another server because it WILL NOT be used so it's a waste of money on TMPs end.
  7. DLC Scania

    Non, si un joueur ne possède pas le DLC Scania ne peut pas voir les modifications effectuées par d'autres utilisateurs. Par exemple, si un joueur a changé le feu de queue, un joueur qui ne possède pas le DLC NE verra pas de lumières, juste une extrémité arrière vierge. Traduit par Google Translate ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No, if a player who doesn't own the Scania DLC they cannot see the modifications other users have done. Example, if a player has changed the tail light a player who doesn't own the DLC WILL NOT see any lights, just a blank rear end. Translated by Google Translate
  8. Viva Trucking | Professional Trucking Company ETS2

    Even without the video you can still come to a conclusion on what could have happened. With a driver of Stobart being on the right side of the road in the picture you can safely assume the right side is the correct side of the road to be on, or else this picture also shows Stobart being in the wrong. Now let's look back at the picture, there's a driver on the incorrect side of the road beside my fellow Viva Driver, so can we not assume that my fellow Viva Driver attempted to avoid that truck but in the process flipped? Pictures can tell different stories, this is why TMP does not allow them to be submitted as evidence in a report, there's just not enough evidence. Now with this video we can all see that it truly wasn't my fellow Viva Drivers fault, he tried to avoid the truck who was on the wrong side of the road, but in the process of doing so he got rammed and that caused his truck to flip on its side. We can't judge others based on what we may think happened, if you didn't see it happen you have no clue what happened and all you can do is speculate at that point. He was on his side, so what? I get rammed and I get tipped on my side all the time, the rammer then F7's does that mean I flipped myself? No, of course it doesn't, but to others it may seem that way.
  9. New Cars?

    I would say fake, it took TMP 1 year to add the current car and I heard they won't be doing it again.
  10. Virtual one-way "walls"

    -1 When you have a longer load you sometimes need that side of the entrance. Plus, not being able to see this wall players WILL hit it making them stop and then they'll be in the way. In theory this may seem like a good idea, put it in the game and it will create more issues than it will solve.
  11. Double trailer

    Sleep a few times to refresh your market. Even if doubles don't show on the freight market you can still go to a company in Scandinavia and click on the gear icon (that is on the trailer display window, grey gear) and you can select what trailer you want. Surprised nobody has mentioned this yet...
  12. There seems to be a crash issue for ATS on the US1 server. Crashed 3 times in 10 minutes and others on the server were reporting the same thing. Last position was in Elko. 

    1. Ashley


      IGAs are working on resolving the issues, bare with them.

    2. [S.PLH]Warrior


      seems normal now.

    3. Trucking Gekco

      Trucking Gekco

      lol... Just crashed again xD

  13. rain problem

    Go into the game settings and turn down the rain probability slider.
  14. Cant read it

    In order to see your dash clearly you need to increase the scale in the settings, usually to around 300%. However, just hit Esc and look at your truck info there, should tell you your current truck mileage.