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      Game versions updated - It's time to downgrade!   08/16/17

      Once again a new version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator have been released. If you wish to carry on playing TruckersMP, for the time being you will need to downgrade your game versions to   ETS2: "temporary_1_27 - 1.27.x for incompatible mods" ATS: "temporary_1_6 - 1.6.x for incompatible mods"   Use the following to learn how to downgrade:      Thanks!

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  1. Getting tired of having no jobs

    Well then I think there is something wrong on your end, F7 and sleeping fixes the problem for everyone else I talk to. All I can recommend now is to make a new profile and go from there.
  2. Getting tired of having no jobs

    Since you know already how to fix this issue, and you have your own truck then why do you keep reseting the economy? Doing so will TP you back every time, Sleeping and F7 does not TP you back to your HQ. You kind of answered your own question. F7 or sleep, don't reset the economy through the console.
  3. Teleport freezes my game

    In that case try doing a new profile since it doesn't seem like your that far into the game yet. Also, make sure to have a SP and a MP save, this helps time sync issues and sometimes mod issues from not happening as often.
  4. ETS2 1.28 is out

    1.28 was released about 24 hours ago. I played the Beta and I like the doubles (and triples) more in ATS than the ones in ETS 2. Plus, if you don't own Scandinavia you won't have access to the doubles since that is the only place they will spawn in the base game, unless SCS has changed that.
  5. Teleport freezes my game

    How much drivers do you have? Did you press any button on your KB or Mouse while waiting? Is your PC a potato or can it run ETS 2 on high graphics? As I said in my other post, all of the above will influence how long it will take for the black screen to disappear.
  6. [SCS Blog] ETS2 and ATS update 1.28 has arrived!

    1.28 does not work with TMP yet. Soon™
  7. Server Config Changes

    Cars are still available, you just need to play on EU 2 to use them if you want to play on a populated server. Also going back to my previous post, pilot cars are useless to pilot a convoy. In TMP they are not allowed to block traffic so what use is a pilot car to a convoy? Might as well hop in your truck and turn on those beacons then you're basically a pilot car, only difference is you can take a load and make some money while piloting. Judging by the 80% positive vote on this poll, this change will probably remain.
  8. we not accept for the game

    Make sure your email is inputted correctly. If you have any special characters in your email or password this might be a reason why this isn't working. Open up notepad or something and write out your email and copy it then paste it in TMP. Same with your password.
  9. [10x ETS2/ATS DLC Giveaway] Members Giveaway

    I wish to enter.
  10. Blocking people going the wrong way?

    If an admin sees you breaking a rule in your own report video you can also get banned with your own video as evidence, I've seen it done before. Basically don't purposely try and get in their way, if they're driving on the grass don't go and block them. If they are trying to split down the middle of both lanes don't purposely drive close to the line to block them. If someone rams you don't ram them while they try and pass you. He is, but he isn't. If there's a player sitting in your lane then you're not really blocking, an admin won't ban you for it. The guy who is going the wrong way shouldn't of been in his lane in the first place, therefore the guy going the wrong way is blocking, not the guy waiting for him to put it in reverse.
  11. [SCS Blog] ETS2 and ATS update 1.28 has arrived!

    ^ It's because of the player base, they'll earn more money on ETS 2 than they ever will with ATS so ATS is just getting put back even more. For example, France was released December 5th, 2016 and they want to release Italy this year as well, in fact it already has a page on the steam store. Arizona was released June 6th, 2016 and they haven't even told us a rough date for the release of NM, it also doesn't even have it's own public steam store page yet. ETS 2 basically gets 2 maps within 1 year yet ATS doesn't even get ONE map in a year. SCS is focused on ETS and it seems like they can careless about ATS now. Sure it's still under development but it doesn't seem like SCS is developing ATS at the same pace they are developing ETS 2.
  12. Updated to Any tips using double trailer

    In ETS wide turns due to the trailer combination, ATS just drive like you normally would.
  13. Merge both ATS servers into 1 server

    The only reason why there is 2 ATS servers is for those users with horrible ping. If they only had the EU server then the American players would have a worse connection, if they only had the NA server then the Europeans would have a horrible connection. The have 2 servers so users can choose what server they want to play on, I get much better ping on the NA server than the EU server.
  14. Cant Find Truckersmp ID

    You could of just done /pinfo 117 in the game chat, that's how I get the TMP ID. Takes too much time to try and find the player ID in the TAB menu. I would also suggest to move off of the main road when you're going to report someone through the TAB menu, as I said it takes time and if you sit there long enough then you'll just get reported for blocking since the road in front of you was clear after the guy hit you. EDIT: Now to find the TMP you must do this: C:\Users\User\Documents\ETS2MP\logs Find the date you were playing and open the log_spawning file. (By searching [ctrl + F] and I find Notepad ++ easier to find info.) Find the player name or server ID. PS: Admins would rather you do /pinfo in game since it CANNOT be edited, the log spawning file can be edited by the user to change the TMP ID of a certain player to try and report a different player.
  15. Server Config Changes

    @KrewlexDesigns LOL, I never said they can't block traffic IRL, going back to that post "Pilots cars were already useless when they were first implemented. You can't block traffic like they do IRL" I know pilot cars IRL block traffic they need to so the drivers get the room they need. However, they cannot do it in TMP making the pilot cars useless.