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  1. Happy Birthday!  ?

  2. I would assume no. Speaking from a realistic stand point tires help with traction on snow, that being said I don't think different tires in the game to anything. Coming from a Canadian who deals with snow all the time, best tip for winter driving is to slow down.
  3. ^ Not all users cheat in money though, I believe this is the main purpose of this suggestion. For those who don't cheat in money this is an option for them to gain that money back. However in MP, it's not that good of an idea to try and play legit. ATS it's possible, ETS forget it.
  4. High power should work in the game, the only DLC I know of that doesn't work is the special transport DLC. Try sleeping a few times to refresh the job market. Might need to TP to a city to take a high power job, just look at the heavy haul DLC if you own it.
  5. ^ even the ETS version of this DLC isn't supported, the one thing ATS has going for it though is the player base. Since the player base is low we may see this DLC being supported in the future, only time will tell.
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