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  1. ^ A bit of a exaggeration, I think max you'll have 40 players filling at the same which still shouldn't cause any extra lag. Gas Stations can't be NCZ because sometimes they can be very busy, for example 30 players who want to fill up. As a result you'll have those 30 players stacking on top of each other. When they pull out of the pump they'll leave the NCZ and their trailer might still be in the truck behind them and we all know what happens then, trucks go flying everywhere.
  2. Convoys you can create with anyone, but if you want to get into more professionally organized convoys then you should look into joining a VTC (Virtual Trucking Company). The colored names you see in game are called tags, it's accessed from the TAB menu. Typically the tag is the VTC that individual is apart of. Just make sure to follow the rules regarding the tags, also if you are a pilot car you CANNOT block traffic for the convoy in anyway shape or form. If you wish to join a VTC follow the link below which is all of the VTC's for ATS: Or, if you want to join the VTC I am apart of, which for the record is a great VTC to be in, follow the link in my signature
  3. If they are driving then that might be why nobody responds, harder to chat while driving.
  4. Sleep or F7 + Enter is the quickest way to fix this issue.
  5. Make sure to edit the video and cut out all of the useless stuff. For example, if you have a 3 minute video and the actual incident is only 30 seconds then cut out the 2 minutes of useless video, admins WILL deny a report if the video is too long. Once that is done upload the video to YouTube as unlisted then copy and paste the link to the video in the report you made.
  6. ^ Point 2 is what makes the game even more fun, an added challenge instead of just driving. IMO ATS has enough trucks, sure could use more but you just need ONE truck to drive from point A to B not 10, not 20.
  7. Yeah, the yard is difficult but it's also very easy once you figure it out. Spoiler below for those that don't want to wreck the challenge. Best spot to learn is SP because then you don't have players telling you to F7 + Enter and you can learn at your own pace instead of slowing everyone down. Same can be said for the oversized loads, especially on the roads with the AI. They help you figure out how to turn corners with players in the way which will happen in MP from time to time.
  8. All 3rd party mods will get disabled when you log into MP, only the above mods (links) will work. Even with those you need to take a detour though SP just to make them work, not worth it IMO. Mods get disabled because the download file would get too large due to the amount of mods players would want added to MP. Don't even try to suggest a mod to be added because it will not work, once they allow one mod then players will demand for their mod to be added. MP is for playing the vanilla game, SP is for modding.
  9. Push trucks would need to be suggested to SCS which odds are will get denied since SCS thinks about the SP aspect, not MP. BE WARNED, if a player or admin sees you doing this in the game they might mistake it as ramming and you'll get reported/banned for it. I would advise not doing this at all in MP.
  10. hallo everyone

  11. Given what you got reported for saying (I saw the picture) no wonder why you got banned. Don't hate on the admins for doing what they are SUPPOSED to be doing. With any community it doesn't matter how much you ask players to stop doing this or stop doing that, it won't work. I could get into your comment in the original post about you "respecting the rules" but i'm not going to because from your profile, it's clear you don't respect all of the rules. You got banned, appeal it. If that doesn't work then email higher up... It's all you can do when you get banned. Just because some player cut you off, rammed your truck, you name it... It doesn't mean you can turn around and break the rules to get even with that player.
  12. Just make sure when you're leaving a NCZ that your trailer isn't in anybody. This is a reason why larger NCZ won't work because players will still bunch up at the end of the NCZ... doesn't matter where it is.
  13. -1 It doesn't matter where the NCZ ends you'll still have a massive pile up because everyone still needs to enter and leave the NCZ.
  14. -1 You say this will apply to users who have a break in a network connection... My question is this, what difference is having a network connection error between loading a previous save? In both instances you're still spawning on the road. Either all road spawners get TPed, or no road spawners get TPed. "Why should it be added?: To protect fellow road users and the affected player from damages caused by factors outside the user's control" People really need to quit saying this, if you spawn on the road YOU'RE at fault period: 1. Your game crashed? Load SP then go to a NCZ then rejoin MP. Didn't spawn on the road, didn't cause damage to anyone. 2. Want to have a "checkpoint"? Pull over and save the game, or save in a NCZ even better. Happen to get in a crash and you want your damage to unrealistically magically disappear? Load the save that is off of the road or better yet, load the one that is in the NCZ. Once again, Didn't spawn on the road, didn't cause damage to anyone. Both above examples seem to be IN the players control to me, not out of it. There are ways around not spawning on the road, players just choose not to do it. So as I said, either all road spawners get TPed, or no road spawners get TPed. There might be other instances of when players spawn on the road but from my experience only the above 2 examples happen. Personally I've never seen someone have a network connection error then rejoin MP right away. Usually they'll get kicked for ping, kicked for some sort of rule violation, reload a save or their game crashes.
  15. But it's not base lol... Myself I don't mod too much so I don't look for maps... I'll take a look at it, thanks.