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  1. G27 with the CSIO SKRS, when they actually sent out the orders.... Great product, horrible customer support lol.
  2. It honestly depends on when you join the server, yesterday there was about 400 players later in the evening.
  3. I would assume no. Speaking from a realistic stand point tires help with traction on snow, that being said I don't think different tires in the game to anything. Coming from a Canadian who deals with snow all the time, best tip for winter driving is to slow down.
  4. ^ Not all users cheat in money though, I believe this is the main purpose of this suggestion. For those who don't cheat in money this is an option for them to gain that money back. However in MP, it's not that good of an idea to try and play legit. ATS it's possible, ETS forget it.
  5. High power should work in the game, the only DLC I know of that doesn't work is the special transport DLC. Try sleeping a few times to refresh the job market. Might need to TP to a city to take a high power job, just look at the heavy haul DLC if you own it.
  6. ^ even the ETS version of this DLC isn't supported, the one thing ATS has going for it though is the player base. Since the player base is low we may see this DLC being supported in the future, only time will tell.
  7. There will be a last post, there's a last post for everything...... Just depends what forum mod wants to win the game xD
  8. Old post, but me . Personally I can't justify spending the money because I play first person so I will hardly ever see the truck modifications anyway. +1 Bobtailing trucks with the DLC bumper has no rear lights, as a result they have no warnings when they are slowing down or when they are turning.
  9. This is the long way to do it, just F7 or Sleep. Either option "fast forwards" the game time which updates the market.
  10. Might see 10%, max I would say 25% but even that would be pushing it.
  11. I hope they add the ability to purchase lowboy trailers for those who own the heavy haul dlc.
  12. Application for what? Whenever you reapply for anything you should always change your application. You have no idea if the reason you get denied was your application in the first place.
  13. I would just like to comment that I as well also have this issue. Whenever you try and input an RGB value using the RGB numbers it will change other numbers. Example I might want to type in: R,36 G,248 B,58 but when I turn around and type in G,248 it will change R to R,76. The only way I found to try and match a color is to use the color box instead of typing in the values.
  14. Could be today, could be a week, could be a month, we don't know. With 1.29 they need to figure out the random events, the way I see it they will either be disabled or synced with all players. If they aren't synced then one player might see a plane on the road while others won't. All I know is the update will be Soon™
  15. Rain isn't synced on TMP, it can rain for someone else and not rain for you. To change when it rains you need to change the rain probability.
  16. ^ Viva understands that real life obligations come before video games, so I would imagine that would be perfectly fine. If you want more info you can always PM Quad, he is the CEO of Viva and he will be able to give you more information about your inquiry.
  17. Non, si un joueur ne possède pas le DLC Scania ne peut pas voir les modifications effectuées par d'autres utilisateurs. Par exemple, si un joueur a changé le feu de queue, un joueur qui ne possède pas le DLC NE verra pas de lumières, juste une extrémité arrière vierge. Traduit par Google Translate ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No, if a player who doesn't own the Scania DLC they cannot see the modifications other users have done. Example, if a player has changed the tail light a player who doesn't own the DLC
  18. -1 When you have a longer load you sometimes need that side of the entrance. Plus, not being able to see this wall players WILL hit it making them stop and then they'll be in the way. In theory this may seem like a good idea, put it in the game and it will create more issues than it will solve.
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