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  1. Real CB Mic

    Huh. I feel less bad about how often I play this game now.
  2. Ats real operation?

    Another case of catering to the player majority here. I'm sure there is no reason they haven't thought of doing this already, but it likely get's the ax due to the lower player counts that the ATS servers typically maintain. Kind of a predicament, because the event could possibly increase traffic, even if it was just temporary. This may also get back burnered due to the fact ATS already has random events in it. While I agree it's kind of a bummer that the events you see while driving are not visible to others and they just ghost through them, they do at least provide an experience for you as your own player. I keep them on while online, because I'd rather have the random event's show up and entertain me occasionally while on the road then not see anything as usual. Last probable excuse that I can think of - time. While I'm pretty green to the community, I do think most of the major players in what it takes to set up and run the RealOps events are on the other side of the pond. Running an afternoon/evening even of this sort would mean those people would need to take a day off of work to stay home and support the op. This forum is free, the mod is free and the people that created and support it do it for - you can guess this - Nothing. They get enjoyment out of it, and it seems all to often they get bashed by forum members who think they just sit on their behind and are never working to better the community and game. Everyone on this forum is human, and the need to sustain by working a real job that pays the bills, to keep the lights on, the internet running and the servers paid for. Not calling out anyone in particular, but feel it's certainly something that happens all too often. Food for thought on the situation. It's kind of a broken record post, but it's a legitimate excuse.
  3. Inactiveness in ATSMP

    300 people on ATS? Wow, thems good numbers. I just do me when playing MP. I usually leave out from PHX, hit the dealership there for a bit to see who's doing what, and may hook onto a small convoy or offer to run with another driver. Better even, I'll grab a load, park back at the dealership, then ask if anyone wants to roll with. That way I can still go where I want. If I'm after the essence of the game, I've got my Klaas Eco Mod SP account to play on. MP is just a fun way to play with others.
  4. ATSMP Status Update

  5. automatic kick for headlights

    Holy c**p, someone here understands the rhyme to the reason other than like 6 people.
  6. automatic kick for headlights

    I did it again, this time on accident while leaving a city last night. Only had DRL's on and pulled out on the road and got the message right away on ETS this time. Must have just been a glitch or I didn't have them off long enough or something.
  7. automatic kick for headlights

    It is interesting that the auto kick only appears to be in place in ATS. I was driving yesterday on ETS and wanted to test the idea. Verified no one was around and kicked mine off for a second, didn't get the warning that I do in ATS. I did have beacons on, if that would affect it (on ets)?
  8. Six threads about the ATS update, if not more that I missed.  Why are people on the message boards of a free mod so entitled?

  9. Calling all Newfoundlanders

    You get internet on that island?
  10. Random finds and funny picture thread, ATSMP edition

    The random events are great! It has made SP so fun. Requires you to really keep your eyes down the road to make sure you can change lanes quickly enough so you don't get stuck on the closed lane. I was online last night and saw a guy stuck on the weight station sign on EB 40 between Gallup and Holbrook. I was trying to take a pic but the guy F7'd before I could.
  11. In an effort to keep this section alive and well, I think this is a good way to try and bring some life here. I'm currently at work, so I don't have any pictures to post myself. What do you have? Please lets keep this to funny pictures (accidental glitches, true accidents with cooperating second parties, etc...) Easter egg finds, or stuff that's just generally interesting. Let's see what you got!
  12. Ghost Mode, from Seconds to Units

    I'm confused. What's your definition of a unit?
  13. The Lazy Truckers

    ^click here to join link is broken

    Este es el foro ATS, lol. 1.30 es beta, MP opera en el lanzamiento completo y no en el beta. Tendrás que volver tu juego a 1.28 para jugar ETS2MP.