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  1. Multi-Trailer Logistics (WoT)

    ^Speed on WOT in ATS is 65mph/ 104kmh
  2. What do players listen to?

  3. Multi-Trailer Logistics (WoT)

    No, it's not very hard. It's really only about 8-10 loads with doubles if the average weight is over 30,000. I ended up downloading the Klaas eco mod and have been playing that trying to get my own truck again. This achievement isn't hard so I'll get to it soon enough.
  4. Truck Brake Pressure System

    If you're having problems at the dock with air and it's because you're new, best case would be to leave it off, especially online. If you drop your air at the gate and then get stuck out on the road with no air, people get pushy quickly if you end up in the road and can't move. Keep working on your reversing/parking and you should be able to get to a point where you're only needing to hit the service brake a few times when parking. You might drop down to the warning light if you hit the brakes 4-5 times and shifting between a drive gear and a reverse gear changes, but just deliver out the load and then sit and chat for a bit with the locals or admire your truck in the outside view. Anything to kill some time and let your air replenish to a decent level. If you're trying to play to a realistic degree, that's what you'd have to do in the real world. Usually the trucks have longer wait times for loading and offloading and refilling the tanks isn't a problem, but with these drop and hooks the game has, we aren't getting any extra time to let the truck replenish as usual. Good luck!
  5. Multi-Trailer Logistics (WoT)

    Anyone else going to make a play on it? Going to start sometime this weekend I think. I am usually sticking with flatbed and RGN freight, so running some double vans will be different to me!
  6. My experience as a brand new ETS2 player

    @sysgen so this is what you were doing when sitting in Phoenix last night.
  7. If you have problem with trailer ..(when you have speed)

    It's not the speed that kills you. Now the sudden stopping... -Jeremy Clarkson
  8. Why are less people playing ATS multiplayer?

    Finding new ways to play helps. I'll play HOURS on MP, but eventually the empty roads get boring. I just downloaded the Klaas eco mod, going to give that a shot in SP. I played the SINS copy mod of it and really enjoyed that until it was killed. Imagination is key on MP I think. I play it with real world intentions. I take brakes after a few hours, I rarely will pull over on the highway. I'd rather keep on the road a few more miles and get off on at a scale/station/rest area as would happen in the real world. Of course, I still know it's a computer game and might have a few "beverages" while tooling around. I played with a guy a few nights ago and we may or may not have gone on a little "booze cruise." XD
  9. Favorite ATSMP Route?

    ^^^Good run, I just don't like slowing down for the Kumeyaay Hwy. Lol. I like making "round trips," to go "home" after some runs. I leave from Phoenix where home base is, take a load I want, then another, typically in a different direction. Then after I'm to the second delivery, I found a way back to Phoenix, weather it be direct or just routing close by and hoping for a load out of Camp Verde or Tuscon back to Phoenix. Sometimes I only take 3-4, but others I'll be out for "days" and not make it back to Phoenix until the 6th or 7th load. I don't dead head unless it's to a load. Farthest I think I've dead headed was like Rail Export in Yuma to the farm off the other exit. lol.
  10. Why are less people playing ATS multiplayer?

    The game also just isn't as popular here as it is in the UK. Just that simple.
  11. Favorite ATSMP Route?

    I want to head to NorCal or head up to the I-80 corridor, but I believe that the open beta will happen soon so I've been keeping myself to AZ a lot lately. Lol.
  12. Favorite ATSMP Route?

    I enjoy the Highway between Flagstaff and Camp Verde as well, and the back road from Phoenix and Show Low.
  13. Favorite ATSMP Route?

    As title states, what's one of your favorite routes to drive? It's so quiet in here, figured I'd ask to create some dialogue!
  14. Trucky - TruckersMP Companion (Android & iOS app)

    Not so much the map, I know that's never worked. I meant the traffic per city.
  15. Trucky - TruckersMP Companion (Android & iOS app)

    Is there a way to see traffic in the US?