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  1. Happy new year #2015 to everyone!! :D /// Frohes neues!!!

  2. http://www.genymotion.com/ Free - for personal use.
  3. Hallo DogZone! Noch sauer wegen den Keksen?
  4. EU #1 offline :((

    1. [WTLVTC] Dancool000
    2. oneDriLLeY


      Are they really offline? the status say that the Server is online with about ~700 Users

  5. What is your first impression of Android 5.0 (Lollipop)? For those who were able to test it yet? I'm still waiting for more stable nightly builds for my i9305 (s3 LTE)
  6. I hope the update will come soon :)

    1. One A Plus

      One A Plus

      Yeah bro, we are waiting it to :D So, we all hope, like you know, hope dying last.

    2. novice
    3. Rhaegal


      "Ok guys, today is a big day - if you know what I mean ."

  7. US #1 offline?

    1. desmills


      They might be testing the new 1.1 update on the less popular server...I hope

    2. Rhaegal


      EU #2 for testing ?? ??

  8. Im Offtopic Bereich gibt's ein "Introduce yourself!" Thema. Ich denk mir das wir das auch hier machen könnten auf Deutsch! UND JETZT IHR
  9. But I like to play the moderator ..
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