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  1. Suggestion Name: I would like to request a possibility to enable Hemil's Route Advisor (SiSL edit) mods for ETS 2 & ATS (or any other similar mods) Suggestion Description: I would like to request a possibility to enable Hemil's Route Advisor (SiSL edit) mods for ETS 2 & ATS: ETS 2 version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=670285471 ATS version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=670285851 And I don't see why any other similar mods should not be allowed Any example images: Mod full capability: How I run it: Why should it be added?: This kind UI is a lot cleaner. For example I have the minimap & mirrors disabled (all configurable incame with standard Route advisor buttons (F3, F5 etc) and only have the information bar at the bottom, giving me a chance to enjoy the GPS in the truck cab without the annoying GPS UI, but still having the essential data, that is around the GPS UI originally still on screen. How this could be done (some brainstorming)? Option 1: Get permission from the mod author and ship it with launcher as optional mod (like Winter mod used to be done) as it's quite lightweight Option 2 (could help in the future for other interesting mods also that don't break the game and throw off the balance etc): Make a whitelist of mods that won't be disabled by TMP automatically, a list which TMP staff can improve over time Option 3 (problably most annoying one): Write something similar of your own PS: I've used this mod for quite some time on ETS 2 & ATS, none of the updates so far have had any issues with the mod (at least I haven't stumbled upon one), works like charm with the release of updates or the author is extremely fast to release the fixes. Yes I know this tells that mod suggestions are usually denied (I totally do get the reasons) however this kind of mod extremely lightweight mod (0.214 MB)
  2. That is what happens when you add XP support to an application!
  3. Let's be honest. Then that computer normally isn't also meant for games. If I'd have business delicate data on my computer I won't allow my kid to mess around with it. And even so, most business software has also moved out of XP finally so it's time for them to move on also.
  4. They should seriously consider moving on. People like that are limiting development potentials. That's why I have my hats down on the latest games (GTA V, C:S etc) that have chosen to also drop 32bit. Same bottleneck as XP and you can see the change. My computer couldn't run most of the newest games that came out in 32bit even in minimum but does not have any issues with 64bit games like GTA V and Skyline with medium-high settings.
  5. Sadly, announcements like this are an eyesore. Why? To make an application XP compatible in this day and age means you will be limiting it's capabilities. I don't see why an normal developer would even consider this choice anymore.
  6. Firmad Siia saad sa postitada oma firmade kuulutused. Kui sa oled firma juht, saad sa lasta Commuinity Manageril või Developeril ära kustutad selle.
  7. Any chance re-adding Estonian language discussions also? They were available in old forums.
  8. Issue in normal english: After dropping trailer of at destination, game crashes. Confirmed that same happened to me (at least with quick job)
  9. Mod Version: Version 0.1.1 Controllers Used: - Description of Issue: I can't insert @ when my keyboard language is Estonian in the launcher e-mail field. How to reproduce: Open the launcher Start typing your e-mail into e-mail field when using Estonian keyboard layout (combination for @ is: Alt Gr + 2, Screenshots / Videos: None.
  10. I had it as my main OS for few weeks. Loved it and it was surprisingly stable. Performance was very good compared to older Windows (7, 8.1). There were few things that annoyed me, for example it made me made mad that windows+E no longer opens My Computer/This PC but some stupid Home window which frankly sucks. @StuartD I'd say on scale 1-10 it's 8.
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