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  1. Are you from Évora? we live near, more or less xd

    1. willians1002
    2. AntoniojMG  ESP

      AntoniojMG ESP

      I live near the border, right on the road that takes by Vila Verde de Ficalho direction Sevilla through the Algarve xd I have been several times in Évora, a very beautiful city :lol:

  2. Welcome back <3

  3. Congratulations mate. Enjoy your new car :P

    1. Broker


      Thank you :D 

  4. mate  Congratulations on your new role:mlg_doge:

    1. willians1002


      Thank you mate <3

  5. Congrats on your promotion :D 

  6. Thank you for your advice. Truck players from China.:lol:

    1. willians1002


      You're welcome.

      Safe trucking.

  7. Welcome to the team mate <3

    1. [C-S] Spat91

      [C-S] Spat91

      Thank you  @willians1002  :)  See you on the virtual roads and nice to meet you :D


  8. Congratulations and good luck <3

    1. Dumbledore001YT


      Thanks mate :D 

    2. Guest


      Ja moin

  9. Congratulations to your new role by TMP! Enjoy this time! :love::thisisfine: Good Night and Sleep well! :rolleyes: 

    1. willians1002


      Thank you. Good night to you aswell.

  10. Welcome back and good luck as TGM

  11. Welcome back :)


  12. Congrats on your promotion and good luck!

  13. Congratulations! :wub::D

    1. willians1002


      Thank you man! :wub: 

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