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  1. Personally, Scania and Volvo are my main brands. They have powerfull engines and costumizations.
  2. I use Stream Labs. I used to use OBS but when Stream Labs was published I've changed to it.
  3. I prefer short-to-medium although sometimes when I'm in the mood I do long-distance jobs
  4. Hello @ARTHUR.1903, I believe your keyboard bindings are not set correctly. You can fix this in the settings. Open your settings; Select "Keys & Buttons"; Scroll down to the "Other" section; Set your key in the "Activate" option. If this does not fix your issue, please let us know so maybe someone else can assist you. Best regards, willians1002
  5. I'm proud of being part of those 4 million! Congratulations to the TruckersMP Team for this achievement and thank you all for making ATS and ETS2 multiplayer possible!
  6. I don't think it would be necessary. From a management point of view, it would be another platform that the development team would have to keep. Also, for the volume of evidence that would have to be stored, TMP would have to invest more in servers as such a platform uses a lot of storage and bandwidth. As a full-stack developer, I've developed projects on which my customers preferred an existing video platform (not YouTube but more professional enterprise solutions) because of the upkeep cost for video processing servers. Of course, it depends on the project, as it can
  7. Are you from Évora? we live near, more or less xd

    1. willians1002
    2. ΛntoniojMG


      I live near the border, right on the road that takes by Vila Verde de Ficalho direction Sevilla through the Algarve xd I have been several times in Évora, a very beautiful city :lol:

  8. Welcome back <3

  9. Congratulations mate. Enjoy your new car :P

    1. Broker


      Thank you :D 

  10. mate  Congratulations on your new role:mlg_doge:

    1. willians1002


      Thank you mate <3

  11. Congrats on your promotion :D 

  12. Thank you for your advice. Truck players from China.:lol:

    1. willians1002


      You're welcome.

      Safe trucking.

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