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  1. Trebuie sa i-o duc lu bunica mea
  2. Romania Inter-Logistics - Road to Verified CONVOY As written in the title, we organize this convoy to get the degree checked on TruckersMP for our VTC! After only 3 months of activity, we reached a fairly high level and continue to climb. Unfortunately, the convoy will be a private one and only the invited people will be present! Parking will be carried out in a city, to protect us from the lag! If we succeed, we also want a private server to make a unique event. We really think we deserve this chance, especially since we have quite a lot of experience in organizing events! When will the event be? We can tell you with great joy that the event will take place on June 13, at 17:30 (UTC)! Best regards, Romania Inter-Logistics
  3. My photos from Romania Inter-Logistics convoy https://imgur.com/a/m9IouTZ
  4. I made some changes to the internet and so it is. I have 53mb to download and 64mb to upload, I don't think it's from the internet
  5. Hello! When I teleport to another garage or when I give F7 to go to service I get kicked for the reason "Unreliable connection". From what can it be?
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