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  1. Thank you for the update TMP
  2. Hope you all have a great weekend!❤️


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    2. NightBIade


      No worried and thank you 🙂

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      That is an awesome looking truck there :)


    4. NightBIade


      Thank you Rescue ❤️

  3. Had a fantastic time attending RLC's convoy tonight, was a beautiful route and had lots of fun attending as usual;

    Here are some photos from tonight event ❤️



  4. Hey KGM, There is another way to find a players TruckersMP ID instead of using /pinfo. You'd be pleased to know that TMP stores three forms of logs that you have access to view at any given time, the three forms of logs are log_spawning, client and chat logs. However, when creating reports, you'll tend to use the log_spawning and chat logs for evidence in your report. To access this folder, please follow the following steps; C:\Users\*yourname*\Documents\ETS2MP\logs It's important to be aware that you'll see a lot of people who've connected/chatted at the time you've been playing but don't let this worry you. You can click on 'edit' and then 'find' to filter out the search so it's easier for you to find the person(s) that you are looking for. This is a very handy feature if you ever find yourself on C-D, and didn't have enough time to catch their TMP ID. I hope this helps
  5. Hey KGM, I currently use Medal TV when playing on TMP, as video evidence is a more vital piece of evidence due to it showing the entire incident as well as what happened. Whereas a screenshot will only show one frame of the incident which is why screenshots (apart from chat) isn't a reliable source of evidence.
  6. I tend to listen to Country songs when driving, as it's relaxing and very satisfying to listen to when on the roads but apart from Country I don't mind listening to a bit of rock Just to name a few artists/groups I like to listen too; The Cranberries, Linkin Park, AC/DC, Green Day, George Strait, Chris Young, Chirs Stapleton... - There are a loads of others, but this just gives an idea of the type of music I listen too.
  7. Some photos from RLC's convoy last night, was a fun convoy to be apart of! ❤️




    1. TKL V.L Landrover

      TKL V.L Landrover

      Nice convoy and nice picture!😀

  8. This sounds like a very useful suggestion and would be handy for reporting players, instead of searching tab to find the perpetrator you wish to report. As said from the comments above, this proves to be a great suggestion, and I'd love to see this within the game. +Support
  9. Scandinavia is one of my favourite DLC's so far for ETS2, however, for ATS I am in love with Idaho and I have a lot of fun driving around in that area.
  10. Had a lot of fun taking part in Prime Logistics convoy this evening, was a lovely route and was a nice convoy to be a part of. ❤️

    Here are a few photos from today's event:






  11. I joined TMP back in late 2015, which then from what I can remember I always was hopping in and out now and then due to other commitments elsewhere. However, since a few months ago I became very active with the community and joined a VTC. So, looking back and thinking why I play, it's got to be because of the amazing community that this truly is. I am having a lot of fun within the community and so far it's been an enjoyable ride, which am looking forward too what the future holds.
  12. I enjoy both games but I tend to player ETS2 more then ATS as I like driving around Europe and the United Kingdom, and the trucks that you can drive on their with lots of room for truck customisation. However, I do switch back to ATS as well for new DLC such as Idaho which is a really fun as well as being an amazing dlc.
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