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  1. When you close the door a 'little' too fast
  2. Alright that's fair. I personally don't tend to play on the arcade server or ever have played it in the past. Am guessing it's no collision because it's for people who may not like the collision aspect of Sim 1 but then again I don't know as I don't play it. Which is why am not really going to leave my view on that because I don't have any knowledge upon it, and if I try to answer then it'll plainly just be a guess. Maybe TMP will look into it if an actual suggestion is made. I see what you mean about making the server more arcade but for all I know there is a reason for it being no collision. Either way; am going to stop commenting on this post as I've expressed how I feel about the speed limit and am not going to touch on the arcade subject due to having no proper knowledge on to it.
  3. Collisions are necessary as well? You can be a careful driver but nine times out of ten you'd be hit trying to navigate through the garage in Duisburg, am not really sure why you are comparing speed to collision zone to be honest. However, it's a simulation server at the end of the day, people join to simulate not to go super fast like their playing Mario Kart. There are VTC's that use race miles where you have to follow the speed limit and for those who do WOT jobs or have truck limit enabled they will only be allowed to do 90kph. I've not seen many people complaining about WOT jobs personally and I've never been in a VTC that uses race miles but I doubt they complain about that either because they go on these servers to simulate. If people wish to race like they are on Mario Kart then there is an Arcade server for that. Removing the limit will just be a disaster and those who love to do WOT jobs, use race miles or even drive at 90kph will hugely suffer from that. To be reasonable here; most people drive reckless at 110kp and I wouldn't want to imagine how reckless they'll get at 130kph. It's as said; it's a simulation server and I highly doubt that server will ever get empty. The main reason why the player count is at a low at the moment is many people don't wish to downgrade which is fair, but they are waiting to have tmp updated and once it does I bet most if not all of them players will come back. You say that the player base is dying but go back to when this lockdown in the UK started, many many many people joined and went on Simulation servers. I highly doubt speed is an issue to people leaving simulation servers.
  4. The way I see it is; yes people are already breaking rules with the limit being enabled but that doesn't mean removing the speed limit will decrease or even stop this issue, it'll only increase it by a terrific amount. Simulator 1 is already hard enough for the staff members to keep on top off and removing it will triple the amount of reports due to the notorious C-D road. This then will eventually spread to other servers such as Promods. Yes, the speed limit in some eyes may not seem that it's doing a whole lot but I can guarantee if the limit was removed tomorrow the amount of reports on Sim 1, Promods and other servers will be tripled. Also, as said from above, this is a simulation server at the end of the day. It's not a "Need for Speed Trucks Edition" as said from the last time this debate was held. To be fair, 110kph (68? Mph) is a fairly reasonable speed for a truck, I mean... they don't have breaks like a Lamborghini or other type of sports car at the end of the day. At the end of the day there will always be people who agrees and disagrees, that's why debates happen. But we have to realise that these speed limits are in place for a reason and TMP wouldn't have added it if it wasn't a necessary addition. It's been around for a good few years now from what I can remember and it's going to be one of them things that's going to stay. In my view, these speed limits only adds benefits where as if it was to be removed it would add a load more disadvantages.
  5. Hello, the things I would like to see in 1.38 or in future updates are: ETA being displayed on the Truck GPS or the attachment GPS, with information of the city you start from - delivering too. However, this could be done with Trucky overlay but I'd like to see this an actual feature. Being able to exit the cab, even if you are only allowed to walk for a certain distance, and the ability to hitch/unhitch your trailer while outside of the cab. Volvo tuning pack and a sneak peek release of the new Volvo. Sneak peek of Mercedes Benz Actros MP5. Removing the distance of how far you can go with the camera. Binning off the IVECO joking Ability to use truck decals on trailer, and being allowed to use truck wheels on trailer. More customisation to trucks, such as; painted roof/bump bars, LED lights that come in a various amounts of colours and hella lights. Am sure there are a lot more ideas I could come up with but these are the ones that I can think of for now. However, I would love to see these added to see these ideas to the game in future.
  6. A few photos from the RLC convoy, had a lovely drive and the route was fantastic. Definitely going to be revisting those roads in the near future :)





    1. OmSaL.


      Great! ❤️ 

    2. k1v4n


      Nice photos:wow:

  7. A few photos from last nights drive with LDB_Valow and Jabbadise. Pumping in the miles for Courtz Carriers, had a fantastic drive on promods and stumbled across this easter egg 😁



  8. Am guessing your are actually making a suggestion to have this as an actual thing. If that's the case then I believe that this should be in Suggestions (make sure you follow the template). However, report administrators are very busy due to the current circumstances and as TruckersMP is a massive community it adds a massive work load on the people who are dealing with reports so your best bet is to remain patient because they will eventually get around too it.
  9. I joined in late 2015 but was on and off for the following years, however, I've became a full player since the start of this year and am enjoying it ever since. My most memorable moment (which is still fairly recently) was taking part in DFL and I can't wait till next years
  10. Okay but can you explain to me how this system will know if someone is swearing at someone or is just swearing in general because they've crashed or either tipped their truck?
  11. I see this becoming an issue because sometimes the person swearing isn't aiming it at anyone. For example; they've just ditched their truck and was a few miles away from completing their job and by force of habit they say in chat "oh **** I just ******* ditched it" which results in them being muted via the game for swearing. Plus, a mute system doesn't always stop people who are only there to offend or annoy other players. A ban would be more effective (if they are swearing at other people) because it'll teach them more of a lesson. Also, how would this Auto Mute system know how often a person has been swearing from, or would there be an automated ban procedure if the person has been swearing for a certain amount of time? It's a fairly nice idea but I just see this having more flaws then benefits. If swearing, in general is the issue, then why not do what twitch does and add * where the swear word is?
  12. This is a solid idea, but I'd love if it saved where the UI has been placed as said above. This will make it very useful when driving as you won't need to distract yourself by opening chat. +1
  13. I think this will be fairly useful but instead of text saying *person is typing*, I think it'll be better to have dots appearing above the name tag or a speech box appearing on the top right of the name tag with dots constantly filling it resembling that a person is tying. +1
  14. I don't see any issues with where the CB's currently are. Plus, it seems like this will be unnecessarily using up the Add-On teams time by moving it down a few inches. Personally, I like where the CB currently is because it slots in perfectly instead of hanging off at the bottom. I only see this as a minor issue; -1.
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