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  1. NightBIade's post in /pinfo was marked as the answer   
    Hey KGM,
    There is another way to find a players TruckersMP ID instead of using /pinfo. You'd be pleased to know that TMP stores three forms of logs that you have access to view at any given time, the three forms of logs are log_spawning, client and chat logs. However, when creating reports, you'll tend to use the log_spawning and chat logs for evidence in your report.
    To access this folder, please follow the following steps;
    It's important to be aware that you'll see a lot of people who've connected/chatted at the time you've been playing but don't let this worry you. You can click on 'edit' and then 'find' to filter out the search so it's easier for you to find the person(s) that you are looking for. This is a very handy feature if you ever find yourself on C-D, and didn't have enough time to catch their TMP ID.
    I hope this helps?
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