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  1. Hi all new photo coming soon
  2. hi sorry for no more photo's been busy
  3. nothing to do with truck but in ets2
  4. hi im sorry im not posting as much as I want but I will in the next weeks or so
  5. i hope you like all the photos i been posting im sorry for there is no new ones but give me time i there will be please post below if you like the photos
  6. hi i did take photo's but losted them due to pc needed to be recovered by the recovery media losted everything should be back and more photos soonish
  7. there wil be more photos coming in the the following weeks
  8. Driving in wales
  9. Special Transport
  10. Driving the Volvo FMX
  11. Driving a Mercedes Antos More pictures of the truck will be coming soon
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