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  1. Happy Birthday! :wub:

  2. Yeah as El Barto said 1 really is enough come to think of it, you just need his/her skills maxed out for a stable income. anymore is really pointless, it kinda ruins your experience in a way but you do you.
  3. Yeah just as expected, obviously more european players play so I expected more left hand drivers really. I always use right as I am from the UK, adds a challenge.
  4. Yeah manual seems like the winner, I get it's more realistic and easier to climb. I might switch back at this point.
  5. From the replies it appears that both are generally used, Personally typing in my opinion is the best, The CB is used by people SCEAAAMING pointless abuse at players and trying to talk you just get talked over.
  6. The TMP Staff have a hard job as it is currently dealing with these "trollers" and can't handle all cases and reports on them due to the amount they have, keep in mind these reports can be mixed with false reports and reports which are pointless such as "he didn't stop at the red light.". I personally recommend reporting them if you can via the website report. It is sad to see people who do troll players/streamers but at the end of the day it's best to ignore them and don't give them attention, if you say "im reporting you" they are gonna keep coming back and back.
  7. Cloofter


    I think the response above is the answer your looking for good sir! I'd imagine it'd be funny watching full double trailers trying to climb a hill.
  8. Cloofter


    AI Traffic hasn't always been the good idea, obviously it comes with some issues such as sync and can-collide etc. The AI only server was actually an alright idea.
  9. Hopefully it is the renault T, I would actually like to drive it.
  10. well. I'm away for 2 weeks starting today, officially so I'll see you lovely and awesome and cool people later ya. 

  11. Omg I'm stupid I mixed them up thanks for the correction. @[ST-LH] The Englishman
  12. I did have over 100% but obviously with the new DLCs that came out Italy, france etc It's dropped a little bit, not to worry but:)
  13. Do you drive with the steering wheel on the right like they do in the United Kingdom or the steering wheel on the left like they do in europe? I'm from the UK so I use right-hand drive:).
  14. Nah I think double trailers makes TMP more enjoyable and more of a challenge rather than just a single trailer, it might cause longer traffic jams but it's part of the fun.
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