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  1. Happy Birthday! :wub:

  2. Yeah just as expected, obviously more european players play so I expected more left hand drivers really. I always use right as I am from the UK, adds a challenge.
  3. Yeah manual seems like the winner, I get it's more realistic and easier to climb. I might switch back at this point.
  4. well. I'm away for 2 weeks starting today, officially so I'll see you lovely and awesome and cool people later ya. 

  5. Omg I'm stupid I mixed them up thanks for the correction. @[ST-LH] The Englishman
  6. Do you drive with the steering wheel on the right like they do in the United Kingdom or the steering wheel on the left like they do in europe? I'm from the UK so I use right-hand drive:).
  7. Nice to hear some responses, I'm sure your all aware I do have 1, Personally keeping it small is easier to manage, some might agree.
  8. Thanks for the responses! Personally after getting my G29 i've changed back to using Auto gears I use the steel shifters on the G29 to change gears if I need to get up a steep incline.
  9. Welcome back buddy.

  10. Cloofter

    Ban time

    Your "ban time" can be found under your TMP Profile by visiting https://truckersmp.com/ and then selecting your username from the top right and then selecting profile which shows your Punishment History if you scroll down a bit. You can apply for the team here: https://truckersmp.com/recruitment
  11. @HuYaTv-15746382-CanDGY Oh my bad. I think It would be a good add-on, gives a player full customisation over their truck, I think it would be welcomed.
  12. I think only having 1 garage is better. means you don't have to worry about having 30 odd garages with 100 drivers.
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