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  1. Hi mate! Good morning, how are you? ^_^ Merry christmas! 

  2. Cloofter

    [Poll] Bring back the old Winter Mod

    Stupid question but... how do you disabled the snow mod?
  3. Best settings for a 180Degree steering wheel?

  4. Can anyone tell me about the new roles? Veteran II etc.

  5. guess whos back......... back again........

    1. Anriandor


      Ah, that explains ;)

      Now I know :)


    2. Cloofter


      yes ;)

      waiiit weren't the one who gave me a WP... :ph34r:

    3. .Rhys.


      Rain in the UK is who is back again

  6. guess who got unbanned AGAIN!!111111

    1. [MGL] Munin666 [GER]

      [MGL] Munin666 [GER]

      Your Profile shows no ban....so not you... ;)

      this makes it hard to guess

    2. Cloofter


      not ban omg look at my warning points


    3. [MGL] Munin666 [GER]

      [MGL] Munin666 [GER]

      Cant see them ;)

      But your TMP Profile is not banned.

  7. Cloofter

    Lag issue

    You might be running other hidden processes in the background that slow down ETS2, if you like to run discord, Discord is an application that’s like to use a lot of CPU Usage so I say either change it so it’s runs via GPU or it doesn’t run at all.
  8. I better head off for tonight, Psst - Remember and keep my rep up *cough* 

  9. Cloofter

    Share Your Desktop

    I would, But can't upload more than 500kb.
  10. Cloofter

    Safety mode

    I do like your idea sir, But as people have already stated it would be abused constantly.
  11. I'm officially back after being gone for almost a year.

  12. Cloofter

    General Fixes

    I am not an administrator, But just a player who is trying to help the online community. So, Reply here any fixes or bugs so that real administrators can see it! Max