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  1. cloofter

    Best DLC under £7.00? (ets2)

    If you want cheap DLC under £7 your best getting it from a Third Party DLC website such as https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/euro-truck-simulator-2-pc. If you're willing to spend an extra £1.99 you can get the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC for £8.99.
  2. Congratulations buddy.

  3. cloofter

    Do you text and drive in TMP?

    Depends on the situation and type of road. I usually slow down a bit if I was getting an ID but if it was just for a casual talk I'd wait until its a straight road at least.
  4. What's your style of changing gears? Do you let the truck do it, or are you a manual person? Personally manual has the advantage, especially over those pesky hills.
  5. cloofter

    "REC" in your tag...

    Yeah, I've had some trouble with the "REC" players before, actually today I had one who cut me off and said he's recording like he's trying to blame me for it pfft. and what @Callum Johnson said most of them aren't actually recording lol, they just do it for the troll.
  6. I'd recommend a truck with good gear-ratio, a Scania or MAN to be specific.
  7. Any truck with a 700hp engine and a good gear box ;). I'd pick a Scania if I was you.
  8. Personally, I love italia. My favourite city is literally all the Italia ones!
  9. Basically what @Mr.Tea said. I'm just gonna add to his reply, Garages are more of a client-based item thus meaning only the player who owns that certain garage can see it, a player with the smallest garage can't see the largest as well they don't own it, but those who do own it can see it obviously and can drive around it and that's why you see people driving through the smaller garages almost as they are like ghosts, it's because it's the larger garage on their screen.
  10. cloofter

    Why do people cause chaos in Duisburg?

    I think it's a mix of people being trollers and just straight up impatient players, it can't exactly be solved to a perfect standard but I'm sure the Moderators do try their hardest during the busy peak times.
  11. cloofter

    Where do you go on the game most ofton and why?

    Personally, I love Duisburg because of the sheer chaos and fun you can get from it, if I was to pick my most favourite place in the whole of ETS It would be in Italy.
  12. Welcome back, man. : ) love ya

  13. cloofter

    Do you slow down, when you are being overtaken?

    Yeah well, many people follow EU Road regulations yet I follow UK road regulations considering I'm from Scotland. https://www.gov.uk/browse/driving/highway-code-road-safety
  14. cloofter

    In-Game Reporting System

    I think it's pretty good. Response times need to be bumped up but, other than that it's all good.
  15. Actually, it's pretty useful! That's if you report the user properly and an Administrator is actually online and not letting the report time out, no offence! Take a look below. : )