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  1. Happy birthday <33

  2. Hi @Bartex_1 First you have to own the Beyond The Baltic Sera DLC, in order to by a HTC trailer Second you need to save edit the trailer, I use TS SaveEditor Toll to decrypt the savefile. When you have decrypted the file, you can open it in Notepad, then you have to search for Country_validity, and change the number to 0, and delete the country that is listed under.
  3. I got a 429 error when I clicked on close window at the end, so I do not know if my answers has been registered
  4. Hi @Truckmen100 If you want use hct trailers to transport cargo outside Finland you have to save edit your trailer first. You first need a program to decrypt you savegame i recommend TS SaveEditor tool, you can find it here After you have open the program and open your save file, you have to find your hct trailer and change the country_validity to 0, and remove the countries that is listet under country_validity Just remember, that outside Finland many Companies are too small to accommodate a hct trailer, and you risk crashing when loading or unloading cargo.
  5. Relaxing sunset drive in Germany


  6. Beautiful ATS scenery ☀️




    1. 'HeavenN.


      Great Photos!

    2. Guest


      Nice Shot! :HaulieLove:

  7. Happy Birthday! ?

  8. Happy birthday!

  9. ? Happy birthday ?

  10. Happy Birthday! ??

  11. Another gift delivery ??❄️



  12. Took an old favorit out for a drive 


    1. _sneaht_0810


      Nice truck and trailer combination! ?

  13. Special Transport stopped on side of the road 



  14. Hi @LH-068_Xing Chen You can use the decrypt function that is build in in TS SE tool to decrypt your save files it works in 1.42 You can get it from here
  15. Hi @Samderali TruckersMP works with out any problems on Windows 11
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