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  1. aalb75

    Jobs Broken - Won't Fix

    Hi @Summerbear5 I recommend that you have a profile only for Multiplayer, and one profile for singleplayer. Because the multiplayer mod changes your profile. If you have an existing profile whit a owned truck you can use that. You can also create a new profile for multiplayer, and save edit that so you have enough money to buy a truck.
  2. aalb75

    Do your "In-game" reports get looked at?

    I think my in game reports has a 2% succes rate. But I don't blame the game moderators for that, because it's a impossible job for them to deal whit all the reports within the 10 minutes time frame they have. I have some time watch different game moderators live streams, and most of the time there are over 80 reports waiting to be dealt whit, and it is impossible for them to deal whit the reports, and at the same time be live on the map to deal whit what they see happens right in front of them.
  3. aalb75

    The prolem of Decrypted gam.sill

    Hi @[G.T.R] I 289 I Roars Are you using the latest version of SII Decrypter? Right click on the decrypter, chose properties, and see if there is a message that the program has been blocked because it has been downloaded from the internet, if yes, remove the block. I get the best result if I place SII_Decrypt[L64] in the save file i want to edit.
  4. Quite morning whit snow mod turned on :)


    1. BlackSkill


      There's still no snow in Tbilisi :/ 

    2. aalb75


      Hope you get some snow, we have got 7 cm during the night 

    3. Michal VS Lucia

      Michal VS Lucia

      how much is 10 cm?

  5. aalb75

    Rename profile ets 2 problem

    Hi @HELMOND Are you using the newest version of sii_decrypt? After release of ETS2 and ATS 1,33 the older version do not work for me. I use SII_Decrypt[L64] when editing my save files
  6. aalb75

    DLC is incompatible

    Hi @Adito. Try and link you new DLC'S to TruckersMP here https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings
  7. aalb75

    No profile's number/letter

    Hi @[?v?y-L] pr?v?al??on_- Have you tried to use thes guide to get the trailer you want? It has been used by many players whit succes
  8. aalb75

    Tank Trailer

    Hi @Briian19 Take a look at this guide, it should help you to get a tank trailer.
  9. aalb75

    No profile's number/letter

    Hi @[?v?y-L] pr?v?al??on_- I believe you have Cloud save enabled in the game, when you have that, your local save folder is empty. To disable Cloud save, open the game and select your profile and click on edit, in the next screen untick the cloud save box. After that you should have a local save file to edit
  10. aalb75

    SCS Christmas Event Main Hubs?? (ANSWERD)

    I believe it means container ports, and ferry port where you can pick up cargo
  11. aalb75

    Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Thank you @Dziada for you quick reply
  12. aalb75

    Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    I am a bit unsure if this is allowed? Because I have used the truck colour on the trailer, so I don't know if it violates rule §3.2 - Trailer modding

    thank you for following;)


  14. Evening drive in Russia