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  1. Hi @metropoldelikanlisi Many of the versions of SII_Decrypt do not work whit 1.37 and 1.38. I will recommend this program instead, it is the one i am using whit out any problems.
  2. Hi @[BR]_Goiano It's a known bug in the game, there are noting you can do to solve the problem right now. The only thing you can do is to select a different cabin for your truck, and wait for the bug to get fixed in a future update,
  3. No I have stopped doing world of trucks events in multiplayer. The events ends in a big mess in multiplayer.
  4. Some more single player driving



  5. Trying out a new mod in single player 😀





  6. Visiting Utah




  7. Ok, that's strange, I would assume the game had created a crash file by default. Have you tried creating a new profile to test if it is your save file that i corrupt? If not, create a new profile and test if the game crashes whit your new profile.
  8. First drive in Idaho 





  9. your right, is there anything in your crash log?
  10. Hi @Graxent It's here 00:00:02.515 : <WARNING> [mods] Unknown category 'Game_economy' defined for mod_workshop_package.0000000042422F41. Ignoring. 00:00:02.515 : <WARNING> [mods] No valid categories defined for mod_workshop_package.0000000042422F41. Setting defaults. I don't know if that is the reason but it is a possibility.
  11. Hi @Graxent Have you tried removing the Game economic mod? It look like the game do not recognize it. Try and remove the mod and verify the game files in Steam Can you link your crash log from ETS2?
  12. Hi @LUISSALAZAR ATS version 1.38 is not currently supported by Truckers MP. You have to downgrade ATS in order to play online. If you follow this guide https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/26 you should be able to play online again .,
  13. Hi @Jurassic__GHG No a kick do not count as a ban. If you have been banned you will not be able to join the servers, and it will show op on your profile.
  14. Hi @mblg If you open your controls.cfg file in your multiplayer profile, can you see your G29 in there, I believe it's line 3
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