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  1. I startet playing because I saw the game on sale on Steam,. I still play the games because I enjoy it, and I think its the most relaxing game you can play
  2. I do most of my driving whit HCT trailers, I enjoy the challenge that comes whit driving in the cities whit the trailers
  3. 1 Nokia 9 Pure View 2 Only had the phone for 2 months so no plan to upgrade
  4. I have been using Intel CPUs for many years, my last AMD CPU was a AMD K6-2 400 But considering upgrading to a AMD Ryzen 9 3950X when its released
  5. Just switched to Android after 8 years using Windows Phone OS
  6. Some ATS driving:)




  7. Ok, let's try something else. First click at 1 and press your accelerator all the way down and release it again. Notice what direction the yellow line at 2 moves. If it moves from left to right you accelerator works normal in the game. If it moves from right to left you have to select the opposite in the menu.
  8. If you go here https://truckersmp.com/ you can search for a player in the top right corner
  9. Can you double check that you have the save values as me in your controls file in documents under your profile. I am also using a Logitech wheel and pedals.
  10. aalb75

    Profile Bug.

    Hi @Sampl3 On the first screen, mark your profile and chose edit. On the screen that pops up untick the box next to Use Steam cloud, then the game will create a local folder in your documents folder.
  11. Hi @[L.C.T]Emito[ARG] I think your problem can be solved, if you changes the Accelerator mode from inverted to normal. if it works the yellow line should disappear until you press the accelerator.
  12. Hej @litrac4 C-D, er en forkortelse af Calais-Duisburg, det mest trafikerede område i Multiplayer. Også det område hvor chancen for ulykker er størst.
  13. Had forgotten how nice the scenery is in Scotland 


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