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  1. Enjoy driving in the snow  ☃️



    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      got to love the snow 🥰

  2. Happy Birthday 🎂 Hop you get a great day 😀

  3. Hi @ToyotaJZX If that is not enough you also has to change the source name Find the trailer you want to use, copy the name at 1, and paste it between the " " at 2. now you can move your HCT between garages and find jobs for it outside Finland.
  4. Hi @ToyotaJZX You has to change the country validity to 0 and remove the countries listet under that line and you need SII decrypter to edit your savefile
  5. Relaxing drive in the sunset



  6. New winter truck 


  7. Hi @Angel . You can set ETS2 to always starting in 64 bit mode by adding a start parameter in steam. Right click on ETS2 and chose properties and select set launch properties and write -64bit and click ok.
  8. Have not been using my DAF for a long time,  decided to take it for a drive again



  9. @dragonslayingmaster1000 You find it in the savefile for the game
  10. Hi @human721 Yes it's possible to get jobs whit HCT outside Finland. You just have to change the country validity to 0, and remove the countries listet below
  11. A trip to Scotland in Promods 


    1. Fezz98


      Damn, that's a nice bridge. :P

    2. aalb75


      Yes its a nice bridge, first time i have been there

    3. francesco_c


      nice picture

  12. Hi @Nigtwish When i compare your promods files to mine. it seems that they have different sizes. I suggest that you start over again, by downloading new files from Promods
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