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  1. JeffSFC's post in What happens if somebody else uses my account, but I still get banned? was marked as the answer   
    You agreed to the rules when you created your account as well as after any subsequent rule changes. It's right at the top and it's quite difficult to miss if you actually read through them. You are responsible for your account.
    §1 - Service-wide rules
    §1.1 - Account
    You are responsible for your own account. When rules are being broken, we will punish the account that broke them, no matter who was playing at that time.
    ~ Jeff
  2. JeffSFC's post in 1.35 Support was marked as the answer   
    When SCS releases 1.35.
  3. JeffSFC's post in Can you use a Graphics enhancer Mod in Truckers MP? was marked as the answer   
    Right now, the only 3rd party things you can use to enhance your visuals are ReShade presets.
    While many of us would like to see something like the realistic graphics mod have TMP support, that is currently not something we are working on.
  4. JeffSFC's post in @truckersmp hi everbody please help :) was marked as the answer   
    As long as none of your accessories are stacked in the same slot, I see no issues with the truck in this picture. I think you will be fine.
  5. JeffSFC's post in What is with all the rain ? was marked as the answer   
    Hello my friend.
    I think the extensive ran is due to the timescale in MP being different than single player. I have the same problem so I just turned it off.
  6. JeffSFC's post in In game help. [Relocating main/home garage] was marked as the answer   
    If you are trying to change your home garage, yes it is possible.
    1. Press G and find your current home garage
    2. Click on your truck with your driver picture
    3. Click the avatar below the truck icon you just clicked
    4. Under your stats, you will see the word "relocate"
    5. Choose your garage and slot
    Your home truck should move and so should your home garage. If you change countries, all of your plates should change as well.
  7. JeffSFC's post in FPS drops in MP was marked as the answer   
    1. You have a pretty badass rig.
    2. ETS2 and ATS were not designed for multiplayer. When a lot of trucks are in one area, it is very taxing on your performance. There's a lot going on from the positioning of the trucks constantly being sent to your client and just simply the trucks themselves being high quality models that they are. The 3rd person models of other trucks are not optimised models for a multiplayer environment. That's the best answer I can give.
  8. JeffSFC's post in Latest Update Effect MP? was marked as the answer   
    The paint jobs will not be supported in multiplayer until a multiplayer update incorporates them.
  9. JeffSFC's post in Making A Clan was marked as the answer   
    We have a companies section here. In order to create a thread with your company you need to read these rules and make sure you meet the requirements before posting about your company.
    As of right now, there is no in-game benefit from being in a company. You can wear the same tags and drive together with your mates but at the moment, companies and VTC's don't do really anything else.
    Happy trucking!
  10. JeffSFC's post in JUST A LITTLE was marked as the answer   
    Follow this guide.
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