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  1. Digital's post in [ANSWERED] Question to Digital was marked as the answer   
    Hi, thank you for your questions!
    I was not an Event Team Member! I joined the TruckersMP Team in April 2016 as a Forum Moderator. However, in late 2017 when I was a Community Manager, I started work to create what is today known as the Event Team. This was officially introduced in March 2018.
    I accepted the role of Project Coordinator because after over six years in the community I felt my unique experience and knowledge could be of some help on a higher level than Senior Event Manager. I will always have a passion for events - that was never lost. However, as the community and team grew, the project manager was finding the project increasingly more demanding, so more support was required to ensure the project continued moving forwards.
    TruckersMP is what I am passionate about. It's a major part of my life, so I am keen to pursue the new challenge!
    I've found that I can still put a lot of my current skills to use in my new role - which is good! For example, writing news blogs, work involving community/official events, add-ons, media, community management, and so on.
    The tasks and work I do are different, though. Now it is very much project oriented, rather than solely events oriented. I have to adapt my skills and experience to every area of the project now.
    Indeed! As I mentioned previously, I still love events, but I find it exciting and challenging to now do work and make decisions that ultimately affect the overall project. 
    Since being in this new role for over three months now, I've already achieved some goals which I set out to do. They are mostly internal, which I cannot discuss here, but in public a big goal for me was the Development Updates. I think they have been a big success and am keen to continue pushing them further as the project grows.
    For the future, I would like to pursue relations with the community further, and take my involvement in development updates further. Particularly, addressing development/updates on live streams/videos.
    Real life meetups are something else I would like to do more of with the community. I have met quite a lot of the community and team in real life, and have made unforgettable memories, so doing this more regularly and travelling to other countries is something I'm looking forward to doing. Of course the current pandemic is not making this possible, but maybe next year?  
    Thanks again for the questions, if you have any follow-up questions, my inbox is open.
    Stay safe!
  2. Digital's post in Flat UI was marked as the answer   
    The mod in question does not work in multiplayer, it will be disabled automatically.
  3. Digital's post in Help please. (ATS registration) was marked as the answer   
    You need to play at least 2 hours of ATS to link the game to your account.
    Edit: Your game is now linked.
  4. Digital's post in How to rank up my LVL ? was marked as the answer   
    This is based on your forum post count. At the moment you have 1, and the title will increase the more posts you have. At 500 posts, you can write a custom title.
  5. Digital's post in Can I play online with MAC? was marked as the answer   
    Hi, TruckersMP supports only Windows 64-bit at this time.
  6. Digital's post in Help how to become police was marked as the answer   
    You don't. There's no such role as Police in TruckersMP. In-game it is just the players (trucks & cars), and In-Game Administrators. The Admins action reports and generally enforce the in-game rules. We have access to the Police car accessories, that's all. The Police car does not aid us in the role at all.
    If you're interested in how the In-Game Administrator recruitment works, here's the topic:
  7. Digital's post in Money Total Shot Up after Playing MP was marked as the answer   
    Due to the servers always running 24/7, this is basically like leaving your game online for months. If you have AI workers in your company that produce an income, coming on the MP servers will cause your game to believe it's days/weeks/months into the future, causing your balance to sky rocket! And the results? You become a millionaire/billionaire! Sorry?
    It's not technically a bug on our end, so there is no official fix. Known methods of fixing this are using Cheat Engine to 'hack' your balance, using trainers/programs to edit your balance etc...
    Otherwise, you could just remove all of your workers. Perhaps others have different methods, but that's all I can think of right now!
  8. Digital's post in Print Screening... was marked as the answer   
    No problem, I'm not familiar with Fraps that well. Could you take screenshots with Fraps instead? But yes, print screen just puts it in your clipboard.
  9. Digital's post in Question was marked as the answer   
    SweetFX works in Multiplayer. http://reshade.me/sweetfx
  10. Digital's post in Ban Appeal Page Not Working was marked as the answer   
    Hi, the ban has been removed now -  appears it was a mistake.
    Happy trucking!
  11. Digital's post in ETS2MP - LAG was marked as the answer   
    The flag DLC is a well-known cause to the performance issues. Try to disable it in Steam whilst online. An update is being developed at the moment for optimisation which will hopefully resolve these issues.
  12. Digital's post in Twitch Streaming - AMD Gaming Evolved was marked as the answer   
    Perhaps this is best to ask on an AMD support site. I did a quick search and found someone experiencing the same issue: https://raptr.freshdesk.com/support/discussions/topics/12000004023
    It looks like they're aware of the problem.
  13. Digital's post in multiplayer with freinds was marked as the answer   
    This may also help you too:
  14. Digital's post in ATSMP black screen was marked as the answer   
    Hi, it's a known problem which hopefully will be fixed soon.
    Trashed your double post by the way.
  15. Digital's post in Game crash was marked as the answer   
    Hi, have you tried downloading the latest hot-fix? http://truckersmp.com/en_US/download Game crashing should be fixed now.
  16. Digital's post in Ban not expires was marked as the answer   
    This is not a bug. The bans run off the UTC timezone, which is currently 19:16 at the time of posting. Your ban should expire in just under an hour.
    // Moved from Bug Reports to Help.
  17. Digital's post in pilot drivers was marked as the answer   
    Make sure you're not on EU1, as cars are not allowed there. Also check if you have put Police accessories on (Roof blue lights, bumper LED's) as those are reserved for Admins only.
  18. Digital's post in Wheels invisible on player trucks was marked as the answer   
    Do you have the Wheel Tuning Pack? I see this too, and I'm pretty sure it's caused because I don't have that DLC when they do.
  19. Digital's post in Can we report players in-game? was marked as the answer   
    There used to be commands but they were removed. You can now press 'Tab' in-game, then right-click to active the mouse. Find the user in the list, select their name then click the report button.
    Alternatively you can report them on the website if you have a screenshot/video for evidence. This guide should help you:
  20. Digital's post in Multiplayer Mods? was marked as the answer   
    Hi @K3lp_Boy, this topic shows approved mods for use in TruckersMP:
  21. Digital's post in Help with reporting a player was marked as the answer   
    I can see you've successfully logged a report now. Best Answer marked.
    // Moved to Solved.
  22. Digital's post in Should i delete these from the recycling bin ?? was marked as the answer   
    Right-click the file(s) and click Restore. Either that or drag them to your desktop or a folder. You cannot access the file directly from the Recycle Bin so you must move it out.
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