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  1. Haap

    Game crash

    How much space do you have on your hard drive where the game is installed?
  2. Haap

    Count until a TMP staff member comments (V.2)

    1 - Sausage Party is actually pretty good, watch it for real
  3. Haap

    Count until a TMP staff member comments (V.2)

    God dammit Zelcrum, go watch a movie or something O.N.E
  4. Haap

    How to survive busy areas

    I was searching for a good recorder and thanks to you I found it, appreciate it!
  5. Haap

    Can't Download Multiplayer Mod

    How long did it freeze for? Try to run as adminstrator Or he could try "verify the integrity of the game cache" on steam, if that doesn't work, uninstall ets 2 from steam and delete multiplayer and install everything again but I guess your friend already tried this. Maybe other users downloaded it at the same time so it takes a little longer for him, maybe that cause the freeze? Try again later
  6. Haap

    how did this happen?

    Hahaha, just having a relaxing day then this shit happens, thats awesome
  7. This is the greatest post that I have seen in my entire life! Edit: And thanks for updating your thread