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  1. bu ban videosuna bakarmısın rica etsem kabul edilmemiş yasak hareketler yapılmış


    1. XFMaster9666


      Merhaba, cumaliyalcin.


      Eğer raporunuz ile ilgili yanlış bir karar alındığını düşünüyorsanız, lütfen geri bildirim sistemimizi kullanının. Aşağıdaki makale bunu nasıl yapabileceğinizi açıklayacaktır: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/43


      Forumumuz bu durumlar için kullanılmaması gerektiğinden dolayı bu içeriği kilitleyeceğim. Eğer bir sorunuz olursa, bu bağlantı üzerinden bana özel mesaj gönderebilirsiniz.


      İlginiz için teşekkür ederim.



  2. Also think of how SCS implements the limits on speed. The speed limit activates based on user-controlled vehicle, regardless of what vehicle they may be driving. It detects the user, not the vehicle. Trying to make it limited to a specific vehicle would most like require recoding, which is either not possible, or the benefit would not outweigh the actual work of trying to implement it.
  3. It's not really so much luck. Kicks/Bans are situation based, and also depends on severity. A lot of reckless driving kicks are going to be users that we observe driving in a reckless manner (such as off road, attempting tight overtakes constantly, etc), but arent putting other users at a major risk of collision. This would also apply to minor road sign violations, such as someone running a yield-priority sign, but at a low/controlled speed that does not lead to a collision. Blocking kicks are the same - depends on severity. If someone is clearly seen on their side but not using the service station, they'll either get a kick for minor blocking or a teleport to service from an admin if it is noticed to be holding up traffic. Blocking bans are more towards the intentional blockings, or complete ignorance to using a service station after an accident.
  4. As an admin who has been around during both the 150 previous limit, and now the 110 limit... This has reduced speed related reports. Granted, there are still people who can barely control their vehicle at 50kph, but there has been a marked decrease in high speed related reports. If the majority of people actually wanted the speed limit to be increased for the purpose of solely getting somewhere faster, we see them flocking to the servers that have no limit. I don't see that happening. 110kph is fine, especially given the mix of driving skill (or lack thereof) we see out of players on the server. 110kph still causes too many issues, especially when users think they can take a turn at that speed, with no regards to their trailer load, and they go flying on to their side, which is what most high-speed related reports where. Someone would go too fast, flip onto their side, and take out multiple other users. Yeah, it still happens, but it happens on a lesser degree then it did in the past. With road to simulation, and the notable difference when the speed reduced, this limit isn't going to be going anywhere anytime soon. 110 has been pretty much the sweet spot. Faster then the normal 90kph limit set on most trucks in the real world, but not a ludicrous speed that just invites people losing control, and causing more accidents then its worth.
  5. 110km/h is fine. It is still controllable if you need to take any avoiding actions. You also have to factor in users that are doing WoT loads, which are automatically limited to 90. Right now, with a 110 limit, that is a 20km/h difference. With that, you can see another user and have a reasonable amount of time to adjust which lane you should be in, or slow down without causing much issues. Now, if we move the speed limit up to 150, that is now a 60km difference. This is now triple the difference, and gives you 1/3 of the time to react to any issues or situations that are occurring. From current speed limit, to 150, would be a 40km/h difference, which gives you 25% less time to react to any situations that are occurring. As an admin, and having seen 150 in the past, this is not going to change in the near future. It was proven that having 110 as the limit is a reasonable speed to get between destinations, and it has lowered the amount of speed related issues from other truckers. Unfortunately, people can not be trusted with a 150 limit, as it has caused way too many issues in the past.
  6. The Skoda hate is a little overboard. Yes, there are a bunch of trolls that use them. But, if you remove the Scout car from the game, those trolls will just continue to use trucks for their trolling pleasure. Its not the vehicle, its the person driving the vehicle.
  7. Traveling CD Road and receiving 0% damage
  8. This seems to be a topic every other week lol. Unfortunately we do have lives. Whether that be personal time, school, work or enjoying games ourselves. While we pride ourselves on getting reports done as soon as possible, it can not be possible at times to keep them within hours. This can extend into a couple days wait. Both my Real Life job, and my job here, revolve around game administration. Even at my paid job, where we have staff that its their paid job to respond to reports, they can not currently keep report counts down to within a 12 hour window. Please note that we here at TruckersMP are all volunteers. We provide our time for free whenever possible to ensure that the services continue to run. The whole life story out of the way, currently we are experiencing a up-tick in reports and users on the service. Obviously, with recent real world issues, there is a lot more free time for people to be on TruckersMP. With this means increased report counts. We have admins almost constantly working on reports, answering them as soon as possible. However, at times, demand can sometimes exceed output. Especially when we want to ensure that we are handling each case with high quality reviews and results. Right now, your responses to web reports are currently 2-3 days from the time you submit the report, due to the demand that is being placed at this given time. While we are not ecstatic that this is the case, please know we are still handling each report with the same quality and care that we put forth to every report.
  9. Xiolin

    Report Time

    As said above, it depends on GM availability mainly. We are, after all volunteers. Additionally, it depends on the time of year. Holidays and seasonal breaks are going to be busy on the servers, and will increase the number of reports we receive and ultimately handle. Mainly, winter/christmas break can be a real killer on us. Prior to winter break, we were able to respond to reports within the same day (less then 24 hours after the report was sent). Christmas hit, and due to the number of reports received, and GM availability (as we like to take vacations/holidays as well), this got us pushed into having reports answers 4-5 days after they were sent. Over time, this has been gradually decreasing as we work to clear the back log and get ourselves back into more reasonable numbers. We are back down to within 48 hours, and working hard to get back down within 24 hours. Also note, report types and languages can also affect how long a report can take. Depending on the investigation/translation needed, this can also increase the response times a bit to ensure that everything is checked, understood, and we are ensuring that we take correct and effective action for the issue at hand. We've been there in the past, having reports submitted and wondering how long it will take before it gets reviewed. It's not great to have to wait, and we understand that. While it may seem to sit there for a while at times, please be assured we are doing everything we can to get it done as quickly as possible, as correctly as possible, and as effectively as possible.
  10. Can you even reach the RL 90 kph speed limit in a DAF?
  11. As many have said before, this is a simulator game. Please also note the different servers we have. Simulator - Speed limiter in use. Collisions are enabled, however ALL Rules must be followed. Arcade - No speed limiter, no collisions. Users use multiplayer to be able to truck with their friends while performing loads. Causing collisions causes damage to trucks, trailers and goods. Thus, it is against the rules to be colliding with other users. You should have your truck controlled at all times. This is not going to change, especially since we have separate servers for Simulation and Arcade. Just like in the real world, if you are found at fault for an accident, there are consequences.
  12. Congratulations<3

  13. Happy  birthday!  ^_^



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