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  1. As many have said before, this is a simulator game. Please also note the different servers we have. Simulator - Speed limiter in use. Collisions are enabled, however ALL Rules must be followed. Arcade - No speed limiter, no collisions. Users use multiplayer to be able to truck with their friends while performing loads. Causing collisions causes damage to trucks, trailers and goods. Thus, it is against the rules to be colliding with other users. You should have your truck controlled at all times. This is not going to change, especially since we have separate servers for Simulation and Arcade. Just like in the real world, if you are found at fault for an accident, there are consequences.
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  9. Sorry for the delayed response... Typically, the person that rammed the person from behind in this situation will be the one at fault, and receive a ban for ramming. The user that stopped at a red light is following road rules, regardless of the type of intersection, and this would NOT be considered blocking. While its okay to pass through these red lights, users are still expected to be aware of other users that are following the red light rule, and should slow down/stop to avoid a rear-end collision.
  10. We still use traffic laws/rules of the road to an extent when determining who is at fault. (Did the user run past a red light or a yield to cause the collision? Did the user have proper right of way? etc.). If you run a red light, and cause a collision with another user who had a green, expect action to be taken against yourself. That said, and as stated above by a handful of users, if the traffic light is on a straight road where intersections are blocked, its typically fine to ignore these since there is no one turning. Its also fine to roll through them if there is no one around. These would be the only justified times to go through a red.
  11. EDIT: Done streaming for now. Had a call came in. Will leave this here for reference though.
  12. Streaming admin things. I guess come watch if you are into that sort of thing.



    1. Xiolin


      Done streaming for now. Call came in :P Will try to stream more this week when possible.

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