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  6. Lifting the limiter isn't going to do what you think it will, and it was already well known with, or without limiter, that Convoy would take from the player base. That was expected. Adding the limiter has lowered high speed crashes, lowered the amount of people losing control because they think they can take a turn at 150+kph, and lowered report count due to the lowered amount of crashes. If you want to go fast, go play a racing game. This ain't it.
  7. I'm the childish one? You're the one that doesn't like that we can't go over 110 kph on a SIMULATION game (which in real life limits it to 90kph, so be glad you get to go 20kph over), and will probably keep complaining since it will stay in place.. No limit wrecked havoc, especially when it came to people using WOT loads and were limited to 90kph. It's here to stay, like it or not. Give me one good practical reason (other then getting to point a to point b faster, which isn't a good reason), that the speedlimiter should be removed? I'll wait.
  8. And why do people want collisions, and high speed? To ram. If you actually wanted the no-limit, without causing collisions, you would be over on the no limit server and not even notice NCZ was enabled since if you are driving safely, you wouldn't be anywhere close to a person to be able to collide with them... So please, do not give me that excuse. Please also don't yell out "BUT MY IMMERSION" because a truck speeding down the road at 180kph is also immersion breaking...
  9. I just looked up accounts on the public end, and even without the TMP backend stuff. I can tell you evaded permanent bans on previous accounts..... Stop trying to play the victim. You evaded bans, you receive the consequence for doing so.
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