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  1. GCEE Convoy - L'auto Express - 04/04/2020
    290+ Players ❤️



  2. GCEE Convoy is TODAY !!! 🚚🚓


  3. SgtBreadStick, congratulations on your work with Custom UI Packs.It was very beautiful, I am using Black and Gold and they are fantastic. I'm following your post for future updates
  4. Um dos melhores Grupamentos de Escolta da Comunidade!
  5. Olá comunidade, como vocês estão? Blz?

    @VCouto (
    Especialista) e eu (Gerente de Escolta) gostaríamos de anunciar que o Recrutamento para Escolta do Grupo GCEE se encontra ABERTO!


    Foto: Divulgação/Grupo GCEE

    Venha ser um Escolta GCEE e participar desta equipe!
    Saiba mais: 


  6. A tour of France on a late afternoon with my friend 🔴 @ThiagoBR_ 🔵
    Um passeio pela França no final da tarde com meu amigo Thiago ❤️




  7. Delivering Christmas gifts is more rewarding when you do it with friends


    Merry Christmas! 🎄


    Photo: @junior553




    Hi everyone!

    Are you in the mood for a mega convoy? So, already noted in the calendar, the 26/10 has Special Convoy 3 Years GCEE.

    GCEE is having 3 years anniversary this month and to celebrate, let's have a Special Convoy with some really cool events that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

    Check out the information and times for your region here

    See you on Saturday, huh!

    Don't know GCEE? Read this topic! 

    If you would like to be part of our organization, please contact us.:

    My Discord: IvanzitoBR#8345

    Discord Official GCEE: https://discord.gg/t5YySKq

  9. I use the Xbox Joystick and it's hard for me to go to the keyboard because I need to turn on Cruise Control to maintain speed and use the right-hand pointer to press 'X' on the keyboard because my left hand is busy with 'L' being behind the wheel. of the truck and the index finger and middle finger are on RB and RT, controlling gait and acceleration respectively. I use the thumb on the 'X' of the joystick to talk about Discord and it is very practical to communicate. If Laucher allowed himself to choose the button, I would set it to 'Y' so that I could concentrate all my important and
  10. +1 I hope you can still discuss it and that it can be added to the game. I ride a lot with friends and on convoys and it's bad when we can't find a spam player quickly because many drive with keyboard and even mouse, which forces us to stop the truck and wait for others. Not just friends, but much of the community uses the keyboard and mouse to drive. I use the Xbox Joystick and it's hard for me to use [TAB] because I need to turn on cruise control and analog steering while using the mouse and try to find a player that is spamming on CB radio and I risk causing a accident if there are mor
  11. Hi guys, how are you?

    We are only a few weeks away from our big birthday event and it is a great honor for me to announce our convoy trailer.

    By: @guigopierrot (you are amazing ❤️)

    Learn more about our event:


  12. Carrocinha e eu estaremos lá com certeza! o/
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