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  1. That moment everyone looses their mind when they cant troll in TMP :thisisfine:

    1. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

      [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

      :kappa:hahah , at the moment everyone is loosing there mind on the forums because they cant read before posting a topic.

  2. Legacy Freight Services **NOW RECRUITING**

    @Osman "Ugurhan" Ozdemir thanks!
  3. Happy Birthday Spark! :D

  4. How funny, just wished Happy Birthday to Panda from LFS yesterday, and now you lol Happy Birthday!


  5. Legacy Freight Services **NOW RECRUITING**

    Awesome to hear! Hope to see you in the company soon!
  6. Connection error

    Hi @thecrowlife Has your issue been solved with the above answers? If it has please let us know! InvasiveSpark
  7. Anyone else have much snow at the moment? I got around 6-7 cm with snow falling as we speak! #beastfromtheeast

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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I got no snow :( never get snow here :( s

    3. Azyer


      I’ve got snow. It’s falling thicc and fast

    4. InvasiveSpark
  8. Crash

    Hi @HaritoBG Has your issue been solved? If it has please let us know! InvasiveSpark
  9. Keyframed Camera Movements?

    Best answer given //locked and moved to solved
  10. Invalid email or password

    //locked and moved to solved
  11. Hi @pezlisto Have the above answers helped you fix your crashing issues? If they have please let us know! InvasiveSpark Support
  12. Hello As long as the lights are able to be there in the stock game (base game from SCS) then it is fine to have them. Hopefully this helps if you have any other questions please just ask them here! InvasiveSpark Support
  13. how to drive with friends

    Hi To play with your friends join the same server and go to the same city, if you have world of trucks connected go to external contracts there you can the same trailer as your friends! Thus meaning you can drive together going to the same place!
  14. Gunna add to the rum spam :D well done mate :D