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  1. Happy Birthday ❤️ 

  2. LFS 2 Year Anniversary Event, information on the following link https://ets2c.com/view/80348/panda-calais-sea-port

    If you are planning on turning up please state it on that link!

    Thanks in advance

  3. I love things that arent clearly laid out so you take the wrong thing from it and waste over 2 weeks of your time on it

  4. Quite upset that I have been messed around recently. Really annoys me when something is unclear and not properly set out causing me not to get it :(

  5. Very excitied to be attending the Driving For Hope event tomorrow hosted by TruckersFM and Viva Trucking! Going to be a great event for a great charity!


    1. Scarlxrd×


      I am excited too 


  6. That moment everyone looses their mind when they cant troll in TMP :thisisfine:

    1. AshlynsGaming


      :kappa:hahah , at the moment everyone is loosing there mind on the forums because they cant read before posting a topic.

  7. Happy Birthday Spark! :D

  8. How funny, just wished Happy Birthday to Panda from LFS yesterday, and now you lol Happy Birthday!


  9. Hi @thecrowlife Has your issue been solved with the above answers? If it has please let us know! InvasiveSpark
  10. Anyone else have much snow at the moment? I got around 6-7 cm with snow falling as we speak! #beastfromtheeast

  11. Hi @HaritoBG Has your issue been solved? If it has please let us know! InvasiveSpark
  12. Best answer given //locked and moved to solved
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