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  1. Just hit 200 posts on the forum! Party time :D

  2. What is your favorite DLC in ETS2?

    Out of all the DLCs I like the tuning packs for scania and daf are my favourite as they can allow you to make your truck your own and make it stand out against the crowd of other users ingame!
  3. Better Warning Driving Without Light

    +1 as the message is easily overlooked especially in a high population area and can be missed if there is an admin talking in chat at the same time
  4. When did you become IGM? Have you ever banned someone by mistake?
  5. LGO's Grand Tour

    Looks like a good route!
  6. Phoenix Force Logistics | Recruitment: Open | The VTC that needs you!

    Really good looking VTC! I wish you the best with it!
  7. A worrying thing I noticed today

    This is a game and everyone on the turn volunteers their time to play so they don't have to be on constantly 24/7. Plus they have to cover all the servers as players are spread across many servers. And as many people have already said moderators have lives and can't be on the entire time
  8. Where Are you playing the TRUCKERSMP (Ets2MP/ATSMP)?

    Playing from the UK
  9. My work

    That is an awesome video! Really well put together and opens a whole new chapter on the iveco!
  10. FEED THE NEED 2018

    Looks like a great event with a great cause! I will make sure i am there!
  11. does anyone know a reason why my game is servery lagging on a regular basis. Happens randomly most of the time not when an autosave happens

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. [TFM DJ] ccowie

      [TFM DJ] ccowie

      this happens to 9/10 people i drive with... for some reason not for me. But dont worry, its not an issue on your end... its to many people.

      TFM DJ ccowie,

    3. Sven67


      Have you looked at whether another program is occupied by your computer?

    4. InvasiveSpark


      when i look it is ets2

  12. Favorite Truck on ETSMP

    Volvo all the way I prefer the sound and the top speed! Plus the new gen scania is everywhere so driving a Volvo around you stand out from everyone else!
  13. What do you eat on fridays?

    I eat whatever is in the fridge
  14. ATS Paintjob Crystal Dream

    Be patient with the devs, they can't do everything at once they have they have priorities which is to keep the servers running and sort out bugs. I'm sure they will add the paint job but right now they are probably working on something else related to TMP to make the mod better!