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  1. Not doubt scs will but steam might i reckon it depends on how big the dlc is.
  2. Great , cheers for the constant updates and work.
  3. Sorry to see you go , all the very best sir.

  4. Vive la france but cant wait for new ones they will be amazing and cant wait to start exploring again.
  5. I would play this game until i fall asleep on my wheel honestly.
  6. Eddie stobart , keep on trucking for xmas song.
  7. Truck so you can drive long distance with a load and enjoy the views.
  8. Drive down southern france down to south italy lovely route all must try.
  9. If i could add one thing to this forum it would probably be diffrent types of cars.
  10. Yes pinapple should be banned lol - my fave is texas bbq.
  11. Very useful and i hope players do read this.
  12. StatelyMouse

    C-D road

    People only use this road now because they now what people do down there for example reckless drive and others follow them in same way.
  13. yeah deffo this would be great to see it will stop so much hassle in the game.
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