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  2. mEoW!!!  1th December! I can smell my birthday coming. giphy.gif


    If u're gifting me something, I would like to have tons of Whiskas thnxvm ❤️ :kappa: 


    1. Soul Knight

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      It's also my birthday😊

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      My birthday is on 28th😊

  3. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @en_field Left Social Media section whilst remaining as a Community Moderator for Forum section.
  4. TruckersMP International Facebook Group Rules 1. General rules 1.01 - All rules listed on https://truckersmp.com/rules applies to the facebook group. 1.02 - The facebook group rules listed below take precedent should there be overlap. 2. Group use 2.01 - Spamming, flooding and over tagging users is not permitted. 2.02 - Arguing in public is not allowed and should be taken to direct messages. Discussions are welcome but must follow all of our rules. 2.03 - Posting of personally identifiable information that is not found publicly on your Facebook profile is not allowed. This can include but is not limited to names, address, email, phone numbers, pictures. 2.04 - This group is English only. Posts, messages on inbox and comments must be written in English. 3. Advertising & content Advertising and posting of the following content is allowed: Virtual Trucking Companies - VTC advertisements are limited to a 1 in a 7 day(s) consecutive rolling period starting on the first advertisement; Events such as convoys and truckfests; Trucking Radios or similar; ETS2/ATS related livestreams (Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook); ETS2/ATS related YouTube content; Content posted by SCS Software (DLC, Blog posts, World of Trucks); Pictures and videos relating to trucking. If you wish to post content that isn't listed above, ask a member of the Moderation team for permission first. 4. Names 4.01 - No impersonating other people, staff or users. This includes but is not limited to TruckersMP and SCS Software staff. 4.02 - For privacy and safety reasons, we understand some users wish to use false names. However, these names must not be in any way offensive, explicit, defamatory or pornographic. 5. Inappropriate content 5.01 - Posting any inappropriate content. This includes but is not limited to the sharing or posting of explicit, inappropriate or pornographic content and the distribution of links, pictures, videos or sounds of this nature. This also includes emoticons that show, encourage or stimulate any sexual act, organ or anything related. It does not matter if it is a simple emoji, if you are using it with the wrong intentions, it will not be tolerated. 5.02 - Posting political content or controversial content is not allowed. This includes links, videos and images of this nature. 5.03 - Distribution of links or files containing viruses, malware, illegal software, torrents etc that is considered illegal under European law is not allowed. 5.04 - When in doubt, please ask a Moderator. 6. Applications, appeals and feedback 6.01 - Please don't ask staff about bans, appeals, reports or feedback tickets. These are dealt with in the order they are received on the website. 6.02 - Please don't request staff to attend to areas in the game. Use the in-game report system or submit a report on the website with the appropriate evidence. 6.03 - If you have been banned, use the appeal system in the first instance, do not talk about bans or how you feel about staff in the Group. If you have feedback regarding staff or the project, use the feedback system. Note that you MUST complete your ban appeal first before submitting a feedback ticket. 7. The Facebook Team 7.01 - The Social Media section of the Community Moderator Team moderates the group and have moderator permissions. They retain the right to revoke posting, commenting or even removal and banning users from the group. 8. Punishments Failure to follow these rules may result in the following actions: Disable commenting on a particular post; Disable commenting permanently; Remove a particular post or comment; Removal from the group; Banning members from the group without the possibility of ever rejoining. 9. Other information Appealing a ban: https://truckersmp.com/appeals Making a report: https://truckersmp.com/reports Feedbacks or complaints: https://truckersmp.com/feedback Welcome and enjoy! The Community Moderation Team
  5. Actualización [18/11/2019] @sQCF - Beater agregado al equipo como Trainee.
  6. Update [14/11/2019] @sQCF - Beater juntou-se à equipe como Trainee. @DJFrontier promovido à Report Moderator.
  7. Update [07/11/2019] Mariio deja el equipo por falta de tiempo. @Aestrial pasa a ser [COMMUNITY MANAGER]
  8. Update [07/11/2019] @ThiagoBR_ promovido à Game Moderator @Kayr0 promovido à Game Moderator
  9. mEow mOrning!
    A guide for how to properly use the Report System of our Forum has been released.
    As said there, if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to reach our to the Moderation Team or the Managers of the Community Moderation. 


  10. Hello, truckers! Today we will learn how to report content that does not follow the pattern of rules we have, on our Forum. The reporting system on our Forum is your best friend to fight against those who do not follow the rule system we have and respect. Keep in mind that if you want to help us fight against these rule-breakers, this is your one and only weapon! First of all, keep in mind and ask yourself "Is this really breaking rules?" Sometimes what you think that is breaking a rule, is not. The actions you will take are the following: If you face an user who is creating a topic, status, posting or replying to a discussion something that is is not fit there, or breaks the rules we have, you will see the button "Report". ex.1 - Topic/Reply ex.2 - Status By clicking there, you will have a new tab, which is for you to fill with the information you believe is right. Done that steps, all you have to do is Submit your report! There are no big secrets. This is a quick guide for you to use our Forum Report System and get more familiarized with it, soon or later you will face these situations, and this is the way we can get our Forum nice and clean. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate in contacting the Community Moderation Team or the Community Moderation Managers ( @KhaosHammer, @Moh_ and @Nataliia.
  11. Update [25/10/2019] @DJFrontier promovido à Trainee @Kayr0 retornou à equipe como Report Moderator
  12. Olá @BRA - A b a n D i Independente do tópico estar em inglês, o conteúdo está em português, isto não seria justo com todos os demais conteúdos de línguas diferentes que já foram movidos para respectivas secções. Este permanecerá aqui, almejo sua compreensão, e agradeço sua intenção!
  13. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Chris [PL] joins the Forum Moderation team whilst remaining as a Discord Moderator.
  14. Update [06/10/2019] @David Edson promovido à Media Manager. @ThiagoBR_ promovido à Report Moderator. @OBrasileiro retornou como Report Moderator. @Tuna_ agora também é Suporte. Adicionada badge de EVENT à @Mike Dragon.
  15. Hello, This thread will be archived due inactivity for more than 14 days.
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