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  1. Beacons

    Also just to make it clear... If you read the rules : : §2.19 Excessive use of beacons You may not use/turn on any beacons in high traffic areas, such as Rotterdam, Europoort, and the Calais-Duisburg road. And it have been alerted in-game more than once, then there is no need to stay repeating it over and over again, just to each player turn it off... It has been said, people has been alerted, and the ones who don't turned beacons off, has been kicked. You also have to keep in mind that beacons lag other users, you should keep it in mind and every time you are in a place with too many users, you turn it off, and when you be alone you can turn it on. Just care for the others too.
  2. What server do you prefer?

    I personally prefer EU 2 because is where people is more concentrated, then i don't feel so lonely lol ... Also EU 1 when trying to simulate with people who don't drive fast as The Flash.
  3. That moment when a T-Rex has a costume better than yours


  4. Congratulations :lol:

  5. PARABÉNS  Natalia :D

    1. Nataliia


      obrigada ;3

  6. Congratulations are successful

  7. Do you like cosplay meetings? 

    I  do :troll:.


  8. Congruatulations best friend <3