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  1. Meow everyone!

    Well, yesterday I met some users in game and some who messaged me via discord about a new save edit... It is one that you can switch the wheels of the Schwarzmüller and use the Krone one. BUT HEY! It is not allowed! Keep in mind that changing/editing the wheels of your trailer is NOT ALLOWED.


    If you don't know what I am talking about, @JavierPena provided me the images of the trailers, thank you for that!

    Normal, Schwarzmüller, one.
    Edited, Krone one in a Schwarzmüller Trailer, remember... THIS IS NOT ALLOWED.


    Please, don't get yourself banned! 

    Happy trucking! ^_^






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    2. Matt #CarLadMatt

      Matt #CarLadMatt

      I will keep an eye out @Nataliia:D 

    3. The_Falcon


      Buf if we really want to use Krone trailer what we have to do. Yea i can put Krone paint job on a normal trailer/Schwarzmüller Trailer .but its really looks like this .so my question is ,is that allowed

    4. Nataliia


      @Lukas4544 [LTU] Hai, in our rules, the§3.2 - Trailer modding one explain why we have it forbidden, I will paste here for you part of it :
      " [...] It is permitted to save edit and mix normal trailers (normal short trailer) as long as their hitbox is not extended significantly and taillights are still visible, wheels cannot be changed either as it affects trailer stability. It's not allowed to save edit other trailers combinations, exception made for paint jobs and registration plates, which are permitted. [...] "

      Also, if you don't agree with the rule, please you can give your opinion in our feedback system here : . Your opinion will be welcome!


      @The_Falcon I will pm you about it, then you can tell me more. :)

  2. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    That combination is allowed. Ps. Nice looking truck!
  3. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    All your trucks are fine and obeying the rules.
  4. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Yeah, apparently all the items are placed correctly, each one in a slot, so it is fine. The LEDs ( small headlights ) are allowed to be placed there, that way.
  5. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    About your question above, that editing can't be made normally, if not going in the list and taking it manually, so it is not allowed. That lower grill can't be customized like that, unfortunately.
  6. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Thank you for pointing that, since I am not a DAF driver I couldn't tell it is from the DAF DLC, I will discuss about it with the others. Sorry.
  7. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Here is indicated all the items which shouldn't be there :
  8. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Thank you. Your Iveco is alright, nothing excessive spotted. Your image, unfortunately, is not available, can you re-upload it?
  9. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Hai, your truck is fine. Nothing excessive.
  10. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Michelin dolls shouldn't be placed there in the lowbars. Remove them.
  11. Happy birthday Sam.


    1. Samito_BG


      Thank you so much Natii ! :wub::wub:

  12. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    You can use that sunshield. It doesn't affect the hitbox of the truck.