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  1. Ahh! Don't get me banned!


  2. sketch-1603172352997.png

    Riding to Ferris Wheel, and congrats for TruckersFM reaching 5 years old for providing music for players to listen during the journeries!

  3. Congrats to becoming a mod!

  4. Hello! I'm writing to ask a question about Translation Team. Since a large group of TruckersMP players are not native English, there is a translation of the knowledge base pages, as well as providing various language supports in reports, support and feedback. Focusing on the Translation Team, I may wish to ask a few questions: How does the Translation Team function? Since there is a large asset base to be translated and how to maintain the quality of translation? As shown in the staff list in the TMP webpage, there are 13 translators are working as a translator currently as
  5. Thanks for following! ❤️


  6. Wandering on Scandinavian areas.


    1. Linardinio


      I must say, I really like the Clovery paintjob. 😍

    2. {Aydınlık} Berk

      {Aydınlık} Berk

      Beautiful Photo 😍

  7. So...maybe time to move on?


  8. Okay added a few more requirements
  9. Hello! Maybe most of you know that Calais-Duisburg Road is the busiest section in TruckersMP atmosphere. According to an informal statistic, averagely 3 traffic accidents (minor or major) occurred per second. Of course, this statistic may be exaggerated but it is extremely difficult for a normal truck driver to survive in C-D road without any collision. So here I'm making this challenge - is that possible for you to record a whole journey from Calais to Duisburg (or Dusseldorf) without any collisions? Can you post your video here? However, to encourage save driving, I may want
  10. Slow and steady, Crestune - slow and steady.


  11. Is Idaho a state that is famous for their potatoes? SCS's map DLCs are going better and better, but let's speculate the time when SCS put a sale of Idaho DLC - that'll be the best time to buy the DLC.
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