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  1. Slow and steady, Crestune - slow and steady.


  2. Is Idaho a state that is famous for their potatoes? SCS's map DLCs are going better and better, but let's speculate the time when SCS put a sale of Idaho DLC - that'll be the best time to buy the DLC.
  3. C-D road is the ONLY road in Multiplayer that is full of people in peak hours (while other roads are almost empty). It has a normal to low traffic density (in real-life standards) however as most of the drivers there are holiday drivers/inexperienced drivers, the accident rate are much higher than normal road that sometimes it made the traffic slightly congested.
  4. Oslo - Stavanger road! It has a long slopes with different types of water, with cinematic scenery.
  5. Actually Road to Black Sea should be the best DLC with the perfect scenery to enjoy but not for normal driving - the highway section is too scattered and most of the time you have to get stuck in the 50km/h traffic. My favourite DLC will be Scandinavia that it provide the perfect scenery as well (maybe simply because north Europe are usually well-developed countries and then lake and sea?) with continuous highway sections.
  6. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a simulator, however in multiplayer it is a game.
  7. If you want people gather on a section of the road like in C-D road, react, like and share this post to let more people see it! I know most of you like to stuff into busy roads
  8. If it comes to Multiplayer there is only one choice for me - C-D road! However if it comes to Singleplayer, we have more choices other than that road, I especially love the road between Oslo to Bergen/Stavenger/Kristianland. The scenery are awesome there. Not to mention that base games are also including awesome scenery especially for those are reworked. The highway section between Innsbruck and Verona and the Lago di Garda are also my favourite route to enjoy the scenery on the lake and mountains. The small road between Kiel and Travemunde also.
  9. Today, TMP comes with the biggest joke in TMP ever - closing the C-D road (although there are experiences on closing C-D road before, but this is the first time doing it after some years and in April Fool's Day). So instead of standing your truck and laugh at the truckers who are trying to force themselves into C-D road, how about considering other alternatives in April Fool's Day? Here is the choice: Frankfurt-Prague/Linz road. This route is considerably similar with C-D road, with sudden sharp curves, mild slopes that give you a few challenges on the road. Imagine there are more than 100 trucks and cars on this road, this road can still give you lots of fun that won't worse than original C-D road. So whatever you are watching this post, get packed and go to Frankfurt and enjoy the journey on this route and invite your friends to stuff into this route! This chance is only for today!
  10. Crestune~

    C-D Road

    C-D has lots of joy. I especially love the accidents happening there where it won't happen in reality. The reckless drivers who overtake dangerously, driving greatly over the speed limit, that makes two groups of drivers in the C-D road - half of them are the reckless driver, while others are playing a game which they have to avoid the bombs(reckless drivers) on the road. Anyways C-D road gives players in TMP a lot of fun.
  11. Btw how this game works? Idk so I just type a few words here.
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