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  1. It's somehow a pain, but in long term it would be good to the traffic flow. Another thing I more concern about is SCS gotta make sure the optimization, we don't want the 1 fps flash like in the West Balkans area (including Austria).
  2. From the info I've got for 1.50, SCS Duisburg is awesome. However, I'm quite disappointed with Düsseldorf as SCS seems gonna removing the service station (aka. F7).
  3. Belated happy birthday to Sir Foxtrot, my apologizes, all the best for ya! 🎂

    1. *CNDS*300-yang guang

      *CNDS*300-yang guang

      Belated happy birthday to Sir Foxtrot, my apologizes, all the best for ya!

  4. Happy birthday KaiSa! :HaulieLove: 🎉 🎂

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