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  1. (Last version When I try to start ETS2 from the launcher, the screen goes black until I press "enter" and a pop-up appears saying "Cannot snd data to the server, please contact support." I have this issue since the last upgrade. ATS goes well.
  2. When I try to enter to the game, this notification appears. After a few attempts, I can play and it remains in the authentication mode until it refuses to establish a connection. Is it possible to fix it in any way?
  3. One of the most anticipated events, waiting for it #TMP7
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      Yes, ill be in iberia when 1.40 is out 😄

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  7. Casually, minimal techno or DnB. I love these genres to drive. Also some podcasts and game radios as TFM and SR.
  8. Now it's time to be patient my friend, it could take some days or weeks. But you will have it no worries.
  9. I'm used to the traditional T version, I don't think it's such a significant change anyway. The exterior design looks quite attractive.
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    2. [GökBörü] Feedback'
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