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  1. Thank you very much for your follow! 😊

    1. *Phoenix*


      Your welcome ❤️



  2. Its not a bad Launcher actually, I like the fact that you can check server status right there plus events at a click of a tab. Overall a very well Job guys!
  3. Congrats on Report Mod mate now be good hehehehehe

  4. I sent you a friend request on steam dont know wether you recieved it or not hehehe


  5. Thank you for the Follow!

  6. Yes yes yes!!!!! Big hype! I will defo be there These convoys are so Awesome!!!!!
  7. Hey thanks for the follow, to you aswell your name isnt familar to me have we seen each other in-game at all?

    1. Tαrik.
    2. Tαrik.


      I will be glad if you follow back!

  8. still a big fan of you Coolio!

  9. Hey thank you for the follow but again im not good with names, do I know you in game have we seen each other?

    1. Tσmmy


      Hello, I wanted to follow you because your name sounds familiar to me.

  10. Hey Thank you for follow but do I know you? sorry not so good with names

  11. Huge fan of yours!

  12. Thank you for following me back ! big fan

    1. nicokay9


      No me big fan!

    2. *Phoenix*



  13. Thank you so much for the follow!


    1. TFM_Flynn


      No Problem 

    2. *Phoenix*


      always love listening to your Radio slot plus Mark`s aswell!

  14. Thank you for the follow!


    1. LillefixHD


      A pleasure to follow such a great person!

    2. *Phoenix*


      Cheers for that amazing comment!

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