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  1. Recently on organised convoys, on normal and on Event Servers there is an increasing lack of regard to other participants. There are convoy rules to try to keep things civil, such as No Overtaking and keep a reasonable distance but these now seem to be enforced sporadically. At large organised events, we know it's going to potentially take upwards of an hour to leave the starting point, and the organisers state an order of when to leave, but this gets ignored and after a while even they give up and let the chaos continue. More and more people specifically VTC members decide that it's perfectly fine to stop for fuel or stop on the side of the road, and instead of just filtering back into the convoy safely, will overtake upwards of 10 -20 trucks just to retake their 'Slot' or to get back to their VTC, while causing a huge disruption and annoy the other participants in the process. It's even worse when the convoy is halted just because their friends/VTC members have stopped for fuel and they wait to give them room to get back out again. Actions like this only give the person (and their VTC) a bad rep. Overtaking for no reason also causes unnecessary delays when that individual tries to cut back into the line, or starts to push someone off the road. It only causes annoyance and frustration and potential accidents either by the overtaker or by others looking for retribution. There are also more and more cries of "The person in front is lagging" while driving less than 30 metres to the truck in front. I'm not sure whether it's an attempt to send someone to the back of the convoy or to try to gain position in the convoy but if anyone drives that close they get server lag. The requested distance of at least 50 meters is there for a reason. It's not that difficult to hit the tab key to check on your distance to the truck in front. Just a thought, Please be considerate to everyone in the convoy as we are all there for the same reason. No one likes being constantly hit from behind because the other person hasn't left enough room to stop. Turning up to a convoy with a full tank of fuel, and maybe even turning off realistic fuel for the duration of the convoy would make things a lot easier for everyone involved. if your VTC has new members , or if you haven't been to a convoy before, it might be a good idea for them to brush up on the rules - there's even a section on Temporary rules in the forum.
  2. There is no need to have the /fix to repair your trailer. If someone has intentionally caused significant damage to your trailer, you can use an autosave to 'roll back' prior to the incident. As far as I'm concerned the /fix should only be used to negate 'trollish' behaviour and not to give you infinite free repairs. F7 represents being towed to the nearest garage (at a cost) so that necessary repairs to your vehicle can be carried out & paid for. Normal repairs should always be paid for. Damage over the normal wear & tear can be averted by changing or improving a persons driving style.
  3. Thub42

    Police Tickets

    Maybe if kicks were auto logged to the persons ban record and add 3x kicks = 3 Day ban (which seems to be an average time for a 1st offence),
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