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  1. hello

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    2. bl4ck.e4gle.TR



      What is the point ?

    3. [D.S*Team ]*GL08 *Mo Mo

      [D.S*Team ]*GL08 *Mo Mo

      I don't understand. You can ask me by private letter. Thank you for your help. You can also add my steam friends

    4. [D.S*Team ]*GL08 *Mo Mo

      [D.S*Team ]*GL08 *Mo Mo

      This is the number of people in our team applying for active server verification. Because of the time, we can only ask you to help us. We still have a lot of people to go

  2. happy happy birthday☕

    1. [D.S*Team ]*GL08 *Mo Mo

      [D.S*Team ]*GL08 *Mo Mo


      Can you verify the server for me? friend. 

    2. bl4ck.e4gle.TR
  3. Tebrikler şans, tekrar hoş geldiniz

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