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  1. Yes, creating that post -indeed- DOES the team make work faster ... Oh wait.. no it does not. You gotta wait for it like everyone else if you don't want to downgrade or whatever
  2. Damn I'm late but I just saw this post Great job! No better radio station then TFM
  3. Ich find den ultranervig.. Hab allerdings auch noch nie verstanden, warum ich mir den kaufen sollte Is'n LKW Simulator, kein PKW Simulator
  4. Well dayum... had to renew windows 10 on my computer because it didn't start properly anymore... Now I have to start new on ETS2 and ATS again 🙄
    My dumb butt forgot that it happens when you install Win10 new *Pulls her own hair out* 🤣

  5. Good news! Thank you for the update!
  6. Played singleplayer today and yesterday for the first time in months and DAMN, I remembered why I dont like it and I don't like to downgrade either, so I wait and play Nintendo Switch instead
  7. GTA V, Sims 4, Second Life (which is technically not a game), RDR2 (Not on PC atm), CS:S, CS:GO, Jurassic World Evolution, Sometimes trying Rust, ... (But right now I mostly play ACNH or Pokemon on my Nintendo Switch, since I am bored by my owned computer and PS4 games )
  8. I don't like manual shifting in any game, so I just use automatic I am lazy and also I just use keyboard and mouse buuuuuut I also would use automatic even if I would own a wheel and shifter
  9. That moment when you get a song stuck in your head. Randomly. Out of nowhere. For no damn reason. 😒😂
    Here. For you. 🤓


  10. So distracted by my new Nintendo Switch. My computer already cries and wants to jump out of the window, LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Yay! At least I can have winter in the game now since it's not really winterlike here, lmao. 😂

  12. Spring weather in december (at least the look) ... Gotta love some parts of germany, lol. 😒:)
    Not really christmassy but on the other hand I don't like christmas anyway 😂

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