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  1. didnt log in to steam, let alone turn on the computer itself in weeks.. turned it on today to login to something else... i see someone hacked my steam and now i can wait for the support to get a hold of my ticket... -_-

  2. Thank you for your attention

  3. Hiiii,
    yes I'm still alive and well.
    Just can't play at the moment lol
    But still available on discord and sometimes steam ?
    Gonna be back soon enough ?


  4. Frohe Weihnachten!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Damn, I need vacation again, lol.
    [It's not like i didn't just had a two week vacation from work, hahaha.]


    1. berechtigter


      I feel with you body

  6. Mercedes Benz Actros.. because my husband drives one in RL (at the moment) and I love it hahahah but I am still mad that there is no MP5 lol
  7. I was confused for a splitsecond when I logged in now, but I find it really awesome! Thanks! ?
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