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  2. I'm actually love both animals.. and also some others too. Right now I'm having four cats but one of them does not live at my home because I didn't want to rip her out of her home when my mom passed away a few years ago. It was hers before and she's already a 19-year-old cat which is partly deaf and possibly blind but still well I would love to own a dog BUT the landlord doesn't allow that so I'll wait till I move to somewhere else I even owned a horse, or more like a pony when I was like 5 years old lol. And maybe one day I'm gonna have a horse again
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    1. [GER] DahakaRising

      [GER] DahakaRising

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  4. Wohoo!! Sadly I gotta wait til I can buy it -_- No money for that yet, BUT I'm still excited for everyone else!
  5. I tried to relax and NOT leave the damn house BUT apparently that's not an option when you have to visit family members + a newborn child from your husbands family, lol.
  6. Nope.. never been in one lol. I simply don't play enough I think
  7. I live in Krefeld, which is in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It's also next to Duisburg.
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    1. [GER] DahakaRising

      [GER] DahakaRising

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