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  1. Updated the game for the speed limiter to be back again, however I cant login
  2. Petition against this in Suggestions
  3. I NOTICED ALOT USERS DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS SO PLEASE CONSIDER USING THIS THREAD So you want to report people, without using ur computer memory, having no knowledge in cutting videos? WELL WORRY NO MORE, mr.VSP here to help So requirements: Twitch Account OBS / Any other streaming software Some non toaster Computer PART ONE First you setup your account and stream page , it will look something like this: After setting up your Twitch account you are required to setup your recording software, If you have toaster computer click on the Auto Adjust you are offered. Once verified your stream & recording software works, navigate here And tick Store Past Broadcasts: Now enjoy streaming your gameplay & having it AUTO-SAVE for your reporting / innocent ban appeal needs. CRITICAL PLEASE READ THIS! in the moment you are RAMMED, see the guy's ID and write. example: /pinfo 3560 PART TWO Oh, you got rammed and admin didn't review report ingame? - Navigate to your twitch channel and go to "Videos" Once in the videos tab, select your last video. After u selected , do this: After you are in the Highlight mode , find the moment you were rammed, and do the following: On Start time, set 30 seconds before you were rammed. On End time, set 10 seconds after you are rammed. Describe video however u wish, title it Proof. PART THREE Go to TruckersMP.com Click "The three lines button" and click reports. Click new Report Enter perpetrator ID [truckersMP id when u wrote /pinfo] Put a link to your Twitch evidential clip, Exact server, Time and Reason. Thank you for reading this thread, hope this was helpful to you all.
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