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  1. Qui regarde la NFL ici? #SuperBowlSoon vous pensez que qui va gagner dans ce dernier match?
  2. First person while I'm driving. I use only the third person if there is something dangerous in my environment.
  3. Congrats

    1. [C-S] karol_domag
    2. Caernage


      You're welcome :)

    3. Caernage


      Thanks for the follow btw :)

  4. Behind me a lot of traitors, my back is lying on arrows - Damso

  5. Sorry to hear that and all of my condolences. Stay strong dure ans good luck for the future, don't forget who you are . We ( the players ) are always here if you need to talk! Don't hesitate if you need to talk and We're all behind you to support you Sorry but I don't have the "appropriate" words for this situation even if I understand it and I just hope that what I'm saying will kinda help you to feel more strong and better. Don't forget that you didn't have lose him forever because if you believe in him, he will be in your heart and that's him who will help you to pass difficulties on the life. I will share you a true story about me and someone who is died and so. The goal of why I will share it to y'all is to avoid all dark decisions like decisions. It's brief because it will take two hours to write if I should completely tell it. It was my first love, her name is Aurélie. We loved our relationship and so, 2 years after the first kiss, we had a disagreement and we had decided to take our distance but the love between her and me was so intense that 1 week later, we had decided to do a step back to talk together and so it was planned to go in a restaurant that loved. Well I rejoin her in the Bus and ready to go, we were arrived at bus stop so we have left the bus and.. I was two laps forward her and we were going on the pedestrian pathway that she got a call, I continue to walk and she was continuing but slowly and didn't look on her left side if a car come and so she got hit by a car... a few months after that, I was "away", I was thinking about to come at end with my life but fortunately I handled back myself and find some others way to help me like talk to a specialist/psychologist. Don't hesitate to talk to a specialist/psychologist and also your family and your close friends! That will reposition you in the right way! The life can be not fair but don't forget that we have a lot of time to live our life and to live some great and beautiful moments. You must be strong and pass it whatever the situation. The life is so important and beautiful that to be spoiled/shot.

    My mood currently: "IT'S THE WEEEKKKEEEENNNNDDDDD"

  7. I'm kinda too late to say that but congrats sir!

    1. TheGoodGuy1515


      Thank you very much :) 

    2. Caernage


      You're welcome and wish you success for the future with your position ;)

  8. Finally! Congrats and well deserved!


    EDIT: I said well deserved until I've seen "Favorite song- Baby shark" :kappa:

  9. Er man gerd, hapfy burfdai dud ( Reference to your Discord status ) :kappa:🎉

  10. That depends how I'm feeling and also how my pc can support multiple players at the same time. If I'm feeling nervous, then I like to drive solo but with a multiplayer environment. But I like to do some events/convoys when I'm feeling well and ready. And I also don't forget that a multiplayer is a system dedicated to have a few players at the same time playing so.
  11. Hi everyone, hope you're all going well! I'm kinda sick but feeling better than yesterday so!

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      hope your feeling better soon 🥰

    2. Caernage


      Ow thanks 😁 don't worry, a trained military is strong ^^ ( I receive the order from the Corporal to stay at home )

  12. I'm neutral about it. I think that could give realistic thing to the game and I completely understand that some people see the chatbox without reading and so that could give a realistic roleplay for some huge events but if we let this as accepted, I imagine all feedback tickets that Upper could deal as object "Add message display on Pilot car" and then due to huge amounts of tickets, they will do it and so, so many people can abuse of it. That's happened to some suggestions or features like cars for instance or also double trailer. And I think that Devs have others things to do more important than code something that can easily be an over abused feature.
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