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  1. Le sorcier est devenu rouge comme une tomate et se mit à...
  2. Ce sorcier avait le créateur du Ketchup sur Têtebook et Snoopchat quand tout à coup...
  3. Joyeux anniversaire ex-collègue Liégeois, j'espère qu'un jour tu verras ce message 

  4. La caissière du magasin qui ...
  5. Good luck in the future :ph34r:

  6. Joyeux anniversaire :ph34r::kappa:

  7. Caernage

    Le blabla des français ! ;)

    Un terme non utilisés depuis 2017
  8. Finally, well deserved. Congrats :ph34r:;)

    1. Lasse


      Aww thank you <3

  9. Happy Birthday mate :wub:

    1. Caernage


      Thanks buddy :D

  10. edCB5Am.jpg

    1. Caernage


      Thanks Spat ;)

    2. Spat91


      Pleasure is all mine my friend :)

  11. Happy brithday :3 

    1. Caernage


      Thanks :D or should I say merci ;)

  12. Happy birthday! :wub:

    1. Caernage


      Thanks Yoplait Rage :D

  13. 19 years old now :ph34r: my 18th birthday was while I was in the team before I left (don't search on my profile cuz I deleted my main one which all team history was stored), in only 12 months, a lot of things changed.


    @Smoky_TMP became a kappa :kappa:( I didn't speak Flemish yet but dont worry my friend, it's on my resolution list)


    Note: I mentioned smoky as I know him and he knows who I am so don't say "avoid to mention him" ;p


    On my 19th birthday, I will join officially the Belgian army and hopefully I will pass all exams


    I allow you to post all in-game screenshots with me below ( also when I failed ) such as this one with ChrisPatrol: https://plays.tv/s/MDBfZt4pyKyj


    I'd like to thank @FirestarteR93 @LIGHTOFGOD @Smoky_TMP @Babou71 @chatyo @RAGE [FR] @Pillow and some others that I have got some nice moment as staff member or simple member and also thanks to all who didn't forget me 

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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Happy Birthday and Good Luck with your exams :)

    3. Pillow


      Happy birthday, but I'm still older than you lul (1 day :lol:)

    4. Caernage


      Thanks @Killua // Ireland ^_^ ;)


      And thanks @Pillow and yep just only 24 hours older than me ="(


  14. Sel ( translate Poivre & Sel from french )


    Congrats :)

    1. Poivre