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  • Birthday 10/01/1991

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    I have a broad interests side that varies from Trucking, music to social events.
    But below I'll list a few of my main peaks;

    - Trucks
    - (sports)cars
    - Aviation / Aircraft
    - Music
    - Virtual art / Photoshop

    and many more.

    If you wish to know, give me a poke, I'm always down for a conversation or two!

    ps. better have hot coffee! ;-)
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    The Netherlands: Amsterdam
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    Dutch, English, German, Gitterish

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  1. Thank You for the follow! 💖

    1. Saga Virtanen

      Saga Virtanen

      Likewise and You're most welcome!

  2. This event seems cool, I genuinely hope that people will actually start to listen and partake in a more realistic matter though. As much as I personally enjoy places that are a bit more populated, it does become an easy target for those that have only a sole purpose to disturb the ''peace''. I'm guessing cars have been disabled throughout this period? I've figured they aren't usable in Server one at the very moment I write this.
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