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  1. Hi all, i have asked and asked in-game, for how i can get the snow mod enabled, but no one are willing too help me, so now i have too ask here. How to i do it, coz i cant finde anything under tab menu. Thanks :-)


    1. Sireeni


      You need to download it from the website

    2. Shepsky


      Oh, okay thanks alot. !

    3. Hurricane.


      Go to this topic and read the instructions about how to do it, and download the mod. :)


  2.  any1 els got problemes whit joining the servers? i keep getting authentication in the top right corner

    1. Simplywild1
    2. JxGamer


      Yes at me the same problem

    3. Shepsky


      Okay, thanks @SimplyWild1.

      Hope the servers will run as normal again soon.

  3. Happy New Year all Truckers ! :-)

  4. Sooo, still no snow mod, why is that? has truckersmp got lazy this year? :o 

    1. KhaosHammer
    2. Shepsky


      Okey " Soon " is noted. Thx m8

  5. Any1 know when the snow mod will be add'ed again in truckersmp :-?

    1. SgtBreadStick


      The First Day of Winter usually

  6. Any1 know what the ETA is on the Doubles patch for ets2?

    1. Anriandor


      Ask the people who work at SCS Software...

      They said it will take a few days to fix a bug so it could start next week or maybe later..

    2. Shepsky


      Okay. Thx for the reply

    3. Snotra


      If we are lucky they might release some time tomorrow, depends how the progress is on the "bug" 

      You never know, like Anriandor said, perhaps Monday or Tuesday

  7. So, what have happend to EU1 ets2? cant see it anymore

  8. Again, why add a car / more cars, to a game there are called Euro TRUCK simulator, and this add'on are called TRUCKERSmp. And they are called AI, due to the fact it shoulnd be driven by us. If u whant to get more cars to drive in, then go play GTA or Project cars or what ever
  9. -1 It's a truck sim. And not a car sim
  10. " the admin can do what it pleases him / her, when it comes to the 3 first bans " I think i can understand / see why some ppl fells it's kinda discrimination, because you can see if it is ramming intentionally, trolling/ insulting and so on / or not - when the admin are looking around or at the evidence, that a player have given you too look at ( but lets say admin gives player 1; 1 day ban for ramming intentionally, but the next player gets 3 days ban. for the for the exact same thing, and in the same area, and non of them have been banned before, would you think it's fair / and can you
  11. #PrayForLondon

  12. Hey. i wanner ask if we could have a better punishment system ( where we the players, can see what will happen, if so and so should happen, and for how long would we would get banned / timeout for. ) because for as far as i can see and read, Admins can more or less decide them self, for what and for how long they wanner ban ppl. So lets say, " we got admin 1, who are having a bad day, seeing someone doing a Small violation, boom he ban that person for 4 days or more. the player appeal his or her case, but the admin closes it and ignoret. " due to the admin can do what it pleases hi
  13. Shepsky


    Thanks for your reply FirestarteR93. Happy trucking.
  14. Shepsky


    Hey, I wanner know how i can make a complaint about a admin. I have made a Appeal. becoures his ban of me is very wrong ( when you do read your rulls ) and when i have made my Appeal, all i got from this admin is " I haven't got time to read your explanation to understand your point of view in a ban appeal. " wtf why can we then make a Appeal when youre admins dont give a damn about it
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