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Community Answers

  1. Meh, i bet there will be a lot "copy paste" in this dlc, like in the others
  2. Bro.... fr? why haven't they change the title yet then.... i'll still play it as a "sim"
  3. " Not a sim btw it's a video game design for fun " well it is called Euro Truck SIMULATOR. And a sim game can also be fun. But if u wanner piss ppl of, go play GTAO or some other shit. Ty
  4. " our moderators do their best to avoid this. " I have not seen that in a long time, i see mods holding hands down at the rail tracks, and chatting away, whill all is chaos. Or they log in for a few mins and leaves again. coz even they are giving up on this
  5. Mabey because, there are sooooooo many trolling around, ramming, blocking and so on. And ppl are getting sick of it, if u wanner drive like that, go play another game, this is a SIM. Oh yea, and btw if u dont wanner see the chat, u can hide it by pressing F11
  6. Hey. Have you tried in game to: Press Tab -> settings, go graphics - then at the top it says: draw distance, there u can play with it. it helped me a ton, i went from 10 fps in Calais to around 59 fps, by lowering the settings.
  7. Yea, why not make a C-D and kirkenes server only, the rest is dead anyway. Or why not add AI traffic to the other places where there are few, to none players at all? didnt TMP not say that they would add that a few years back now?
  8. " Some places of the map I do come across several drivers " ahhh, u mean near C-D area? gotya
  9. " There are 8 maps DLC try to drive " I think we all knows that - BUT! If u drive just a bit away from the c-d, or even kirkenes in promods, it will become a "ghost game " very fast, ull be lucky just to see one or two driving pass you, and whats the fun in that? U play a multiplayer game coz u wanner see other ppl.
  10. Hi all, i have asked and asked in-game, for how i can get the snow mod enabled, but no one are willing too help me, so now i have too ask here. How to i do it, coz i cant finde anything under tab menu. Thanks :-)


    1. Sireeni


      You need to download it from the website

    2. Shepsky


      Oh, okay thanks alot. !

    3. Rowiera


      Go to this topic and read the instructions about how to do it, and download the mod. :)


  11.  any1 els got problemes whit joining the servers? i keep getting authentication in the top right corner

    1. Simplywild1
    2. JxGamer


      Yes at me the same problem

    3. Shepsky


      Okay, thanks @SimplyWild1.

      Hope the servers will run as normal again soon.

  12. Happy New Year all Truckers ! :-)

  13. Sooo, still no snow mod, why is that? has truckersmp got lazy this year? :o 

    1. KhaosHammer
    2. Shepsky


      Okey " Soon " is noted. Thx m8

  14. Any1 know when the snow mod will be add'ed again in truckersmp :-?

    1. SgtBreadStick


      The First Day of Winter usually

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