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  1. Hello, From Feb. 21th xD

  2. Bonjour, We are not accepting new vehicle mods at the moment. You can find the reason here: And next time in English, stp Merci
  3. Lasse pog :) How's going!


  4. Hey, I would just like to add the reason for this. Yes, in real life most cars are unlimited on the Autobahn. In other countries are different speed limits for cars and trucks. In TruckersMP we do not differ between truck and car speed limit at the moment. This has multiple reasons: Cars have the same (or worse) physics as trucks. We can't change much on the steering behavior and physics because this is a truck simulator. We are currently mainly focusing on improving the simulation experience for truck drivers because TruckersMP is a truck simulator. From the technical point of view, we would need to code a dynamic speed limit for different vehicle types that does not exist at the moment. We might look into this in the future, but for now we will stick with the same speed limit for all vehicles. Thanks for your understanding.
  5. Just arrived in Longyearbyen after a nearly 100% safe drive with @Grundii and @Linciano on ProMods. (Wasn't my fault ofc :kappa:). Where have you been crashing recently?



  6. "We hope to see you out driving on the roads with us in the future." Could it be possible that the second truck is lagging a bit Multiplayer ?
  7. I am live! Let's see how traffic is going at the most populated areas.

  8. Hey, Thanks for your guide. You have a "Upper Staff" category. If you plan to keep it you should add "Service and Data Analyst", "Add-On Manager", "Human Resources" and "Project Manager" to that category. Maybe you can just make separated categories it's up to you.
  9. Now live with some moderation work on Sim1 :party: https://twitch.tv/lasse0001

  10. [Community Manager] @Lasse wurde zum Senior Community Manager befördert. ()
  11. Congratulations & good luck! :)

  12. Congratulations ❤️


  13. Congratulations on the promotion😀

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