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  1. I like Lasse's profile picture


    Lasse wants to eat discord character.


  2. Lasse

    How to change TruckersMP login window background

    Hello Chemistry, Thanks for your guide. I think it will be helpful for many people Happy trucking!
  3. Warum wurde ich gebannt? Warum? 

    Dein Foto sagt nichts über mein Bann aus, du kannst nicht einfach just4fun Leute bannen! Hoffe sehr, dass du deinen "Admin-Rang" verlierst! 

    Sorry, aber ich habe die Schnauze voll! Zum 3. Ohne Grund gebannt...Danke für jeden dafür :(

    1. Lasse




      Bitte lese dir meine Antwort auf deinen Ban Appeal durch. Dort ist erklärt weshalb ich dich gebannt habe. 

      Des Weiteren  bitte ich dich nur über die ban appeal Funktion über deinen Bann zu diskutieren da dies hier im Forum nicht gestartet ist. 

      Danke für dein Verständnis. 

  4. Lasse

    Trans-Europ n.v. Belgium

    Hello, I am happy to approve your VTC post. Good luck with your VTC in the future!
  5. Enjoyed a nice evening with @Olioak@Savage.@ScaniaFan89@Falco [ITA]@Moh_ and @Flindix in Ancona.


    I hope everyone had a nice day :D



    1. Landrover
    2. ~Ciprian-Ionut~
    3. Chemistry l TeamAudi

      Chemistry l TeamAudi

      although I don't participate this, it is very enjoyable.

  6. Lasse

    how do i write a message in chat

    Hello, You need to press Y on your keyboard to open the chat. Then write your message and press ENTER to send your message. Happy trucking!
  7. Lasse

    Road to Simulation #2

    Hello everyone, Due to the nature of some of the discussion and replies sent here, this thread has now been locked to further replies. Any feedback, comments, questions or suggestions about the simulation changes can be directed in a feedback ticket, at https://truckersmp.com/feedback and a member from the upper staff can address your query. Thanks for your understanding
  8. Lasse

    TeamAudi Recruitment and Introducing

    Hello, I am happy to approve your VTC post. Good luck with your VTC!
  9. Lasse

    China,Destiny Club

    Hello, I am happy to approve your VTC post. Good luck in the future!
  10. Lasse

    MP Number and Nickname display in Event Server

    Hey, This suggestion has been implemented in a recent update. Happy trucking
  11. Hello there, I am happy to approve your post. Good luck with your VTC! Happy trucking
  12. Hello, I am happy to approve your VTC post. Happy trucking!
  13. Hey. In the past when I was not a Community Manager, I did slow down when I was overtaken. But I never slowed down on C-D road. People who drive there risk a lot. Overtaking someone on CD is even more dangerous now with the speed limiter at 110 km/h. The CD road was not made for that amount of traffic and overtaking vehicles. Nowadays, I just keep driving and hope nothing happens. If someone crashes into me I ban or report them. I can understand that people want to drive fast. But especially on the CD road, all people should follow the speed limit to avoid collisions. There is a reason why it is called *limit*. Happy trucking