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  1. I can not explain you how it is possible because I don't know it But just consider that the server is mainly synchronizing other players location and truck. That's it. Other players saw my truck and I could see other players. Of course, areas that have been reworked in 1.38 look like 1.38 to me but not to the others. Therefore, I could see players driving through the ground, building etc. In the livestream, we were only driving on roads that have not been updated. Sounds have been improved but horns are still buggy. Today, I couldn't hear any horn - yesterday, it was playing for 3 seconds We are looking into these little bugs and hope to have them fixed by the final release. But maybe you will need to live without horns for now - I am pretty sure you can survive that
  2. Hey @ScaniaFan89, We were playing 1.38.1 on Simulation 1 together with 1.37 players. If you check the first 20 minutes, you will see the busy CD area. Some Game Moderators were following us and banned some of the people who broke the rules. Digital and me were more focused on driving and the stream chat. I hope this could answer your question.
  3. Hey, I organized this Q&A and will try to answer your questions as good as possible. 1. This has been my second Q&A as a Community Manager. When planning this one, I had a look at the previous Q&As. As you might have realized, the rules and main flow of this Q&A is the same as most previous ones. I tried to improve this Q&A by moving/trashing topics like "I have been banned unfairly" as soon as possible. These topics are questions but none that need to be answered here. In the previous Q&As, these topics were kept as part of the Q&A and archived later one instead of just forwarding the user to the appeal or feedback pages. I have seen many good and interesting questions and I am happy that overall, replies by the managers didn't take long. Especially in the last two Q&A's some questions were pending for multiple weeks. 2. Of course, this Q&A was not perfect. Some questions are still waiting for a reply (most from Project Management) but all in all, I am happy with it. We (the Community Management) will use the questions to rework our "Frequently suggested things" topic in the suggestion section. For the future, we want to reach more users and provide better answers. We have done Q&As on our Instagram page before where we can easily reach way more users than here (-> https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17901642496513081/) Nonetheless, answers here can be more detailed than on Instagram or Twitter. We will keep Q&As here. 3. The main challenge is to keep the Q&A section clean from ban complaints but still find a way how people can complain about specific rules or ask questions regarding bans in general. Additionally, someone needs to sort all questions that are leftover and contact the respective management team. This involves a lot of time. Luckily, @TFM DJ ccowie helped a lot at the beginning of the Q&A. This is only my point of view. If you have something to add, suggest or comment, you are very welcome to contact me and the other Community Managers using our feedback system here: https://truckersmp.com/feedback See you next time! Regards, Lasse
  4. Lasse

    Q&A Summer 2020

    The Summer 2020 Q&A has been closed. Remaining questions will be answered. You find all answered questions here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/882-answered-questions/ If you still want to ask us, do not hesitate to contact us via feedback at https://truckersmp.com/feedback Thank you for your questions!
  5. Hey. Thanks for your questions. 1. It was not our intention to change any sounds. With the 1.37 update, SCS Software implemented a brand new sound engine called FMOD. This has specific limitations. Imagine you can only have 50 audio sources playing at the same time. In single player, you have weather, engine, window sound, horn sounds, trailer sounds, AI sounds per vehicle, .... These limitations work in single player but not in busy areas with 10+ people. This is why you might not be able to hear your engine sound or horn. We are trying to find a workaround at the moment. Yes, these sound bugs aren't nice. 2. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any update on the status of our AI gamemode for months. You can find the latest information here: https://truckersmp.com/kb/105 Regards, Lasse
  6. Hey, Usually, we do not modify the base map. We have done some changes to the popular Duisburg-Calais route to improve traffic flow. We might implement more of these changes in the future. SCS is reworking the base map - we do not want to interfere with their work. We can not rebuild entire roads as World of Trucks jobs might be cancelled. Thanks for your question. Lasse
  7. I have forwarded this question to Game Managers instead of Human Resources. HR is not responsible for this.
  8. Hey, You are very welcome to DM me whenever you have such questions but I will answer them here this time: Question 1 : After you join the TruckersMP Staff as Senior Community Manager, Why do you decide to join Senior CM? I was part of the Event Team when I was contacted if I would be interested in the Community Manager position back in June 2019. I did not expect that at all to be honest. Especially because I did not have that much experience with social media work and VTCs at that time. However, I was interested as I wanted to change something in TruckersMP's community. Right when I joined, the "Road to Simulation" update was released and threw a bunch of feedback tickets at me. Question 2 : When did you join TruckersMP Team first? I joined the "Convoy Control Team" on the 21 Oct 2017. This team was not classified as TruckersMP staff team - we were just a group of people with a role in the Discord server who were asked to support the TruckersMP staff team at official events. A few months later, 19 Mar 2018, the CC team was made to an official staff team called Event Team in which I still am. Since then, I have also been part of the Translation team, Discord Moderation team, and Add-On team. Question 3 : Why you chose the Senior Community Manager role when you promoted than another rank? I was promoted to Senior Community Manager in February 2020 shortly after the former SCM Prime became Service & Data Analyst. After being in the CM team for half a year, I was happy to be offered the position of SCM. I still do the same things as I did as a Community Manager. On top of that, I manage the Community Management Team and decide on what we should focus on. Together as CM Team we discuss these topics in meetings and work on a plan on how we can successfully launch these projects. Question 4 : If you have a goal, What do you want to achieve as a Community Manager? Hmm. There are some specific things I would like to change at the project but I can't go into detail, unfortunately. The main goal I want to achieve is a happy community that enjoys playing TruckersMP and does not need to complain about bad drivers, missing fun, missing simulation, and long waiting times for updates. However, this ideal state will probably never be reached. But we are getting a step closer every day Thanks for reading and apologies for my English >.> Lasse
  9. Hey, Thanks for your question. Due to privacy reasons, I can't tell you details about the first logged ban. The ban system has been in place since the mod was launched back in 2014. We can assume that trolls have always been around and therefore the first ban was issued shortly after the release. Regards, Lasse
  10. Lasse

    Q&A Summer 2020

    Hey @Dylan.C, Please post that question here so we can keep track of it https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/881-qa-summer-2020/ Regards, Lasse
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