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  1. Hello there, I am happy to approve your company post! Good luck guys Kind Regards, Lasse
  2. Hello there, I am happy to approve your company post. Your website is not working at the moment. Please set it up correctly. Kind Regards, Lasse
  3. Hello, Thank you for your intention. But the content of this guide is already covered in the rules which everyone who registered accepted. "§4.9 - Translation of content to other languages Official content can only be translated by the staff itself, more precisely by the Translation Team to ensure a good quality of translations. Additionally, if a translated topic doesn't make sense or is translated with translation tools such as Google, the Forum Moderation Team reserves the right to remove/hide such topics. This means that you're still allowed to translate community content in another language, as long as the translated topic keeps the original quality even after the translation." => https://truckersmp.com/rules Thanks for your understanding.
  4. Thanks for your contribution!
  5. Hello, Thank you for your intention. Unfortunately, there is already another guide explaining the console etc. Thanks for your understanding.
  6. Hello there, There is already (at least) one guide explaining the use of Virtual Speditor. Thanks anyways.
  7. Thanks for your contribution! Please note that you are only allowed to use multiple trailers in specific combinations: https://truckersmp.com/rules
  8. Hello, This is the guides section and not for such videos. Please also note that multiple of the shown trailer combinations are not allowed (anymore). Thanks for your understanding.
  9. Thank you for your contribution!
  10. Lasse

    ETS 2 Km/h

    Heyho, Ich hoffe, dass du deine Antwort bekommen hast. Ansonsten ist hier nochmal etwas für dich: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/592 Wenn du gerne die Entscheidung diskutieren möchtest, kannst du dies gerne mithilfe eines Feedback Tickets ans Community Management: https://truckersmp.com/feedback Danke für dein Verständnis. //Moved to Archive
  11. Hello there, I am happy to approve your VTC post. I recommend you to edit it and link your Website and Discord separately and not only using that image. Good luck!
  12. Hello there, I am happy to approve your VTC post. Good luck in the future!
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