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  1. 👋 The CD road roadwork wasn't just an April fool thing.

    Our Add-On team worked on some changes for Duisburg and CD!


    Duisburg service station




    CD Brussels/Rotterdam intersection



    Duisburg fuel station



    Duisburg intersection



    Do you like these changes?

  2. I am now live on https://twitch.tv/lasse0001 with some ETS2. We are exploring some nice April fools chaos :kowalski: Feel free to join!

    1. Lasse


      Stream ended. Thanks for joining guys ❤️

    2. [G.T.R] I 002 I Driver
  3. Lasse

    Winter is here!

    We are now supporting Spring mod: //Archived
  4. I discovered ETS2 in a YouTube video of a massive traffic jam at Europoort back in 2016. Some day I decided to buy ETS2 and register on TruckersMP. There was some time I wasn't really playing TruckersMP at all but when I joined the Convoy Control team (now known as Event Team) in fall 2017, I started again. Now I have around 1.300 hours in ETS2 and 130 in ATS. I really enjoyed my time here at TruckersMP and found many new friends.
  5. Well, in the latest beta for ATS 1.37 you can already walk around your truck in the customization view. Maybe this will also be implemented into the regular game some day. However, this would include major changes for the current way of map creation as you would need more borders etc. We will see
  6. Hey Lasse! 

    How are you?

  7. Prerequisite: 1. FPS counter open. Steps: 1. Open the tab settings. 2. Change the color of your tag. 3. Observe FPS while the tab is open. The lags will stop once you close tab again.
  8. 🤔 ->



    1. Bin4T.


      ADMEEEEEEN! ❤️ 

    2. TeamAudi_Chemistry_EM
  9. Prerequisite: 1. Playing on the Promods server with the middle east expansion. Steps: 1. Travel to Ashdod, Israel. 2. Go to the port and drive into the ferry. 3. Observe the whole port including the ferry is considered a collision zone.
  10. Typical Sunday? 👀


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    2. LordBenji


      Pfft, then let me drive the Huracan then :kappa:

    3. Martin_RMJ


      Ofc flexing with the lambo :kappa:I bet it was smoky! 


    4. TeamAudi_Dongkyu_S


      Wow, that's cool! 😀

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