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    TruckersMP support meets Twitter

    Thank you for this project idea! I am looking forward!
  2. Congrats to your Award! :wub:

  3. Grundii

    How to increase FPS

    @dragonslayingmaster1000 If you're using older version of graphics drivers it mostly causes fps drops, lags. So it's really important to have the newest version of graphics drivers.
  4. Grundii

    Is this trailer allowed?

    Hello, as mentioned above, this empty version of this trailer is allowed too because the collision boxes are fine
  5. Grundii

    Was kommt denn da neues?

    Bin echt gespannt, wie dies umgesetzt werden wird Ich freue mich schon mega drauf!
  6. Good afternoon & have a great weekend! :wub:



    from the left @Maurice , @sgpch1983 & @Grundii

  7. Grundii

    Hilfe bei den Doubles (HCT,...)

    Hallo @DerLuxy, bist du mit der Lösung von Max zufrieden oder benötigst du weitere Hilfestellungen zu deinem Problem?
  8. Grundii


    Hallo, aufgrund von Inaktivität werde ich dieses Thema nun schließen. Wenn du weiterhin oder erneut Hilfe bei einem Problem benötigst, so zögere nicht uns erneut zu kontaktieren //Geschlossen und in ungelöst verschoben
  9. Suggestion Name: Finally add "@"-support for login window ingame Suggestion Description: Please add the feature that anyone can type in the "@"-symbol. Idk if this was asked before, but via search function in the forum I couldn't find anything like this. Why should it be added?: To keep up with the times, this little thing should make life easier for most players
  10. Suggestion Name: Remove InGame Report option "CB Abuse" Suggestion Description: Remove InGame Report option "CB Abuse" Any example images: - Why should it be added?: Admins (Game Moderators) can't hear the CB chat while watching the report video ingame. So this checkbox is useless.
  11. Suggestion Name: Edit car sound / quieter car sound Suggestion Description: The engine sound of the car with the engine "1.8 TSI' with 160PS (118kW) is very loud with my gaming headset & I hear cracking noises every second. My suggestion would be to change the sound of the lower engine (1.8 TSI, not 2.0 TDI but maybe also) or turn down the engine volume. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: The sound is too loud with my headset. Many users are using good quality headsets / speakers & the lower car engine doesn't sounds very nice.
  12. Grundii

    coneccion inermitente!

    //Moved to Spanish Discussion - ayuda
  13. Grundii

    Serve EU4 offline

    Hello @[qui quae quod]federico the developer(s) are working hard to reopen the server. You can take a look to https://truckersmp.com/status if you want to be informed if the EU#4 server is online again.
  14. Congrats!!! :wub:



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      Congratulations! ^^ ^_^

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      Thanks guys <3

  15. Grundii

    Cannot login to TruckersMP

    Hello @Hamata66, If your login data works on TruckersMP.com, but you can not log in to the game, then try the following: 1) Open Notepad or a text document. 2) Write your e-mail in the first line and your password in the second line. 3) Now you copy the e-mail from Notepad and insert into the game using the key combination. (Ctrl + C = Copy) (Ctrl + V = Paste) 4) You now also repeat the described process for the password. If this did not help you, you probably have characters or letters that are not recognized by the login system. To work around this problem, you can only use Latin letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9) You can change your password as follows: 1) Log in to the TruckersMP.com homepage, then click on 'Edit Account' or 'Edit Account'. 2) Now double-tap your new password and twice your old password and press "Save account data" or save account data. I hope one of those approaches helped you solve the problem.
  16. Grundii

    Kennlernspiel (Frage-Antwort-Spiel)

    Anleitung: Du stellst eine einfache Frage. Der nächste muss diese Beantworten und stellt wieder eine Frage, usw... Beispiel: Viel Spaß Dieser Beitrag wurde auf Grund der aktuellen Inaktivität im deutschen Forum erstellt und dient als Versuch dafür, dass das deutsche Forum wieder aktiv und regelmäßig genutzt wird.
  17. Grundii


    Anleitung: Ich beginne das Spiel mit einem Städtenamen. Der nächste muss eine Stadt finden, die mit dem letzten Buchstaben der vorherigen Stadt beginnt. Beispiel: Viel Spaß Dieser Beitrag wurde auf Grund der aktuellen Inaktivität im deutschen Forum erstellt und dient als Versuch dafür, dass das deutsche Forum wieder aktiv und regelmäßig genutzt wird, Beitrag 1: Dresden
  18. Grundii

    I can only join Europe 2 server

    Hey @ManuRafa6, please let us know if this solutions could solve your connection issues
  19. I think the dev's will adjust the time for headlights when the winter is over completely. Atm it is stil possible that the winter mod will return for the newest version. If not, they will change the time soon, I think
  20. Grundii

    Unreliable connection kick

    Hello, Please try to start TruckersMP always as administrator. Please also try to control your internet connection (like ping) because this problem is expiring if your connection isn't reliable and your ping is maybe too high which causes into the server kick. If this doesn't working for you, please reinstall your TruckersMP Launcher. Also delete all files in the Documents/TruckersMP folder & in %programdata% also TruckersMP-folders. In most cases this error is a result of too high packet loss caused by your internet connection.
  21. On the road with my german truck :wub:



  22. Guest at VIETNAM TRUCK 2019