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  1. Well the place I pre-ordered it from say 30th October not sure how they know it's that date but yeah
  2. Idkkk I love the Volvo FH16 I always use that lorry, but New Gen Scania's do look better I would say. It's kinda both but if I really had to choose I would say Volvo
  3. Congrats on Trial Support Dubby <3

  4. I never really use the CB Radio, only mostly for convoys or events, it's good for them things but for casual use and in busy places.. Not the best, unless you want someone screaming in your ears
  5. Yeah hope they add that server in seems like it would be fun wasn't many people on it, but oh well
  6. Yeah it happens to me also, just a few mins ago.. but happened to me not sure whats happening
  7. American Truck Simulator | Giveaway Well, as you can see I'm doing a steam key giveaway for ATS its completely random so you don't know if its going to be you! So if you wanna enter all you have to do is go on to twitter.com/alex0shaw and tweet at me #ATSale (And why you want the game) that's all you have to do, good luck
  8. What music do you play i want idea's what type of music to add
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