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  1. ~ Xris Aurora ~'s post in Could someone clarify what it means to "Spam reports solely from high-populated areas such as Calais-Duisburg road"? was marked as the answer   
    Alright, I'm interfering here as a person who's been disciplined already for doing that, spamming the report system with C-D reports etc, 2 years ago or so from now.
    Thing is, we're already aware of what happens on C-D, it's not a secret for anyone.
    Yet, we see some guys acting like C-D reporters, doing the catch etc.
    So they've introduced a rule about it, to prevent clogging up the website system with reports from problematic areas.
  2. ~ Xris Aurora ~'s post in No cargo market loads was marked as the answer   
    Dear @ShadowWolf56,
    I'd like to know if any of the suggested solutions above has been useful for you.
    [TAL] Xris
    TruckersMP Support
  3. ~ Xris Aurora ~'s post in Moving the game documents was marked as the answer   
    Some tips here that may help solving your issue.
  4. ~ Xris Aurora ~'s post in Who has Right of Way during Lane Merge was marked as the answer   

    ..that may give you answer of question.. : )
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