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  1. vldv44_'s post in Is there an age requirement for the TMP voice chat? was marked as the answer   
    Hello there!

    We do not have any kind of age restrictions in place for the TMP voice chat.
    This means that you are free to join the voice chat. 
    Let me know if this answers your question and if you have any more questions you'd like us to answer!

    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Support
  2. vldv44_'s post in Using ETS2 Version Only can downgrade directly to 1.40 was marked as the answer   
    hello there @Magentilized,
    We now support game version [ 09284fd98862 ].
    You should be able to join our servers with no issues. 
    Please let us know if you need further help. Awaiting for your response.
    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Support Team
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