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  1. 30 min ads free was to do, better than YouTube nowadays xD
  2. Spotify has the most annoying ads in my opinion. They make me hate songs xD. But fortunately I have Premium as well
  3. Just a question out of curiousity. My favourite music streaming service is Spotify, but SoundCloud isn't bad at all. I use both services. What's yours?
  4. Since my last convoy went horrible (from my experiences), I don't think I'll ever attend a convoy again any time soon (with maybe 1 exception)
  5. To be honest, it's the players' choice where to play. If they will never come back, it's a pity for us. 1.41 is already released on TMP and ETS2/ATS, so they are free to switch between MP and SP without losing their profiles.
  6. Yeah, I race on World of Trucks. I'm even fast as Lightning McQueen! But yeah, I have a WoT account and connected it to my profiles
  7. I wouldn't say a tutorial, but when you join the first time, a pop-up shows up with the default keybinds of TMP
  8. They are free to do it now then. You can turn off the speed limiter in ETS2 and probably also ATS and you can drive faster than 110 kmh so.
  9. If I put 10 holograms into a window and call it Windows 10, I'll go for that of course
  10. I mostly use the regular brake, but I use sometimes hand brakes in emergency situations
  11. The only advice I would think of is not going to Calais, C-D Road and Duisburg anymore, I don't know if you tried that already
  12. That you don't like that word is your opinion I don't have a problem with people following me. If they drive normal, I'm good xD
  13. Thanks for getting my reputation to 100 😂😄

    1. User_1952621


      No problem bro 😉

  14. No, we can't know that.. We can't give penalties for incidents with invalid proof lmao. However, I agree that those trolls shall be punished but I don't think it's possible
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