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  1. 4.2 exists because those things aren't to be discussed in the eyes of the public. Instead, you need to create a feedback ticket to discuss it there.

  2. THIS IS A SUGGESTION, I guess you don't understand. SUGGESTION for the topic you mentioned
  3. I was writing in translation because I am not proficient in English. I shared it in Turkish by mistake, I'm sorry, I'm correcting it. Apart from this, a separate topic section can be opened for reporting, it would be better. There may be situations that are prone to misunderstanding, officials may abuse their job, I think it is healthy to open such issues in order to inform users in such cases.
  4. §4.2 - Forum topics, posts, status updates and private messages ● Discussion of penalties, reports, fines, appeals, applications, including complaints about personnel, is prohibited. I think the rule I mentioned above should be changed. They threw away the topic I opened before I could express myself. There is a big mistake here. Even though everything was clear in the report I sent, my report was rejected just because I was insulting. Firstly, it was an insult in response to the other party's insult (still wrong, of course), and secondly, in this case the other party's mistakes were ignored, which is very wrong. At least they and I should have been punished. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/114034-i-think-some-officials-are-abusing-their-job/ We don't always get a response from the authorities. You know this often takes a long time. I also wanted to show that the rule needs to be changed and that the person responsible made a big mistake.
  5. EN: Hello, normally this situation is caused by the save file. Loading of the game may be delayed due to the density of many contents in the save file. I think you are using the save file you downloaded from the internet, since its content is multidimensional, such situations may arise. I think changing the registry file will fix the problem. TR: Merhaba, bunun sebebi genelde save dosyası oluyor. Save dosyasındaki birçok içeriğin geç yüklenmesinden dolayı oyun ekranında bekleme durumu yaşanabiliyor. İnternetten indirdiğiniz herhangi bir save dosyasını kullandığınızı düşünüyorum, içerikleri çok boyutlu olduğu için bu tür durumlar yaşanabilir. Save dosyasını değiştirmenizi tavsiye ederim.
  6. _FyRo

    Permanent Ban

    Hello, yes I got my answer. Thank you
  7. Hello, the person I reported has 5 active bans thanks to me. After getting 5 active bans in 1 year, shouldn't he get unlimited bans? When I go to the person's profile, only "This person is currently banned" appears, even though the active ban is 5. It doesn't say anything about unlimited bans.
  8. Merhaba, Promods'a girebilmek için https://promods.net/compat.php?game=ets burada belirtilen bütün DLC'lere sahip olmanız gerekmektedir.
  9. Hello, I got enough answers. Thank you everyone. You can lock the topic.
  10. The solution could start with eliminating congestion between Duisburg and Calais. Because 90% of players move between these locations. I think that producing a solution that will spread the players to all cities in Europe will be more effective than some restrictions. The whole problem happens where the crowd is, this solves the problem. I don't know about you, but unfortunately I have to commute between Duisburg and Calais because I feel the lack of players in other cities. Many players may feel and think like me. Moreover, this will give everyone a different pleasure. Seeing different users at every point of the map will make the game more enjoyable.
  11. Hello, years ago my purpose in entering TMP was to drive civilian vehicles and interact with people. I entered TMP years ago thinking of the pleasure it would bring. Even though I don't think so myself anymore, I think there are many users who agreed with me in the past. Taking this away from them will create dissatisfaction. Different solutions can be produced
  12. Hello, 2-3 days ago, I reported a person who was driving recklessly in the game. I received a response from the official on the same day, but currently I cannot receive any response from the authorities regarding my reports. How often are reports checked? Is there a specific day? When will my reports be checked by the authorities?
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