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  1. Ok thank you for your quick response, I'll wait for their response then!
  2. Permanent bans due to history have been discontinued as of May 4th, 2022 (before this date, the 6th ban automatically became permanent). Yet my account is still permanently banned due to history, even though this rule does not exist anymore. To my knowledge, after this date, the permabans were removed from all accounts that were permanently banned due to history. However, this never happened for my account for some reason. It has been several years since I played on TruckersMP, and I have grown up from my, let's just say, more "reckless" times. If possible, I would like to receive a second chance to play on TruckersMP again. I have contacted the Game Moderation Management catagory in the feedback section, but I am not getting any response from them after 4 days. What should I do? Am I contacting the wrong people? Any help is appriciated. - Tompie01
  3. Can you guys make the broadcast key user changable? Cuz I use the x key to look forward and this is really annoying.
  4. HI, So, unfortunately, I got banned 5 times in 12 months. But I did do a ban appeal on of my banns and it was accepted. Now, my question is, if i get banned again (so I have 6 ban in 12 months), do I still then get perm banbecause of 6 times banned in 12 months? The ban in the screenshot that is selected blue is the one that was accepted. Thanks. (And yes, my English sucks)
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