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  1. Happy birthday :) 

  2. errr 


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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Spooky :lol: I saw one yesterday :D 


    3. dean142


      only on that 1 truck




      I saw the same thing and though I was seeing thing when a trailer passed me with no cabin. I suspect it a bug in the multiplayer update.


  3. I want everyone's opinion on this, why is this giveway and not the road onto the motorway, this must be a error


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    2. immortal766


      @Mirrland lolz that means you should have been the one being banned. Here's an example of what can happen on this intersection:

    3. JarFull


      It doesn't make sense in my opinion, why should you have to give way to people pulling across your path? :S

    4. Will [UK]
  4. f7 and this happens :P 


  5. ets mp launcher not responding

    @niekholland it happens with me it takes its time to launch, so leave the launcher don't close it and it will open at some point. Its been happening since the last update
  6. add rope to help drivers

    Even if you do suggest this to SCS I don't think they will, since there will be no need in single player to tow other vehicles and they only work on single player mode
  7. Just want to thank @Forerunner and millennium haulage for the race and the award for best fleet for HET!

  8. has been released.

    getting these errors when re installing
  9. Trying to report a player, Invalid ID?

    Its a known bug just submit the report.
  10. No Trailer Rule at Race Track

    +1 im getting annoyed with the trailers on the race track.
  11. has been released.

    Thank you! very fast on doing this
  12. has been released.

    right click and run as administrator