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  1. Well rip..

    Good luck with that idea. Might work might not... You've got to see :/ Im not happy tho. All well.

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    2. Starz


      As of right now there are two vtc's and who knows how many more VTC's out there are now stuck due to this. Im hoping it does work out. But it would make alot of people more relaxed if there wasn't car's on 1 of the simulation servers. Thats all :) However it's all a experiment. I also hope you take my opinion and idea into consideration. But as you say, only time shall tell.<3 Sorry for troubling you both. You both are amazing people and I love what you do. I wish I could join but I am not active enough on the Forum hehe, Anyway thank you <3 


    3. Mike Dragon
  2. So erhm.... Incoming all the summer sale trolls.. YAY :sob: help us 

  3. I love the new washington, do you!?

  4. Any ideas as to why people getting randomly disconnected.. Any ideas why it's seem to be peaking today..


  5. I love the idea of VTC's. However some people take the idea of it and make it bad for other people. For Example. The trolls on the road. that isnt fair for people who cant log jobs over a certain percentage and / or cant go into race. I love seeing people on the road and honking at them.
  6. Anyone trucking tonight? If so what server and what haul have you got?! 

  7. Thank you so much for your answer that is perfect to know for the community! Have a good new year Jamie
  8. Hey there I was wondering if the mod runs in virtual reality or not? As my friend owns a VR headset and would like to play it via virtual reality. If so how do you do it.
  9. https://blog.scssoft.com/2018/12/xmas-event-2018.html < OOOoooo


  10. Hey there, have you tried verifying your game files in ETS2 in the steam library? If not you need to go onto steam and click on the steam libery and right clicking on ETS2 and go to local files at the top and it should be there! Hope this helps. Also you told the game to go to a city? If so if you need to land on the floor it is F9 Hope this helps
  11. Starz

    Hot topic #4: CB

    Mines automatically set to CB channel 20 as I have friends that use that channel. Otherwise it's off.
  12. Hey there, I have made a video to help you to play MP. Please follow this video step by step and before you know it you'll be trucking! Hope this helps!
  13. Hey there, Have you tried reinstalling the Truckers MP launcher. I have had this error. Not 100% sure how I fixed it. But it was either this one or it was to either reinstalling the game for doing verifying the game files. If this doesn't help please let me know and I'll see to find out how I fixed it. Kind regards, Starz
  14. Hey there, you need to either F7, or sleep as it will reset your economy and therefore reset your job market. I hope this helps
  15. Try this as it might be worth going through this if not let me know I'll see what I can do to help you
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