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  1. Hey there @[ST I 005] Ml KU , I'm having the same problem. I've been told that they are already working on it. Some people suggest pressing F11 before tabbing out, however this never worked for me but it might help you. If you would like to chat on discord (for example) without being forced to restart your game just use the in game overlay (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xvpcXvNwJs) You can also connect with your phone if you would like listening to spotify while driving. These are just some things I do in order to bypass tabbing out though. I hope I could help you anyways. I know it can be some kind of frustrating but they are already working on it, as far as I know. Kind regards
  2. Hey @Ethan53401 , I'm sometimes having the bug that my game freezes when I tab out on my desktop. This is a common thing already, as far as I know. It might be your problem too. The developers are currently working on fixing it. However, there are some tricks on bypassing this bug. For example in pressing F1 before tabbing out. Or does your game freeze, even though you do not tab out?
  3. Hey there @Mirtex , Yes, you can only drive 60 km/h in cities and 110 km/h out of cities since they changed the speedlimits on the server. Back in the days it was possible to drive 80 km/h in them but not anymore. Like Blackskill said as well, you should take cargos via the Freight Market section. You will be able to drive 110 km/h like the other players then too.
  4. Hello there @ROBOCOP_BLR , It was kind of hard for me at the beginning too, due to the fact that I was a fast driver. I used to drive 150 km/h whenever it was possible. You will get used to the new speed limit after a while playing at TruckersMP again. They wanted to reduce the number of trolls being in this game, that's why it has been added. The new speedlimit is going to stay for now though. A new server called "Arcade" has been also added. You may speed as fast as you want on this server without having the fear of getting banned for your driving. (The entire server is made out of a no collision area) I'm always using it when I'm in the mood to drift with the winter physics, for example. With that being said, you will get used to it! Kind regards, LetiFreshi
  5. LetiFreshi

    Winter Mod

    Really looking forward to the Wintermod this year as well! Was super funny driving on these icy roads
  6. "Beyond the baltic" sea and "Scandinavia" for sure. Both are pretty detailed and I just love driving in the North.
  7. Well basically they cannot do much. If you really would like to see many players try to drive around Kirkenses. That is the bussiest city in all of Promods I would say. Promods has such a huge map, so many opportunities to drive to. The chances are low that you will see a player driving in the same area of promods like you. Another point is that many people still do not have all of the map DLC's or don't know how to install promods. That means that they are still playing on the normal servers You cannot really do something about the Promods server being empty I believe. But if you'd like to see many people go to Kirkenses!
  8. Some people still do not see this game as a "Simulation". Another point is also that this is not real life so they do not really care about speed limits or driving reckless. But still you're correct. There are much more games to play instead of ETS2 when you want to race.
  9. I wanted to be in a VTC that had many Convoys, friendly members and good managers. But I think convoys are the most important point about a VTC, in my opinion.
  10. The Death road aka Quarry road is a road at the top of Norway (Kirkenses). Watch out though, you need to download Promods first of all (This requires to have all Map DLC's) Also, it's very busy up there. It took me more than 3 hours until I reached the company. I suggest to drive on this road in the Singleplayer or PM 2 since it is not that busy. Have fun!
  11. Eigentlich ganz gut, hör ich auch gerne. Ist auch in meiner Playlist ^^ (8/10)
  12. Ich liebe Scindinavien, d.h Schweden, Norwegen und Dänemark und so. Aber seit dem Promods draußen ist muss ich sagen finde ich Island einfach am Besten zum fahren ^^
  13. Haiiii coolio ❤️


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      Hiya Lettiiii ❤️

  14. Well, I'd say it depends on how "dumb" they rammed you. If it was just like a little hit I don't really care but if someone does something which has been really stupid I do actually think on reporting them, even though they might not have hit me on purpose.
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