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  2. Heya, Have you tried restarting your computer and router, as well as launching TruckersMP as administrator? If all this hasn't worked try reinstalling the TruckersMP Launcher. 1. Open your Windows Search and search for %programdata%. It should find a folder called %programdata% - open that folder. 2. Once you opened that folder, try to find the folder TruckersMP and delete it. 3. Open your documents and delete the folder(s) ETS2MP / ATSMP 4. Once you have done that, open your windows control panel and head over to programs and features. Once you are in there, delete the Tr
  3. Hai there, @Carl Langford Well first of all, the High Power Cargo Pack was not intended to be used in MultiPlayer as TruckersMP themselves have not made this DLC but more SCS Software. Meaning your argument of wanting your money back is useless as you did pay for the DLC indeed, however, its actual intention was to be used in Single Player which you can still do at any time given. TruckersMP is not in charge of whether you buy a DLC or not. Secondly, the "glitch" you have stated above isn't only the case with High Power Cargo Pack jobs, but also other jobs that you m
  4. Hai there, As being said above, there is nothing that could be done towards that guy as he did not insult you in a way TruckersMP was involved. Things happening for example on YouTube or in your private Discord DM's are beyond their reach. If the said guy insulted you on the Forums or on their official Discord, then there is indeed a chance of action being taken towards him. However, the best would be to just ignore him as there are always people out there that are mad after they've been banned.
  5. That's true. However, this only happens if you go really fast making a full brake and steering at the same time. Usually, this wouldn't happen when driving careful. I have never experienced that bug on the Simulation servers as I'm trying not to slip anyway. What I'm basically saying is that it can be easily avoided when driving careful with the physics.
  6. Congrats Coolio ❤️ 
    Well deserved! 

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  7. There's going to be Winter Mod for sure. However, they recently released the late Autumn Mod so I doubt the Winter Mod is coming in the very future. All you've gotta do is to wait patiently. Besides, there is no official ETA on when they plan to support it.
  8. Hey @rubentransporting, What issue are you exactly facing? I would highly recommend either contacting Support or asking for help in the Forum Support section or looking if you could get your issue solved by reading trough solved topics. -> https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/ Sharing a screenshot as to what exatly you're having problems with is helpful!
  9. Hey @rubentransporting, Does your game also crash when playing on a brand new profile?
  10. Hello Random profile stalker :P


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  11. Happy Birthday ;)❤️ 

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  12. Probably a bit too late, but Happy birthday! 🎂

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  13. Almost too late, but happy birthday :)!

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