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  1. Hey there @Bilibili-吴紫玖月 , That‘s a known bug most likely due to the fact that you’re using the Volvo sleeper interior. Try choosing any other Volvo interior or another truck in the meantime as I‘m sure the Developers are already looking into fixing this bug as soon as possible! With that being said, I sure hope I could help you. Regards,
  2. Hey there @axelacosta9 , If you do require help, I would suggest having a look into the help section. If needed, you can also create a new topic asking for help. People including Staff will help you the best they can. Alternatively, you can also create a Support ticket on the website where Support Staff will help you as fast as possible. -> https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/ Regards,
  3. Congratulations Nika! Good to see you in purple! 
    Well deserved role 😍

  4. Hai there, Make sure to choose "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" and not 1.38 when choosing the correct beta.
  5. Hello big fan

  6. Hey @keremov2727 , Make sure to select None - Opt out of all beta programs on your steam in your steam Betas. Open Steam > Go into your library > Right click on ETS2 > Properties > Betas > None - Opt out of all beta programs This should solve the issue which you're currently facing! Best Regards,
  7. You can use Save Edit in order to have a specific horn sound on your truck. For example having the Scania horn, or the DAF one on your Renault! (and any other truck)
  8. They said they would only aim to release within that set time. Besides, it wouldn’t be easier to work on another version like 1.39 or 1.40 as SCS always adds new things into their game, making it impossible for TruckersMP to already work on it, in order to skip time. My highest respect goes to the development team, though I believe they cannot look into the future.
  9. I don’t really see a need for an ambulance car within TruckersMP. There already is a Police car, only available for Game Moderators (including Upper Staff). Adding an ambulance car wouldn’t really be useful, in my opinion and nor would we benefit from it. Besides this game still is called EuroTruckSimulator, a Police car for Game Moderator‘s expressing their in game duties is enough. Though this is only my opinion. Best Regards,
  10. Saying it short, no you will not be permanently banned. You will only get permanently banned if you have had 4 active bans within one year and get banned once again. You said you had 4 active bans, however one of your bans expired, making it 3 active bans now. You won’t get permanently banned, also if you have been recorded violating the rules before one of your four bans expired. -> If you get banned once again, your ban is not going to be permanently but one month. Best Regards,
  11. If you’re on about the server where you were able to drive in a Police car and where road rules weren’t necessary to follow, then you do probably mean the TMP Anniversary Servers. The last one being called TMP6 in celebration to TruckersMP‘s 6th Birthday. They will only open once every year when TMP celebrates its Birthday. - This being in May. For the meanwhile and until they eventually open again, you may play on Arcade, which is the only freeroam server at the moment. Best Regards,
  12. I‘m not a fan of long journeys, therefore I guess something between 1000 km. My problem often is the loose of motivation when doing long journeys. So i definitely prefer shorter ones. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Leti best media yes ♥️

    1. LetiFreshi


      Awww yes yes!

  14. Thank you for the follow, Cheese! 😍

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      You’re more than welcome RB :love: 

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