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  1. I have never really had that problem if I remember correctly. However, I have also disabled the fine feature in my game settings. By disabling it, you won't receive any kind of fine anymore for example when you jump a red light or when you're going too fast. I would recommend you doing the same, as waiting for a green light in order for it to change into red and then green again just to not receive a fine, would be no option for me.
  2. There shouldn't be any new "Speed limit" only for Skodas. Actually we should be happy that TruckersMP has implemented a car for a Trucking Game in the first place. C-D road for example is a mess already. Imagine cars now driving faster than they even can as of now. There would be too many crashes etc. which is just annoying. If you're on about realism, it wouldn't actually make sense that trucks can drive 110 km/h in the first place either. Due to the reasons mentioned above, I think a new speed limiter wouldn't be a good idea and I highly doubt that TruckersMP will implement such thing only for Skodas.
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  5. I must say there are many things I like about TruckersMP. TruckerMP or EuroTruckSimulator itself is perhaps the only game which I have been really playing within the last couple of years. I love the way you can interact with players and meet new people, that’s something I haven’t seen regularly in MP‘s. Secondly, the Events TruckersMP is hosting and what they offer to their community is amazing! And lastly, I do really enjoy playing with friends. I have met several amazing people that I have close friend ship‘s with, and that thanks to TruckersMP!
  6. There are good and bad things about the suggestion. I do like the idea actually as it would be like tagging someone in Discord. The message (or in this case the in game ID) would be highlighted which could indeed improve the communication among each other. If you for example would like to remind a certain user in Duisburg of something, there’s a chance of the user not seeing it. „Tagging“ the user can be helpful. However, we should keep in mind that there are always people abusing such system as they’re will most likely be people spamming the in game ID by a person, which is then always getting highlighted for the certain user. I can imagine that being kind of annoying. All in all a good suggestion though!
  7. The „GPS“ sound has got nothing to do with TruckersMP. It’s SCS who make them. Therefore, not much TruckersMP can do about it, to be fair. That’s a known bug and I highly believe the Developers are working on it.
  8. Heyho, As of now, I doubt they'll add a new car into the game which can be driven by Players as well. In fact, there is already multiple cars like the Lamborghini, however, I have only seen high Upper Staffs using that car. Also, keep in mind that we're in a Truck Simulator. Imagine TruckersMP releasing a new car now, everyone would only be driving inside of that new car and the road is gonna be a mess which is for sure not the purpose of the game anymore.
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  11. Well, the multiplayer can be a place for earning money as well. No matter if you're playing in the single player or multiplayer you should always follow the road rules. That's why they've implemented the speed limiter and harder punishments. It's called RoadToSimulation. If you come across people ramming and trolling you, then it's the best to report them as they have no mean in driving on these servers.
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