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  1. Classic units from daf/Scania/ Volvo/Renault/Mercedes . And ridged wagons as well ..... Jmho come on csc the world of trucking is you're lobster no one else has this kind of sim in the bag so work hard and reap the rewards ! £££ trust in the cult fan base you have to make it pay . Loads o love dicky .
  2. Well iv had ats for a while now 8/10 months . And finally got round to downloading the mp mod . Spent 3 hours doing jobs and actually found it enjoyable ! Lol i saw other guys/girls going about there work and not a hint of trouble or trolls . So imo nice and refreshing to see respect from all players . I guess when (not if imo ) ats takes of this will change as at the moment ats is die hard ts fans . and the gamer numbers are so low it not worth a trolls time . all this said scs realy need to start pushing new content for ats it realy deserves the same tweaks as ets2 . i look forward to the Mexico dlc and hope this will propel ats up and grab the intrest of the hard core ets2 driver because this game is very well made it just needs ...... Well more meat on the bone .
  3. Nice ! I realy hope this dlc will light up some enthusiasm for ats mp
  4. Nice one old bean n welcome !! Just think if you spend a week tramping you still get to go back to you're real bed and not stuck in ya bunk with that killer dry heat from the cab night heater
  5. Stunning work by the devs !! Such a fast update for something I was thinking would take weeks maybe a month or so even . Well done lads and lasses keep up the good work . i salute and thank you for you're ever endless efforts
  6. Fantastic to see you guys doing you're bit . well done and congrats on sponsoring this fantastic charity respect sir !
  7. Count me in !! This will be my second h64 proud to do my bit last year and even more so this year as make a wish was once a close part of my brothers life having sent him on a Wonderfull trip to the USA with all bells and whistles and the best care staff bar non ! And a flight on concord helping my brother cram in more than some would get in a normal life span lets get this on
  8. Looks fantastic !! Be intresting to see how easy or hard it is to work with rear steering on the trailers ? Cant wait
  9. That's how it should be done nice !! look forwards to joining you guys & girls for a convoy soon
  10. thanks buddy
  11. how do you lovely people get the video in the thread rather than just the link like in my post ??
  12. https://youtu.be/rmlmOk4ubcU im all over this at the moment .not like me im more 70s/80s
  13. Cheers for the invite mate I'm working late this week . What time you start rolling ?
  14. Less rubber on the road less rolling resistances+ less fuel+ happy vtc boss !