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  1. Just have a server where anthing goes and you don't have reports of punishment (apart from hate on Texas and chat) and free up the admin for the other two servers that tend to be better behaved driver in anyway
  2. Good idear thank pal I'l take a look
  3. I'm gutted I didn't know this was going on till today ! Great idear would love to see it again maybe . Anyone get any video of it ?
  4. Do you play FPS (first-person shooter) games?

    The only fps iv played is sniper elite v2 and that was on PS3 I put nearly 1600 hours mp into that but it's very low on mp players now . i was thinking of geting maybe arma3 or rising storm Vietnam ? Whould be thankful of any input into what you think of them to games .
  5. In-Game call

    +1 nice i like it
  6. so we are talking about mp ? not the base game ? well im happy if nothing changes i mean hell i got this mp mod for free tho i have donated a small amout since i joined if any thing id like to see reports stoped on the eu2 server for any kind of trolling apart from abuse of any kind on chat or tex . this would free up moderators to stamp down hard on rule breakers on eu1 and eu3 test servers if i go on eu2 now i know im gona get trolled crashed so i never report on that server anyway but the other servers i exspect a level of driving ability from my fellow gamers to be better which to be fair i normaly see . over all i think the devs on mp do a wonderfull job on keeping up with the base game when it comes to updating the mp and keeping it all running well . lets be honest for them this is not a money making thing its about the game and gamers . i will say this !! if you have paypal just chuck a pound/dollar/euro/dinar/peso/rupiar/turnip.............ok turnips not real !! or what ever currency you do use over to the fund it will help push the mp mod on and make things better for us the deves and everyone . lets keep rolling .
  7. this will please a lot of ets2 gamers!!
  8. Released

    Smashing stuff thanks chaps n keep up the great work !!
  9. [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    Wow looks real sweet ! Thats going strait on my steam wish list .
  10. Thanks fella will do . Did not want to take the scale thread of course B)

    1. Daniellus_PL


      No problem mate :)

  11. What mistakes do you often make on TruckersMP?

    I did get so drunk once that when I pulled up to a toll I fell asleep and woke up 2 hours later having been kicked from mp for no movement and dribbled over my g27 !! Luck no ban for blocking
  12. [SCS Blog] New Mexico: Places to Rest and Refuel

    Nice ! I realy hope this dlc will light up some enthusiasm for ats mp
  13. Introduce Yourself

    Nice one old bean n welcome !! Just think if you spend a week tramping you still get to go back to you're real bed and not stuck in ya bunk with that killer dry heat from the cab night heater
  14. Released

    Stunning work by the devs !! Such a fast update for something I was thinking would take weeks maybe a month or so even . Well done lads and lasses keep up the good work . i salute and thank you for you're ever endless efforts
  15. Viva Trucking | Professional Trucking Company ETS2

    Fantastic to see you guys doing you're bit . well done and congrats on sponsoring this fantastic charity respect sir !