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  1. 2nd monitor from a laptop

    Yes I have had so usefull help on this thread thank you all .
  2. 2nd monitor from a laptop

    hi can anyone tell me if its possible to setup a laptop as a second monitor for ets2 pls ? and if it is possible how hard/easy is it to do ? reguards dicky .
  3. In-Game call

    +1 nice i like it
  4. this will please a lot of ets2 gamers!!
  5. Released

    Smashing stuff thanks chaps n keep up the great work !!
  6. [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    Wow looks real sweet ! Thats going strait on my steam wish list .
  7. Thanks fella will do . Did not want to take the scale thread of course B)

    1. Daniellus


      No problem mate :)

  8. What mistakes do you often make on TruckersMP?

    I did get so drunk once that when I pulled up to a toll I fell asleep and woke up 2 hours later having been kicked from mp for no movement and dribbled over my g27 !! Luck no ban for blocking
  9. [SCS Blog] New Mexico: Places to Rest and Refuel

    Nice ! I realy hope this dlc will light up some enthusiasm for ats mp
  10. Introduce Yourself

    Nice one old bean n welcome !! Just think if you spend a week tramping you still get to go back to you're real bed and not stuck in ya bunk with that killer dry heat from the cab night heater
  11. Released

    Stunning work by the devs !! Such a fast update for something I was thinking would take weeks maybe a month or so even . Well done lads and lasses keep up the good work . i salute and thank you for you're ever endless efforts
  12. Viva Trucking | Professional Trucking Company ETS2

    Fantastic to see you guys doing you're bit . well done and congrats on sponsoring this fantastic charity respect sir !
  13. [SCS Blog] Heavyweights to enter the ring soon

    Looks fantastic !! Be intresting to see how easy or hard it is to work with rear steering on the trailers ? Cant wait
  14. What song are you currently listening to?

    thanks buddy
  15. What song are you currently listening to?

    how do you lovely people get the video in the thread rather than just the link like in my post ??