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  1. For nostalgia destruction derby (ps1) and now pcars 2/3 great in vr
  2. Someone should setup a cd road users forum and pick a new road/route every other week . So many other great roads why stick to this s one (IMO) a very dull road .
  3. I have all the dlc as well . I think each dlc has the right amount of cites but I would like to see the city’s that are in game made bigger with suburban areas around . As it stands when you visit a city you drive straight in to the city center . That’s not life like IMO
  4. Just the blue and white one (IMO) looks cleaner
  5. It’s got to the point now that the admin are tied up in sorting out reports and traffic on that road . 1 make the road a non reportable road so admin can free up time for the real reports or 2 remove the road (there are other routes) and let the usual suspects spend a week or two looking for another trouble spot .
  6. Congratulations and well done everyone a worthy cause
  7. This is very true! Back in the day it was not uncommon to find drivers at speeds of 90 mph + . When the limited speed was first made mandatory. It was A big talking point. But imo it’s one of the best moves the admin have done in the last 5 years. It’s so much more relaxing to drive on now than back then .
  8. The Phil Collins reference gets a thumbs up from me
  9. I’ve done over a million miles on the g25 on this game .it’s still solid still working fine but . Only problem was a spring on the clutch pedal needed replacement. Iv never used the wheel for racing only ets2/ats so it’s not had a hard life . The g27 is fabulous as well but to me the g25 feels more solid . the sensors in the pedal set can be temperamental but iv never had this problem. If you can find a good clean 25 and give it a good look over its well worth it . Imho
  10. At one point I must have had hundreds! The way the game economy works the money just started to pour in . After a job I’d got to a dealership and just buy something for the sake of it . started a new profile for mp only and after 6 mths have 3 trucks . A heavy scania a standard Scania and a daf. 7 garages, no drivers working for me and just under five million in the bank . Much more enjoyable now
  11. I think it’s a matter of when the majority of players actually start to adhere to the lights things will get better . Until then it’s not going to make a huge difference.
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