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  1. As far as I remember the problem is in the beata version.vr works on the beata branch of the game which tmp does not support: I may be getting things mixed up (it was a while ago now ) it’s something like that anyway. welcome to the forum bye the way
  2. I’d like to see vr in tmp but it’s been talked about in the past it’s not gona happen sad to say . you can use vr in convoy mode with a few of your mates. That’s as good as it’s going to get . I agree with your point that ets2 in vr is great . It improves the game experience %100 in my opinion.
  3. 100% just that ( "Cantera Iberica" at "A Coruña" (Iberia DLC) can’t think of a tighter road to pick up heavy loads to/from
  4. Update! Ok so after trying different things suggested and swapping over USB ports I still had no luck . On the back of my pc are the usb3 ports . Unplugged my rift and used one of them and it works fine . The headset should work fine in any port !! But for whatever reason it only works with no game freeze in the usb 3 . Hope this may help anyone els with this problem in the future. thanks for the reply’s and suggestions ?
  5. I agree !! Let’s be honest the magnum looks like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down . But I’d like to have seen the dlc give some love to the magnum and premium. And for the love of god it’s high time the m.a.n fans got a tuning pack. Such a underrated wagon (IMO)
  6. Yes it’s headset with mic . Plugs in via usb
  7. Can anyone help or is anyone having the same issue. when I’m in any convoy server and try to use the cb the game freezes for 3-4 seconds every time I push and then release the chat key . No other problems and it’s not that key ( I have reassigned key to make sure) thanks for any help .
  8. I would have said no . But since convoy mode was added I’d still game on that if tmp was not around .
  9. 3080 hrs almost all on mp . Keep playing as in mp every day is different! ?
  10. I’d just like to see ets2 develop and evolve. As others have said it would be great to see a leap in graphics to more life like visual but how much further can the Prism3D Engine be pushed I wonder given it’s age ? ?
  11. Stumbling across that that brand new player and spending 10 minutes watching them try to figure out why the back of the truck won’t go where they want it to!! ( we’ve all been there)
  12. ?? maybe make the price open ? So you can pay the minimum amount or you can pay/donate more ? If a great way to donate directly . excellent work scs ?
  13. It’s people posting reply’s like this that make this forum the awesome place it is ???
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