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  1. Forum Game / Fun - One Fact About You!

    I once swam naked in my tropical fish tank !! I might attach it later
  2. What do you think about caravan

    its only on sever 2 so i think its a good thing something difrent ! now we just need vans for short deliverys
  3. 2nd monitor from a laptop

    Yes I have had so usefull help on this thread thank you all .
  4. 2nd monitor from a laptop

    hi can anyone tell me if its possible to setup a laptop as a second monitor for ets2 pls ? and if it is possible how hard/easy is it to do ? reguards dicky .
  5. Poll About Driving Behaviour

    I drive as I wish when no other traffic is around but play by the rules as soon as I see anyone in distance of me ie a blue dot on the map .
  6. I'm new to the Forum! How long have you been here?

    Couple of years or so now . oh and welcome to the forum pal
  7. this will please a lot of ets2 gamers!!
  8. Released

    Smashing stuff thanks chaps n keep up the great work !!
  9. [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    Wow looks real sweet ! Thats going strait on my steam wish list .
  10. What date did you join TMP (or ETS2MP)

    April 19, 2016 joined
  11. Thanks fella will do . Did not want to take the scale thread of course B)

    1. Daniellus


      No problem mate :)

  12. Change Graphics higher then 400%

    Ok thanks guys ! This is as I say all new to me so I don't think I'll push my luck till I understand what's what thanks again would give you rep but ??? The rep button is missing ? Lol
  13. Change Graphics higher then 400%

    Hi I'm new to relatively new to PC gaming from console . sorry to jump you're thread jace .but what is scale ? And what is the benefit of up scaleing ? Cheers dicky.
  14. ETS 2 1.28 Beta, Disappointed with Doubles

    It's a nice dlc/update . Handles well the physics seem to be on point and it looks good to . I can understand criticism if the style/type of double is not true to life in this part of the world as well . Iv tried it out and enjoyed doing a couple of runs . But now iv given it a go changed back out of 1.28 so I can mp . Me myself would have liked the rigid drawbar style but hay I enjoy the the standard tractor trailer setup still as much now as before all this heavy cargo and double trailer kerfuflal . But I look forwards to the wider range of traffic on the road in mp . On balance well done scs !! You've still got my vote .
  15. Connecting in the middle of the road

    If noticed this as well. ! Just over the last few weeks it seems to be worse . Steam sale maybe ? .