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  1. 100% just that ( "Cantera Iberica" at "A Coruña" (Iberia DLC) can’t think of a tighter road to pick up heavy loads to/from
  2. ?? maybe make the price open ? So you can pay the minimum amount or you can pay/donate more ? If a great way to donate directly . excellent work scs ?
  3. Spot on mate ! We badly need dlc with more back roads and more challenging towns to deliver to . seems to have been a long time coming this dlc .
  4. Awesome stuff ! The pace of change still races along for this game despite its age . It’s great it’s still so well loved and looked after by the scs team ??
  5. 7th image down ? Is that Mercedes missing its mirrors ??
  6. Congratulations and well done everyone ? a worthy cause
  7. Ok so ! Tmp is my preference over scsmp . I like the fact you never know who you will meet or what you will discover around the next bend. Its the random nature of hundreds of other player you never met before . In the scs mp it just 8 gamers you probably already know . Yes tmp has some faults but no mp game is perfect. It would be nice to have a server with light ai traffic (but I understand the technical side make this difficult) the mods are stuck between two groups of players .. the ones who want it hardcore sim and the trolls that think several banns is no reason for a perma ban . Tmp wins for me . I just like the random effect of so many real things players ?
  8. Me to I’m not far away ! It even has the army and navy flyover and roundabout in place
  9. Yes I have had so usefull help on this thread thank you all .
  10. hi can anyone tell me if its possible to setup a laptop as a second monitor for ets2 pls ? and if it is possible how hard/easy is it to do ? reguards dicky .
  11. Smashing stuff thanks chaps n keep up the great work !!
  12. Wow looks real sweet ! Thats going strait on my steam wish list .
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